Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Here you will find a list of recent book reviews on titles that are relevant for senior HR practitioners, many of which are available as subscriber offers. They are written by our readers and contributors to provide you with an unbiased opinion of each book.

Bank of Me – How to invest in yourself and others to build great cultures

Author: Jane Sparrow & Chris Preston
Review by: Emma Browes
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Better Business Relationships – Insights from Psychology and Management for Working in a Digital World.

Author: Kim Tasso
Review by: Carolyn Dyer
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Executive Presentations – Develop presence to speak with confidence and skill

Author: Jacqui Harper
Review by: Michelle Parry-Slater
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The Compass and the Radar

The Compass and The Radar – The Art of Building a Rewarding Career While Remaining True to Yourself

Author: Paolo Gallo
Review by: Adele Swan
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Culture Decks Decoded

Culture Decks Decoded – Transform your culture into a visible conscious and tangible asset

Author: Bretton Putter
Review by: Perry Timms
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Re-entrepreneuring – How organisations can reignite their entrepreneurial spirit

Author: Roland Berger Partners
Review by: Chris Furnell
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Humane Capital

Humane Capital – How to create a management shift to transform performance and profit

Author: Vlatka Hlupic
Review by: Jim Kennedy
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Humanity’s Lucky Clover – A History of Discoveries, Technologies, Competition and Wealth

Author: Vadim Makhov
Review by: Graham White
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