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Fleets "hanging onto" cars and vans causing market distortion

Fleets "hanging onto" cars and vans in an attempt to achieve unrealistic and inflated valuations are causing distortions in the used car and van markets, say Glass's.

Created on: 29/08/2016 03:00

From nightclubs to networking priorities shift for British students

Students spend more than 200 hours a year preparing to get ahead in a tough job market. Far from heading straight to parties and pubs, over a third (36 percent) of the UK’s most recent graduates kick-started their career the moment they set foot on campus. That’s according to the .uk domain, which is encouraging young people to get online and get ahead.

Created on: 28/08/2016 08:00

Why is the gender pay gap still an issue

Recently, Prime Minister Teresa May spoke of her ambition to create a country ‘that works for everyone’. But clearly there are lots of people for whom Britain does not work: those on poor pay, zero-hours contracts, those in the ‘gig economy’ and female workers.

Created on: 28/08/2016 03:00

The Insurance Act and Employee Benefits – Take Care

The new Insurance Act coming into force on the 12th August 2016 will impact all employee benefit insurance policies including life assurance, medical insurance and income protection.

Created on: 27/08/2016 08:00

Wellbeing – communication is key

There is no doubting that adopting a holistic approach to employee wellness and wellbeing makes complete business sense; the focus should be around body, mind and money - physical, mental and financial. It's not just about keeping employees in work or even retaining them long-term; it's also key to keep them healthy whilst they are at work.

Created on: 27/08/2016 03:00

Is work making you ill?

It’s estimated that well over a million workers suffer with illnesses that are caused by their work despite the vast majority of occupational illnesses being preventable according to workplace equipment supplier Slingsby.

Created on: 26/08/2016 08:00

Progress stalls on closing gender pay gap

Research released by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR reveals that men are more likely than women to have been promoted into senior and higher paying management roles in the past year, with no progress made on reducing the 23 percent gender pay gap.

Created on: 26/08/2016 03:00

You could buy 537 average priced houses in Manchester for one Paul Pogba

Manchester United clinch Premier League based on the number of average-priced properties you could buy for the equivalent cost of signing the team’s most expensive player this season.

Created on: 25/08/2016 08:00

Gender pay gap will close by 2045

A new report from Yellbusiness looking to the future and what the next 100 years holds for gender equality, family life, technology and businesses.

Created on: 25/08/2016 03:00

Collapse in holiday work hitting young people’s chances in job market - IPPR

New analysis shows young people want to work and get the skills they need – but government, business, schools and universities need to do more to give them that chance.

Created on: 24/08/2016 08:00

VIDEO - Women In Tech - The Big Debate

Manchester's digital marketing agency I-COM is bucking the trend when it comes to women in technology. Their percentage of female employees currently stands at 47%, almost double the national average of just 26%.

Created on: 24/08/2016 03:00

Majority of UK employers don’t understand impact of employee health issues

Aon Employee Benefits, the UK health and benefits business of Aon plc (NYSE: AON), says that its 2016 EMEA Health Survey shows just 37 percent of UK employers understand the impact of their employee health issues. In addition, UK employers are less likely than others in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to have a defined health strategy (30 percent vs 40 percent).

Created on: 23/08/2016 08:00