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FCA aims to boost at retirement engagement

The FCA today published its Retirement Outcomes Review - Terms of Reference. The review aims to explore the impact of the newly introduced pension freedoms and if anything needs to change.

Created on: 23/07/2016 08:00

Affordability - biggest barriers to relocation in the digital sector

The biggest barrier to relocation for 59 percent of digital professionals is affordability, new research by digital recruitment specialist, The Candidate, has found.

Created on: 23/07/2016 03:00

A decade without an interest rate rise

The first interest rate decision by the Bank of England since the EU referendum result, and markets are pricing in an 80 percent chance of a rate cut, with many expecting a resumption of the central bank’s Quantitative Easing programme.

Created on: 22/07/2016 08:00

VIDEO - Richard Branson helps ex-offenders get back on track

In light of the annual crime figures released today by the Office for National Statistics, Virgin Trains has launched a toolkit for businesses which offers practical advice on hiring ex-offenders.

Created on: 22/07/2016 03:00

Women still at a disadvantage when it comes to securing tech roles

New research from, in conjunction with YouGov, has revealed that almost a quarter of UK employers (22 percent) believe women are at a disadvantage when it comes to securing jobs within the technology sector.

Created on: 21/07/2016 08:00

PPF estimates highest pensions deficit ever

The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) estimates that aggregate deficits in defined benefit schemes totalled a record £384 billion at the end of June 2016, up from £295 billion a month earlier. The highest deficit previously recorded was £368 billion in January 2015.

Created on: 21/07/2016 03:00

Brexit - what HR and Payroll professionals need to do now

The decision to vote Brexit in the referendum may have far-reaching consequences for employers and their employees up-and-down the country.

Created on: 20/07/2016 08:00

Why choose an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners to earn while they learn in a real job; gaining a real qualification and a real future. 82%* of employers believe that hiring apprentices help businesses to grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

Created on: 20/07/2016 03:00

Employee asked to remove her Islamic headscarf when in contact with clients ruled unlawful

Advocate General Opinion: Unlawful direct discrimination where employee required to remove Islamic headscarf when in contact with clients - Employment lawyer, Nicola Ihnatowicz at Trowers and Hamlins discusses.

Created on: 19/07/2016 08:00

Late Payment risks increase following Brexit

At times of economic uncertainty Boost finds itself not only lending to ‘boost’ investments by SMEs, but also to ‘boost’ cash flow when a few extra days starts getting added to payment terms. Comment from Alex Littner, Managing Director, Boost Capital.

Created on: 19/07/2016 03:00

Businesses must take back control over access to finance

The Forum of Private Business is urging businesses to respond to the Governor of the Bank of England's comments in the latest Financial Stability Report that, "the determinant of credit growth in the economy will be credit demand as opposed to constraints over credit supply".

Created on: 18/07/2016 08:00

Productivity levels compared across the world

Labour productivity is a revealing indicator of several economic indicators as it offers a dynamic measure of economic growth, competitiveness, and living standards within an economy.

Created on: 18/07/2016 03:00