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Microbusiness: Huge concerns 

Some businesses declared spending up to 90 per cent of turnover on rents, salaries and other overhead costs. There are 1 million microbusinesses across London, which make up 96 per cent of companies in London. They generated £277.3 billion of turnover last year and created at least 282,000 jobs in the last five years.

Contributor: Susan Hal AM | Published: 23 October 2018


Ethnicity pay equality – gender pay gap-style reporting won’t work

The Government says it is “time to move to mandatory ethnicity pay reporting” in its new Race at Work Charter announced in October 2018. The consultation on the proposed new law requests feedback on the sort of information that employers should be required to publish and whether this should follow current gender pay gap reporting rules.

Contributor: Colin Leckey | Published: 23 October 2018

untrained staff

Untrained Staff are the greatest cyber risk

The majority of executives (87 percent) around the world cite untrained staff as the greatest cyber risk to their business. ESI ThoughtLab in conjunction with Willis Towers Watson and other organisations specialised in cybersecurity and risk management.

Contributor: Anthony Dagostino | Published: 22 October 2018


The rise of the “Familymoon” drives interest in Shared Parental Leave

The ‘familymoon’, an extended holiday of two weeks or more taken by new parents with their baby, is growing in popularity. Over a third (34 percent) of those surveyed say they’ve taken a ‘familymoon’1. A fifth (20 percent) would use their Shared Parental Leave to go travelling as a new family.

Contributor: Carolina Vicente | Published: 21 October 2018

unemployment rate

Graduate unemployment rate lowest in 39 years

The unemployment rate for graduates six months after leaving university fell to 5.1 percent this year – the lowest since the 1979 survey when it was 4.9 percent. Skills shortages across many industries appear to have helped job prospects with increases in those entering professional jobs across all degree subjects.

Contributor: Charlie Ball | Published: 20 October 2018


Business leaders are not marketing savvy

New research has revealed that many business leaders are not actually aware of what they’re spending their dedicated marketing budgets on. A survey of 1,021 UK workers carried out by leading digital marketing agency revealed that more than 1 in 3 business leaders (37%) admit they don’t know what they are spending their marketing budgets on.

Contributor: Gareth Hoyle | Published: 19 October 2018


Companies under-prepared for political and natural disasters overseas

Some employers may believe that a political or natural disaster is only likely to occur in traditionally high-risk regions, but this is not the case. The change in political dynamics means that volatility can happen anywhere in the world. Contributor Sarah Dennis, Head of international - The Health Insurance Group.

Contributor: Sarah Dennis | Published: 18 October 2018


Many pension schemes are in funding surplus

Mercer’s 2018 Valuation Survey shows a significant rise in the number of schemes in surplus on funding assumptions: 37 percent compared to 27 percent in the 2015 Survey. Integrated Risk Management (IRM) has become a key part of trustees’ decision-making processes. Life expectancy remains the great unknown risk for many pension schemes.

Contributor: Simon Turner | Published: 17 October 2018


Raiding the pensions cookie jar

It is rumoured the UK Treasury has a small red box on the wall, with a glass lid inscribed ‘In case of Budget emergency, break glass’. Inside it keeps the UK’s pensions tax relief. With spending promises for the NHS and elsewhere to be honoured, the tax reliefs handed out to pension savers are once again under scrutiny.

Contributor: Tom McPhail | Published: 16 October 2018

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment – regulators need to take responsibilities more seriously

The Women and Equalities Committee wrote in July to ten regulatory and inspection bodies in sectors including healthcare, law, education and financial services, asking them to explain what they were doing to tackle workplace sexual harassment. Contributor Maria Miller MP, Chair - Women and Equalities Committee.

Contributor: Maria Miller MP | Published: 16 October 2018