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Recruiters still finding it difficult to hire

That’s according to latest data from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, The study, which surveyed 200 UK recruiters, found that there are a number of key areas that recruitment consultants are concerned about right now, including low budgets (38.2 percent)

Contributor: unknown | Published: 13 November 2019

Nine-in-ten e-commerce startups end in failure within 120 days

Gareth Hoyle, managing director at comments: “It’s clear to see that having an online presence and being visible on search engines is a key area e-commerce startups need to focus on to ensure they succeed.

Contributor: Gareth Hoyle | Published: 11 November 2019


Acas launches new guidance to help manage menopause at work

Acas has published new guidance to help employers and managers support staff who are affected by menopause symptoms at work. Around two million women aged over 50 have difficulties at work due to their menopause symptoms and it is estimated that one in 20 women could go through an early menopause.

Contributor: Susan Clews | Published: 10 November 2019


The Great British serving staff shortage

The good news is that 79 percent of managers feel that the UK has the workforce available to fill any future shortfalls, meaning roles are attainable for those looking to pursue a career in hospitality. The seven hospitality roles most at risk of staff shortages as a result of Brexit have been revealed.

Contributor: Dr Richard Anderson | Published: 9 November 2019

Technology laggards face extinction

Conventional wisdom has it that large companies always have the resources and ‘know-how’ to compete. Yet in an age of disruption, many larger businesses are struggling to digitally transform at the pace, a new joint report from CBI and Oracle

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 8 November 2019


 Robotic staff is tainting customer satisfaction

The report identifies the effects of not being able to think creatively and reveals that 46 percent of people have experienced impatient customer service. Other poor staff behaviours found include unhelpfulness (45 percent), poor communication (38 percent), or rudeness (37 percent).  

Contributor: Kate Walker Miles | Published: 6 November 2019

Ethnicity biggest limiting factor for job seekers

More than nine in ten (91 percent) professionals with black heritage and 81 percent with Asian heritage believe their chances of selection for a job have been reduced because of their ethnicity. This is compared to only 18 percent of those with white British heritage.

Contributor: Yvonne Smyth | Published: 3 November 2019


What really drives Gen Z?

“It’s no longer about just getting a paycheck,” said CEO Jennifer Openshaw. “Gen Z is hungry for purpose in the work – the sense that they are having a larger impact on the world -- even if they’re employed by someone else”.

Contributor: Jennifer Openshaw | Published: 2 November 2019


Most people know nothing about the Modern Slavery Act

The flagship Modern Slavery Act 2015 legislation was introduced to mandate businesses to disclose details of their supply chain practices as well as their commitments to end modern slavery. Wax Digital recently surveyed over 500 respondents to assess awareness and understanding of modern slavery.

Contributor: Paul Ellis | Published: 31 October 2019


Workplace adjustments falling short for disabled workers 

Based on the views of over 1,200 respondents, The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey provides a detailed and up-to-date picture of what is and isn’t working when it comes to making and managing adjustments; how effective adjustments are, and how far everyone who needs adjustments has them in place.

Contributor: Diane Lightfoot | Published: 30 October 2019