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Early bird employers getting to grips with auto enrolment

Large household names have been joined by smaller employers as auto enrolment continues to roll out. So far, up to 850 employers have signed up to NEST in a single day - but this is still early days with around 1.8m employers still to comply with their auto enrolment duties. Technology is ‘essential’ to working at such high volumes, says NEST.

Created on: 27/05/2016 08:00

Local Government pension schemes exposed to affordability, admin and governance issues

The number of employers such as universities, charities and housing associations joining the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) has grown rapidly in recent years to more than 10,000 (10,671) - with an increase of 14 percent 1 in 2014-2013 alone. And this could grow even further over the next few years if some 16,0002 state schools in England ultimately become academies.

Created on: 27/05/2016 03:00

How the financial crisis hit staff development

An award-winning study by Anglia Ruskin academics looks at the changing face of HR.

Created on: 26/05/2016 08:00

Since national living wage, jobseekers counting the cost

Workers in North East England are three times as likely as Londoners to have received a pay rise from the introduction in April of the National Living Wage Yet job vacancies across the UK have since slumped by 9%, according to data from the world’s biggest job site Indeed.

Created on: 26/05/2016 03:00

Dame Carol Black highlights the need to measure cognition to help tackle the mental health crisis in the workplace.

Mental health is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK with 1 in 6 of the working population currently suffering from a mental health condition. One of the most important but under-recognised dimensions of mental health is a person’s cognitive performance or ability to think.

Created on: 25/05/2016 08:00

Dealing with the Gender Pay Gap

According to the announcement made earlier this year by the Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities Nicky Morgan, companies with more than 250 employees will be required to disclose the pay differences between male and female employees.

Created on: 25/05/2016 03:00

How to support employees when cancer affects their family

Drawing on its research into the impact a cancer diagnosis can have on family members, AXA PPP's white paper makes practical recommendations to employers about the support they can offer employees with caring responsibilities, highlighting the importance of continuing dialogue and clear signposting to available workplace support.

Created on: 24/05/2016 08:00

One in ten in workers considering a career change in the next year

Over a third of British workers (34 percent) that have changed careers saw an increase in their salary after the first year.

Created on: 24/05/2016 03:00

Young inspired by entrepreneurism when exposed to small businesses

The Entrepreneur’s Circle and Skillwise interviewed apprentices to understand views on entrepreneurship, in response to recent Google survey that indicated a lack of appetite 70 of Skillwise apprentices feel positive about entrepreneurship today. Over half would consider launching a start-up in the future.

Created on: 23/05/2016 08:00

Temps are better-skilled and higher educated

Groundbreaking research conducted by leading global recruitment company PageGroup, has found that an increasing number of temporary professionals are better-skilled, have years of experience and are better educated with 75 percent boasting at least a bachelor’s degree.

Created on: 23/05/2016 03:00

Half of employers still have no flexible working

Despite ongoing discussions around the importance of companies implementing a flexible working scheme by organisations such as Acas, nearly half (46 percent) of employers still do not have one in place at all.

Created on: 22/05/2016 08:00

Pound dips after Carney utters the 'r word'

Currency markets struck by warning not to expect Bank to cushion Brexit blow" - reaction from FEXCO Corporate Payments.

Created on: 21/05/2016 08:00