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Government decides to postpone Gender Pay Gap reporting

"One of our collective greatest strengths is being able to solve pressing current issues while advancing other important agendas at the same time. Closing the gender pay gap is just such an issue. "

Contributor: Wendy Muirhead, Vice President - Ceridian | Published: 1 April 2020

Coronavirus could cost more than a million people their jobs

Employers may want to lay people off or reduce their working hours temporarily as a first step to protecting their business without making people redundant

Contributor: Jo Stubbs, global head of product content strategy - XpertHR | Published: 31 March 2020

Global teams are struggling to feel connected to HQ

Globalization Partners’ 2020 global employee survey, Examining the Impact of Diversity on Distributed Global Teams, asked 1,725 randomly selected employees about their experience as distributed global team members.

Contributor: Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder - Globalization Partners | Published: 29 March 2020

Women still locked out of top jobs

Ahead of International Women’s Day, new research from City & Guilds Group, reveals that women are still locked out of top jobs. The data pulled from their Missing Millions report, highlights that almost a fifth of women have faced barriers to securing better jobs, simply because they are unable to work the hours required.

Contributor: Kirstie Donnelly, CEO - City & Guilds Group | Published: 28 March 2020

Immigration encourages companies to expand abroad

Taking advice from immigrants has a positive effect on outward foreign investment because, given the right circumstances, immigrants can provide companies in their host country with key information about their home countries, according to new research by Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Contributor: Jonas Puck - Vienna University of Economics and Business | Published: 27 March 2020

How will Coronavirus remote working impact employee wellbeing?

Business culture and remote working expert, Jane Sparrow, is advising British businesses to get prepared for widespread remote working or brace themselves for a potentially significant impact on employee wellbeing. Read on to get advice on how to get your people remote working ready.

Contributor: Jane Sparrow, Founder and director - The Culture Builders | Published: 26 March 2020

Free COVID symptom tracker App – Guys & St Thomas’ Hospitals release

Please share with your colleagues, associates, friends and family - Guys & St Thomas’ Hospitals have released a free COVID symptom tracker App which is available now. By using this app you're contributing to advancing vital research on COVID-19.

Contributor: Dr Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology - King’s College London & Director of TwinsUK | Published: 26 March 2020

Better benefits do tempt employees to jump ship

Jo Sellick, Managing Director of Sellick Partnership, said, “The data demonstrates exactly how persuasive a good benefits package is for recruitment, and also presents a valuable opportunity for smaller companies and start-ups."

Contributor: Jo Sellick, Managing Director - Sellick Partnership | Published: 25 March 2020