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Technology issues at heart of UK’s productivity gap

New research released today by Samsung Electronics has revealed time spent on technology issues could be a major contributor to the UK’s productivity gap. Comment from Graham Allcott, Author of “How to be a Productivity Ninja."

Article by: Graham Allcott | Published: 26 March 2017

Disguised employment crackdown – who will be caught?

From BBC and Channel 4 TV stars to language therapists and locum doctors - the crackdown on disguised employment across the public sector comes into force next month. Chris Blundell, Employment Tax Partner at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, outlines who will be caught:

Article by: Chris Blundell | Published: 25 March 2017

Inflation figures – Groundhog Day?

Today’s inflation bulletin from the ONS feels somewhat like Groundhog Day, as the fall in sterling continues to make its way through to the high street. From Ben Brettell, Senior Economist, Hargreaves Lansdown.

Article by: Ben Brettell | Published: 24 March 2017

Construction sector on the up

Spearheaded by strong performances from the housing and hotel, leisure & sport sectors, overall contract value for the construction industry in February reached £6.4 billion based on a three month rolling average, a 15.4 per cent increase on the same month last year. Comment from Michael Dall, Lead Economist at Barbour - ABI.

Article by: Michael Dall | Published: 24 March 2017

Rail organisations missing out on apprenticeship levy benefits

Neil Robertson, CEO of The National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR) has warned that rail organisations could be missing out on substantial benefits if they are unprepared for the new apprenticeship levy to be introduced in April.

Article by: Neil Robertson | Published: 23 March 2017

The Gig economy, the pros and cons are playing out now

The gig economy is boosting income for many of its 1.3 million workers – but thousands could be missing out on employment rights. New CIPD research provides first robust estimate of the size of the gig economy and highlights the need for greater clarity over and enforcement of employment rights. Comment from Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of the CIPD.

Article by: Peter Cheese | Published: 23 March 2017

Workers care more about others when jobs are at risk

Those enduring change in organisations where jobs are under threat are concerned as much about others as they are of themselves, according to a new study from a team of researchers at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). Comment from Gabriele Jacobs, who was part of the research team.

Article by: Gabriele Jacobs | Published: 22 March 2017

What’s Stopping You Implementing An Employee Benefit Scheme?

Does your company offer any employee benefit schemes? Companies that do are gaining a competitive edge over those that don’t, as employee benefits are a key tool for attracting and retaining top talent. Article by by Richard Ellis, Connected Benefits.

Article by: Richard Ellis | Published: 22 March 2017

Dining ‘al desko’

New research released today by wellbeing charity CABA has found that nearly a fifth (19 percent) of employees in London worry about being judged negatively for taking a lunch break. This figure is far higher than any other region in the UK, and the national average of 6 percent. Comment from Kelly Feehan, Services Director at CABA.

Article by: Kelly Feehan | Published: 21 March 2017

Third of UK employees keep mental illness secret

Recent research by AXA PPP healthcare[i] found that over a third of employees living with a mental health condition (39%) are not open about their illness at work, with over a quarter (29%) saying the reason is that they are too embarrassed to discuss it.

Article by: Adrian Lewis | Published: 21 March 2017