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“Complicated” English language tests impacting NHS resources

At a time when the NHS is facing an acute shortage of hospital doctors, there is an increasing reliance on overseas talent to help plug the gap. However, these much-needed medical professionals are facing a number of barriers which prevent them starting work in UK hospitals.

Contributor: Philip Braham | Published: 26 April 2018


UK employees pressured to work overtime by fear of being judged

Workers in Birmingham are the most likely to stay at work after hours to keep up appearances, with 44 percent of the city’s workforce impacted by a growing trend known as presenteeism. Employees throughout the country feel pressured to work overtime because they fear their colleagues and bosses will think they don’t work hard enough if they leave on time.

Contributor: Grace Marshall | Published: 26 April 2018


London drops out of top ten most expensive business travel destinations

Geneva is the most expensive city in Europe for the fourth year in a row, as Swiss cities dominate the top ten. London drops three places this year, down to the sixth most expensive city in Europe for business travel. Geneva is once again the most expensive location in Europe for business travellers according to research by global mobility experts, ECA International (ECA).

Contributor: Simon Franklin | Published: 25 April 2018


Online job applications should be “more accessible and inclusive”

Nearly seven out of ten jobseekers (69 percent) think that employers and recruiters should make online job applications more accessible for disabled people, according to the results of a new survey. The survey of 112 jobseekers was run in collaboration between web accessibility company Recite Me and online diversity and inclusion recruitment platform VERCIDA in March 2018.

Contributor: Ross Linnett | Published: 25 April 2018


Return to real wage growth, a quandary for BofE

How long it lasts given wage rises are, of course, in themselves inflationary is another matter. While tomorrow’s Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) figure is expected to have fallen again, the fall is forecast to be more muted than last month and there’s a chance that wage rises could mean CPI ticks up again later in the year.

Contributor: Jacob Deppe | Published: 24 April 2018


Inflation drop a boost for employees and self-employed alike, says IPSE

ONS data released data showed that inflation has continued to decline, reaching a level not seen since March 2017. The main causes for the fall were clothing and footwear. Tobacco also made a significant contribution to the drop, because although the government increased tax duty on it in March 2017, it imposed no further rise in March 2018.

Contributor: Tom Purvis | Published: 24 April 2018


Directors defying office brew etiquette

Half of business directors avoid making drinks in the office tea round; One third of office workers resent their tea and coffee obligations; Directors and senior managers were most likely to resent brew round responsibilities. Hierarchy in the workplace is thriving when it comes to office brew rounds.

Contributor: Jenny Ware | Published: 23 April 2018


Rise in Cybercrime is stressing out IT workforce

With the threat of cybercrime increasing daily and the demand for technological innovation featuring high on the list of board priorities, the IT team is essential to business success, placing a significant burden on employees to go above-and-beyond to meet organisational needs.

Contributor: David Price | Published: 23 April 2018


Calls for pension reform for self-employed

The RSA has published a report on retirement saving for the self-employed, titled ‘Venturing to Retire’.  The lead proposal is for reform of pension taxation in favour of a flat rate top up from the Government set at 30 percent. Contributor Tom McPhail, Head of policy - Hargreaves Lansdown

Contributor: Tom McPhail | Published: 22 April 2018


Things just got tougher for Rogue recruiters

Recruitment agency owners now face greater financial scrutiny and risk as the final Criminal Finances Act 2017 comes in to force. That’s according to the leading supplier of international contractor management solutions, 6CATS International. As of Monday 16th April, HMRC has been granted additional powers to seize valuable property in relation to cases of fraud.

Contributor: Michelle Reilly | Published: 22 April 2018