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Why is mistrust in leadership so high right now?

A new survey of over 3,000 UK workers has found that only 25% have ‘full trust’ in their company leadership. The survey, conducted by leading employee experience platform LumApps, found that distrust among employees towards leaders is rife

Contributor: Sean Winter, VP Strategy - LumApps | Published: 31 January 2023

Is compromised office culture a price worth paying for hybrid working?

"The future of work is hybrid for many organisations, opening the door for not only greater employee flexibility, but also increased productivity. The findings of the latest Bupa Global Employee Wellbeing Index show how much can be gained through a flexible workplace, but the challenge now for leaders is to encourage team connection..."

Contributor: Anthony Cabrelli, Managing Director - Bupa Global | Published: 30 January 2023

Cost-of-living not considered a key stressor by many employers

The data released today illustrates that businesses are aware of employee stress and interested in making changes that will aim to evade stressors but are misinformed about the causes of stress among their staff. As 92% of respondents feel they currently provide support for their employees’ wellbeing, recent research contrarily found that 16% of employees are having to consider a second job to make it through 2023, with the current cost of living.

Contributor: Nick Gold, MD - Speakers' Corner | Published: 30 January 2023

Teacher strikes – what working parents/carers and employers need to know

The news this week that teachers from the National Education Union had voted for strike action in England and Wales will have left lots of working parents and carers – and their employers – wondering how they are going to manage if and when local schools close.

Contributor: Katie Ash, Head of Employment Law - Banner Jones | Published: 29 January 2023

Tech and creative is leading the way in office return

Remote working opportunities are slipping most in the Creative & Design sector, with the proportion of job ads for fully remote roles reversing -6.1 percentage points (pp) over the last three months, down from 22.1% in October to 16.0% this January.

Contributor: Paul Lewis, chief customer officer - Adzuna | Published: 29 January 2023

Op leaders must attend to productivity to realise much-needed capacity

New report from ActiveOps shows operations leaders need to attend to productivity to realise much-needed capacity Operations performance has slumped by almost 20% (from 57% to 47.5%) since pandemic-era peak Control is down 5 percentage points since the start of the pandemic (42.6% compared to 48.1%), showing teams are struggling to deliver on plans and achieve goals Employee ‘work out per paid hour’ is down by 8.4% compared to pre-pandemic levels, revealing decline in efficiency and failure to get the most out of employee capacity.

Contributor: Richard Jeffery, chief executive officer - ActiveOps | Published: 28 January 2023

Unrealised potential is dragging engagementand businesses down

New research has revealed that only 10 percent of people feel they have been encouraged to reach their full potential at work. Employer brand specialists Chatter Communications surveyed 2,000 employees of varying ages, levels of experience, job roles and industries, about whether they felt appreciated and if they felt their skills were being properly utilised.

Contributor: Paul Ainley, Managing Director - Chatter Communications | Published: 28 January 2023

Tech sector braced for the big layoff

Tech workers are pre-empting lay-offs in 2023 and taking steps to protect their careers, according to new research by CWJobs. The survey – carried out among 2,000 UK tech workers – revealed more than half (53%) are pre-emptively applying for new jobs in case of redundancies at their firm.

Contributor: Dominic Harvey | Published: 27 January 2023

Financial worries are pushing unwell employees back to work

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics[iii] also say 92% of adults in the UK reported their cost of living had increased compared with a year ago. These financial worries are leading to more people working when physically and mentally unwell. According to a recent study by GoodShape,[iv] over half (52%) of UK employees are worried about the financial implications of taking time off work for a physical or mental illness. The sectors where people are most worried about taking time off work include hospitality and leisure, medical and health services and retail.

Contributor: Adrian Lewis, Director - Activ People HR | Published: 27 January 2023

Top tips to help new parents with their finances

Expecting a baby and planning maternity or parental leave is an exciting time, but it is also important to consider the financial impact that a new arrival can bring. As the cost of living crisis continues, it is now more important than ever that new parents understand how their finances will be affected and what actions they can take. WEALTH at work, a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist, highlights some top tips to help new parents stay in control of their finances:

Contributor: Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director - WEALTH at work | Published: 26 January 2023