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Paul Avis

Drinking in the workplace – how to avoid a HR hangover

Having a few drinks every now and again with colleagues is an ordinary part of working life for many. But those who have ever suffered from a Friday morning hangover can attest that sometimes, drinking with colleagues can lead to a lack of good judgement.

Article by 29 April 2017


The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development (A Humanistic Perspective)

Organizational Development has come a long way from languishing in the shadows of HR to being widely recognized as the primary driver of core organizational competencies through targeted interventions. It traverses the delicate path of progressive transition to a better state by employing the services of Change Management that embodies the systematic approach to managing risk in reaching desired goals and objectives.

Article by 27 April 2017

Graham White

Book Review – Succeed as an Inclusive Leader by Thais Compoint

Have you ever picked up a book that has a review that says "Do you want to become the Leader everyone wants to work with?" Sadly I have stopped counting the number of books that have made this promise and so I fully understand if readers initially think the same when they hear such claims. However, let me say this book also has been described as a "real philosopher’s stone" and a "unique approach" so maybe this is one of those times when it's worth going beyond the hype and digging a little deeper.

Article by 26 April 2017


Book Review – Radical Candor by Kim Scott

In the spirit of radical candour, I’ll confess that I expected a book that was effectively Susan Scott’s ‘Fierce Conversations’ in a Silicon Valley setting with lots of woo-woo case studies about the usual suspects. The book was a pleasant surprise as it is a very practical management handbook, with Kim Scott drawing on case studies of Apple and Google and several other Silicon Valley startups as that is where she has spent much of her working life.

Article by 25 April 2017