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The employee experience mandate for your distributed team

The employee experience affects everything from recruiting and retention, to productivity and the bottom line. So much so that when Willis Towers Watson studied the 30 highest-performing companies in the world, they found all of them invest a great deal in creating a great employee experience. 

Article by Brent Chudoba 17 January 2022


Pros and cons of pre-employment tests in the recruiting process

Pre-employment tests are a great way of gathering data on candidates, you can challenge your candidates and gather vital intel that can influence the right decision being made when filling the role or roles required.

Article by Arianna Lupi - Digital Marketer 13 January 2022


Why people will be heading back to the office, eventually

While the benefits of working from home are good for the individual – I’m not refuting the extra time spent at home and healthier work-balance – the benefits of working in an office are equally as great, for both employee and business. And businesses and their staff need visible leaders, and you can’t be quite as visible from your kitchen table.

Article by Dominic Wade 6 January 2022


Driving change

The world is facing a major talent shortage and one of the industries feeling it most profoundly is logistics. This article explores how DHL Supply Chain is tackling the challenge with a broad range of solutions from collaboration to reputation change.

Article by Rob Rosenberg, Global Head of HR and Alastair Shooter, Global Head of Transport - DHL Supply Chain 5 January 2022


A Multidimensional Overview of AI as an Effective Catalyst for Workplace Wellness (The Humane Side of Leveraging Technology)

The conventional notion of workplace wellness used to be associated with the maintenance of a positive corporate culture, based upon shared values, that was exuded by effervescent employees as they displayed the ‘right’ traits for ensuring a ‘happy’ work environment. However, such an approach glaringly marginalized the ‘baggage’ that employees brought from home that naggingly lingered in their minds while they ‘wore’ their ‘professional’ smiles as emblems of a ‘satisfied and content’ workforce within a ‘progressive’ organization. Their internal battles did not even register on the ‘Employee Satisfaction Surveys’ that routinely depicted a ‘highly motivated’ workforce to satisfy the relevant analytics on a ‘flashy’ dashboard designed to curate the desired information for the senior/top management. Consequently, the ‘shallowness’ of such measures left majority of the organizations unprepared when the COVID-19 pandemic hit with full force and the survival of the organization as a ‘going concern’ became the most important factor.

Article by 4 January 2022


2022 must herald an employee experience revolution for deskless workers

Next year, as we face continued uncertainty with the pandemic and seek to understand our new normal, one thing is certain - organisations must focus on modernising their workforce management technology to set up employees up for success with streamlined communication and clear expectations before they show up for work each day.

Article by Marc Gingras, SVP Employee Experience Strategy at WorkForce Software 27 December 2021


Tackling harassment – seven insights that will help

In our recent survey on the “State of Workplace Harassment,” we uncovered a number of insights into who’s contending with harassment, how many are reporting issues they see (and if not, why?), how workplaces are doing on resolving reported issues, and more. Here are the top insights that will hopefully give you more context as to how pervasive the issue of harassment is in the workplace, which will help you understand the current state of your workplace, too.

Article by Claire Schmidt 22 December 2021


Should babies be permitted in workplaces?

MP Stella Creasy has been pulled up for having her 13-week-old baby with her in the House of Commons. She has long advocated for MP’s rights to take maternity leave and argued that by preventing children from attending debates with their parents, the Government is putting up barriers for MP’s who are working parents. Many employers may now be wondering if they should allow this.

Article by Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director 21 December 2021