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Pitfall or perk? Optimising your job search with AI

Pitfall: Having recently advertised for a new role myself, the number of very obviously AI-generated cover letters filling up the inbox was depressing.  Repetitive, lifeless, generic and utterly forgettable. It’s no wonder a recent study by iCIMS, a talent cloud company, found that 39% of HR professionals said that using AI tech during hiring is a dealbreaker.  If you have done it, someone else has too.

Article by Laura Saunders 8 June 2023


How to help employees manage their reentry anxiety

Reentry anxiety is a genuine concern for employees returning to the workplace, particularly in a post-pandemic world. This article focuses on helping you manage this transition smoothly, ensuring that your team's well-being and productivity remain intact. Completing this reading will give you a more profound grasp of how to back your staff and allay their anxieties about reintegration into the workplace.

Article by Howie Robleza - Tech Writer 7 June 2023


5 Ways to Manage Generative AI in the Workplace

Discover the keys to effectively managing generative AI in your workplace. From setting clear guidelines and establishing ethical frameworks to fostering collaboration and upskilling employees, dive into five essential strategies. Harness the power of generative AI while ensuring privacy, accuracy and maximizing its potential for performance without sacrificing integrity.

Article by Emily Newton 7 June 2023


Building successful programs for remote workers

Though many organizations assumed that people would be eager to return to the office post-COVID, the permanence of remote working arrangements became apparent to HR professionals some time ago. However, the transition is far from over. With businesses now making working from home a part of their long-term business plans, HR professionals are staring down a new challenge: managing the entire employee lifecycle remotely. This comes with a series of tech obstacles, such as managing cybersecurity concerns that come from employees accessing the network remotely, the hurdle of not having readily available IT support like you would in the office, and potential equipment failure and malfunction that can’t be immediately addressed. That doesn’t mean remote work as the new is impossible or even improbable, it just means that organizations need a holistic view of the new picture.

Article by Elaine Coffman - HR Consultant 4 June 2023


Talent shortage in auditing spells dire consequences for global economy

The talent shortage in the auditing industry has a ripple effect on the global economy, as the skills gap can lead to a lack of oversight and accountability that could have dire consequences. Without a qualified and experienced auditing workforce, companies may be at risk of failing to comply with regulations, resulting in costly fines and reputational damage. In turn, a lack of confidence in the financial systems and could lead to further economic instability. To address the talent shortage, the auditing industry must focus on reforming its image and creating a more attractive workplace for potential Audit professionals. There must also be an effort to ensure that current professionals are adequately trained and equipped to handle the complexities of the modern auditing environment.

Article by Bill Tomazin, Advisory Board Member - Makosi 3 June 2023


The growing disconnect between employees and employers

It's essential for business leaders to realize that it's the workplace that needs to change, not the employees. By doing these three things, leaders can meet employees where they are and create more inclusive workplaces where everyone feels seen, heard and like they belong.

Article by Julie Kratz 2 June 2023


The role of talent intelligence in shaping company culture

Talent intelligence is changing talent management worldwide and helping make company cultures more powerful with a focus on skills and capabilities. Talent intelligence provides data-driven insights so talent management teams can acquire quality talent, workforce planning, and reskilling programs. It optimizes cost, future-proofs the workforce, enhances employee satisfaction, and builds a positive company culture.

Article by Madhu Jena - Draup, Inc 28 May 2023


Off-payroll Protect – should you or shouldn’t you protect your business?

“The risk of being subject to an investigation is amplified where you are both the end client and the fee-payer. Recent high profile cases such as Gary Lineker, Eamonn Holmes and Stuart Barnes, illustrate the potential financial damage that an IR35 enquiry can have on your business should HMRC win the day.”

Article by Andy Vessey - Kingsbridge 27 May 2023