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How to encourage creative thinking inclusively and remotely in the new world of work

Our workplace culture has changed in the last year. We’ve moved from physical to virtual, and in the future, we’ll be seeing a more hybrid approach. Organisations have rapidly adopted and leveraged digital tools. Team meetings, one-to-ones, town halls, and even after-work socials have moved to virtual. This has also meant brainstorming meetings, ideation and design activities have too. Yet often, these creative thinking sessions stereotypically are based on ‘being in the room’ harnessing the energy from that to create ideas.

Article by Terry Room 14 April 2021


How to Sustain and Build Employee Resilience

If Covid has taught us anything, the importance of a healthy environment, financial security and healthy connections is paramount to both our physical and mental wellbeing. Here, Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe, will discuss how employers can help build employee resilience and why businesses need to think about health as an investment, not cost.

Article by Arjan Toor 14 April 2021


How to treat job seekers in the post-pandemic era

There are unquestionably fewer jobs available than there were pre-pandemic, making many roles much more competitive than they otherwise would be. Here, Dylan Buckley from DirectlyApply discusses the importance of how how to treat job seekers in the post-pandemic era.

Article by Dylan Buckley 13 April 2021


How to embed digital skills in your organisation

There has been a digital skills gap in the UK, and much wider afield, for a number of years. What we mean by that is that there are more skilled tech jobs on offer than people to fill them - the demand for top talent exceeds supply.

Article by Tiffany St James 12 April 2021


Empowering your diverse frontline workforce with inclusive technology

Frontline workers are the first people to see your brand, interact with your customers and ultimately, the ones who leave a lasting impression. Customers rely on the services our frontline workforce provide. Your business depends on the operational tasks they perform. And finally, your brand and reputation is based on their success.

Article by Hasan Javad 12 April 2021


Nurturing diversity is key for survival in a post-pandemic world

Diversity and inclusion efforts may well have slowed down due to the pandemic, but with remote working here to stay for the short term at the very least, companies in the property sector would do well to use this time to check in with their LGBT+ employees, as maintaining a diverse team will be crucial to their success in the long run.

Article by Kelly Canterford 8 April 2021


Engaging young people to tackle the pensions and climate crises

How many times do you think your employees have thought about their pension this week? I’m guessing most haven’t given it a thought once.  They may well have checked their bank accounts on their phone in the last 24 hours, but I bet they haven’t checked their pension online. Perhaps they can’t do that, even if they wanted to. The fact is that for the majority of people pensions just don’t feature in their everyday thinking and they’re certainly not viewed as an issue to worry about – especially if you’re young. The economy (52%), health (46%) and the environment (40%) are the three areas 18-24-year-olds care the most about. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it is hardly surprising that the economy and health are seen as the most important issues, however, the environment still factors highly on the chart. So why is it that, as a society, we are failing to see the significance of pensions and their impact on creating a sustainable future? At Cushon, we see great potential in getting more people engaged with their finances from the moment they begin working and see the value in talking about the inextricable link between pensions and climate change.

Article by Ben Pollard 7 April 2021