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Whistleblowing on the rise but office culture still a barrier

According to the survey’s findings, almost half (47 percent) of business managers are either witnessing or engaging in whistleblowing(1), suggesting that there has been a shift in behaviour since 2014, when Censuswide conducted a similar survey in partnership with Freshfields and only 34 percent reported the same level of engagement. Similarly in the 2017 survey, only 13 percent of business managers now claim that their employers are discouraging whistleblowing.

Article by: Adam Siegel | Published: 22 November 2017


Path to Parity: Tackling Unconscious Bias

There is widespread agreement that more needs to be done. Unconscious biases are “social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness,” according to UCSF’s Office of Diversity & Outreach. No matter our race, gender, background, education or income level, we all hold biases that have been shaped by our education, culture and experience.

Article by: Paradigm for Parity | Published: 21 November 2017

skills shortage

Military can bridge skills shortage

While there has been an increase in A-level entries for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, there is now concern that there is a shortage of teachers across technical subjects. The Department for Education Initial Teacher Training census reports that recruitment targets are not being met, despite employment of teachers being at the core of the British government’s strategy to help fill the void of engineers.

Article by: Matt Collins | Published: 21 November 2017


The behaviors which limit great teamwork

According to the study, experts believe that this is caused by ‘impostor syndrome’ - where we feel like we are ‘faking it’ at the job we are doing, having somehow slipped through the net and into our position, believing that other team members are much more competent. The more prestigious the organisation we work for - or indeed position we attain - the more likely we are to feel this when comparing our abilities to other team members at work.

Article by: Jennifer Brook | Published: 20 November 2017


Now’s the time to utilise the levy, and how

The Levy offers businesses with a payroll of over £3m the option of getting training back in return for the money they pay into the Levy, any unspent money will be wasted as it is returned to the treasury at the end of the funding cycle. The levy funds can be used to fund apprenticeships for all levels of employees within a business from new starters to up-skilling existing more experienced employees to achieve higher levels of skills.

Article by: Daniel Lally | Published: 20 November 2017

work environment

C-suite ambivalent to work environment impacts

Research reveals that C-Suite executives do not fully appreciate the factors that keep employees happiest at work and the impact that the office environment has on their employees’ productivity and wellbeing.

Article by: Jitesh Patel | Published: 19 November 2017


The productivity paradox

British productivity figures have been a source of embarrassment for a while but they missed even the most pessimistic projections. German workers achieve in 4 days what their British counterparts struggle to achieve in 5, is the oft cited jibe. Now the latest stats show that productivity has been going down for most of this year. The Germans might yet get to knock off on Thursday lunch.

Article by: Bruce Daisley | Published: 19 November 2017


Is AI an opportunity for HR?

AI begins to make its way into more organisations, it's a question that HR leaders have to take more seriously. So what are the opportunities and challenges that AI presents, and how can HR take a more active role in its development and deployment?

Article by: Lisa Gerhardt | Published: 18 November 2017


HR and training in the technology disrupted future

Should we wait for disruption and future shocks before we respond – or are there practical steps we can take now to prepare for a range of possible outcomes and thereby increase our resilience in the face of uncertainty? Tomorrow’s world of work will be shaped in large part by Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with successive waves of exponentially improving, transformational science and technology developments such as blockchain, big data, hyperconnectivity, cloud computing, the Internet of Everything, 3D/4D printing, synthetic biology, new materials, and human brain and body enhancements.

Article by: Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington and Maria Romero | Published: 18 November 2017


Stop Dark Triad overlords destroying your business

Are Dark Triad leaders ruling your organisation? In many cases, the answer is yes. The Dark Triad is an umbrella term that encompasses three specific personality traits: Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy. Astonishingly, studies show that high levels of these traits are evident in the CEOs and senior management teams of today’s organisations.

Article by: Espen Skorstad | Published: 17 November 2017