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Can UK tech start-ups thrive with the IR35 tax reforms?

Tech start-ups don’t repeat technologies that already exist; they are the entrepreneurs that develop new ways of doing things that disrupt the market, improve efficiency and make our lives more enjoyable. To do this, they need the very best IT talent and contractors often provide the expertise.

Article by: Graham Smith | Published: 17 February 2019


Innovation constrained by lack of support, budget and skills

Eager to be more competitive, organisations are making big investments in innovation projects. Almost half (43 percent) consider driving digital transformation to improve competitive advantage to be their top priority in the next year. A further 32 percent are allocating at least 20 percent of their IT budget to new projects.

Article by: Stephen Long | Published: 16 February 2019

The pros and cons of zero hours

Some like these non-specified hours as they can do ‘a bit on the side’ and mix their tasks to get extra income. Shifts may be shorter but taking up a selection of these will provide great variety and many smaller incomes, contributing to a larger lump sum. It becomes a convenient way to make money. 

Article by: Rebecca Dunne | Published: 15 February 2019

Five ways to boost culture and governance change in 2019 

As it looks ahead at rolling out the SM&CR to the wider financial services industry this year – including organisations whose main business offering is not financial services– Jonathan Davidson discusses how the new regulation can benefit them and suggests five key ways HR directors can help achieve culture change.

Article by: Jonathan Davidson | Published: 15 February 2019


The Good Work Plan – Still Just Words?

There will be a statutory right to a written statement of employment particulars for all workers from day one of employment. It will need to set out more information than the current requirements such as any probationary period, the expected duration of work, notice period and eligibility for leave.

Article by: Beverley Sunderland | Published: 14 February 2019

Trends for 2020 

These transformations are having profound implications on the role and intrinsic value of the centralised workspace, as the balance shifts towards more flexible, diverse, de-centralised workplaces.  The physical workspace required for the talent of the future will be completely re-thought.

Article by: Bruce Barclay | Published: 14 February 2019


Wallow with the hippos
Print – Issue 172 | Article of the Week

“Businesses become victims of the HIPPO - highest paid person’s opinion effect - hindering productivity and disengaging those individuals in the workplace that could otherwise be empowered to solve or influence business challenges” 

Article by: Phil Dunk | Published: 13 February 2019

gender pay gap

The astonishing cost of gender bias

Investors to step out of their comfort zone and reap the benefits of increased investment in women. The report, published by The UK VC & Female Founders for the Treasury, found that, by comparison, all-male founder teams are given 89p and mixed-gender teams collect the remaining 10p.

Article by: Juliet Eccleston | Published: 11 February 2019