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Loyalty is a much misunderstood concept

Loyalty is a good thing. Disloyalty is a bad thing. But healthy debate and a willingness to accept uncomfortable truths is a better thing.

Article by: Blair McPherson - Former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 3 February 2023

Engineered attrition is the latest tactic to get rid of employees

Whilst organisations are preparing for a bumpy road ahead, could some – especially the tech sector - be preparing to apply practices that they know will cause employees to resign, rather than facing into making redundancies? This might involve forcing them back to the office five days per week or taking away perks and benefits such as a free lunch, pushing a culture of overwork or long hours. I call this tactic engineered attrition, whereby a company implements hostile workplace practices to ‘push’ employees out to increase the bottom line.

Article by: Amrit Sandhar, Founder - The Engagement Coach | Published: 3 February 2023

Happiness is the fundamental engager

A positive experience of work can undoubtedly contribute to our wellbeing, but it’s perhaps unwise to place responsibility for our contentment in the hands of our employer, and equally unwise for our employer to accept it.

Article by: Alastair Atkinson, Director of Consultancy - scarlettabbott | Published: 2 February 2023

Time to Talk Day: Mental health is a good place to start

It is important for business leaders and those at senior management levels within organisations to support those who may be reluctant to talk about their mental health and that starts with normalising these conversations at work.

Article by: Clare Price, Director - Onebright | Published: 2 February 2023

What can be done about worker loneliness?

Workplace loneliness affects employees' health, reduces productivity and increases staff turnover. A new report from the British Red Cross says employers can help staff feel more connected.

Article by: Olivia Field, Head of Policy. - British Red Cross | Published: 2 February 2023

How to turn DEI vision into reality 

Charlie Grubb, Senior Managing Director at Robert Half’s executive search practice, discusses what organisations can do to boost their DEI outcomes and effect lasting, cultural change.      

Article by: Charlie Grubb, Senior Managing Director - Robert Half Executive Search | Published: 1 February 2023

TRENDS FOR 2023 – ROMANCING THE ROBOT – Issue 219 – JANUARY 2023 | Article of the Week

Heading into 2023 with challenges ahead and three years of disruption behind, in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis, ongoing war, energy price increases and political turmoil, the impacts on businesses and their people are inevitable. At the fulcrum is HR, struggling to balance the needs of people and the organisations they represent, in highly-dynamic and challenging areas - DEI, mental health, wellbeing and financial pressures - and the spectres of redundancy and failing businesses-lurk in wait for the unprepared.


3 Tips to Boost Deskless Worker Retention in 2023

Any employee turnover hurts but losing your top talent can sometimes feel like a physical blow. That’s how much impact those individuals have on your organisation. They are usually highly engaged, highly motivated and highly influential – other workers respect and look up to them.

Article by: Nathan Miller, Humanforce | Published: 31 January 2023

Why are women still under-represented at senior business level?

More and more businesses are setting targets to increase female representation at senior level; however, unconscious discrimination continues to impact women at all levels. This unconscious bias manifests in unintentional underrepresentation, bias in pay gaps, lower share of voice and lack of flexibility.

Article by: Katie Howard - New Street Consulting Group | Published: 31 January 2023