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Eastenders see the Future of Work

From the busy morning commute on the Tube to the line out the door of the city’s coffee shop, there is evidence of London’s bustling professional population everywhere. But many office spaces in the city are no longer satisfied with the traditional working model of heading to a grey office and drudging away all day; companies want lively workspaces with the latest technology and a fun, creative environment. Case study from The Brew.

Article by: The Brew | Published: 23 April 2017

The five deadly sins of remote working

No matter whether you're on a business trip, working from home or on holiday, modern remote access technologies have given us all the ability to access our PCs from anywhere, on any device and at any time. Clearly this brings with it huge advantages for business, making workforces more flexible, responsive and productive than ever before. Article by Philipp Weiser, Founder and Director of Engineering - AnyDesk.

Article by: Philipp Weiser | Published: 22 April 2017

Shattering boundaries

To be truly future-ready, HR's boundaries have to be shattered, so that its skills become embedded in the core competencies of roles across the organisation, especially line managers, who help deliver the full employee experience.

Article by: Payal Vasudeva | Published: 21 April 2017

Apple of his eye

"I’ve never met one of you who didn’t suck. I’ve never known an HR person who had anything but a mediocre mentality". Steve Jobs.

Article by: Nick Henley | Published: 20 April 2017

What is the current thinking on benefits?

Chase de Vere has undertaken extensive research with senior HR decision makers to capture their attitudes on employee benefits and related services. Some of the more interesting results were in relation to the provision of financial education services for their employees. Article from Sean McSweeny, Chase de Vere.

Article by: Sean McSweeny | Published: 19 April 2017

What can HR learn from the United Airlines debacle?

United Airlines is facing a PR nightmare after video emerged showing a passenger being forcibly removed from an ‘overbooked' flight. While the debate rages on regarding passenger rights when an airline requests ‘volunteers' to give up their seats, are there lessons that HR can learn from the incident? Comment from Pam Rogerson is HR Director for the ELAS Group.

Article by: Pam Rogerson | Published: 18 April 2017

Cyber security guidance for C-Suite executives

The Internet was invented in a government laboratory and later commercialized in the private sector. The hardware, software, and networks were originally designed for open communication. From Chuck Brooks, Vice President of Government Relations & Marketing for Sutherland Government Solutions.

Article by: Chuck Brooks | Published: 16 April 2017

How to get take-up with your Employee Incentive Schemes

A common thread shared through online HR forums is why employee incentive schemes fail. The problem is often insufficient take-up with not enough employees using the scheme for it to deliver any tangible benefits to the employer. By Richard Ellis, sales and marketing director at Connected Benefits.

Article by: Richard Ellis | Published: 15 April 2017

The key to unlocking human potential

In a world of constant change, the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new work patterns is vital for both employees and their employers. Martin Moran, Managing Director International,

Article by: Martin Moran | Published: 14 April 2017

“Taxi to the Old Bailey”

The ruling against Uber casts a dark shadow over the gig economy. Government inquiry and legal challenges, whether businesses will be able to use the model ethically and lawfully is fuelling argument, for and against, and it's likely to continue. Article by Clare Waller, Partner - Hewitsons,

Article by: Clare Waller | Published: 13 April 2017