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The impacts of wage transparency

New research shows that the much-discussed measure of requiring firms to disclose gender segregated wage-statistics to clarify differences in women´s and men´s wages reduces the pay gap by 7 percent. An important step in the right direction and knowledge that can boost the ambition to ensure women the same pay for same work, researchers say.

Article by: Morten Bennedsen | Published: 10 December 2018


Are you getting enough sleep?

We all know how difficult it is to work when we're tired but are you aware of the effects on others? Everyone knows that after a bad night’s sleep, the next day at work is a real drag. Coffee becomes a lifeline as you battle to keep your eyes open, struggling to read that project brief or presentation.

Article by: Maddy Keating | Published: 10 December 2018


Employee experience is as important and creative as brand experience  

Technology is changing the way people experience everything, including the work they do, the way they do it and the spaces they do it in. The businesses that will build the best teams - and deliver outstanding performance - are already focused on bringing these technologies into their businesses.

Article by: Helen Lea | Published: 9 December 2018


Digital skills gap still a threat to UK growth, says BIMA

Regional divides in the education system, a lack of awareness of the opportunities available and a misaligned curriculum, continue to leave students unprepared to engage with the UK’s booming digital economy, which is growing 2.6 times faster than other industries, says BIMA.

Article by: Natalie Gross | Published: 9 December 2018

High performing employees can either intimidate or inspire others

Have you ever been in a situation where you were inspired to work harder because of a teammate or coworker? Or felt nervous because you were worried about looking bad when compared to those around you? If you are like most people, the answer to these questions is yes.

Article by: Ariel A.Roberts | Published: 8 December 2018


Ignoring mental health links straight to absenteeism

Employers must not to ignore the mental health of their staff - which is linked to millions of days lost in sickness every year. Openness around mental health issues leads to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. We need to encourage a culture of talking about mental health issues, just like any other illness.

Article by: Nicky Maidment | Published: 8 December 2018


Enterprise Ireland – a war on talent or a war on skills?

The ‘War for Talent’ is a concept which has dominated the industry for the last twenty years and has shaped how many organisations view talent acquisition around the world. As initially reported by McKinsey & Company in 1998, the war for talent explored the challenges businesses face when attracting, retaining and developing talent.

Article by: David Corcoran | Published: 7 December 2018

Internet Cafe

INTERNATIONAL – The Rise of The Digital Nomad

Labour shortages in financial and business services are to be most severe, according to the study, with innovative technology fields also hit – global tech giant Microsoft announced earlier this year that a global skills shortage is affecting the fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) field. It’s not news that the desire for greater workplace flexibility is on the rise. Working from home used to be a real coup for employees who would relish the thought of logging into the work system in their pyjamas and breaking off for a cup of tea whenever they liked.

Article by: Article contributed by Ius Laboris | Published: 6 December 2018


How to encourage and support innovation

Brilliant ideas can only be cultivated within an environment that creates the conditions for creativity and innovation. A professor in my undergraduate program used to say that a sound idea had its own form of energy. It would attract attention, capture resources and create momentum.

Article by: Tracy Brower | Published: 6 December 2018


A fiscal Wonga
Print – Issue 169 | Article of the Week

In a light-to-no-touch corporate self-governance environment, few can fail to be appalled by the toxic statistic that FTSE CEOs earn 386 times the national wage. Drowned out by raucous and unabashed choruses of ‘I’m alright Jack’, these extortionate salaries are now public domain.

Article by: Gerry Brown | Published: 5 December 2018