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The link between imposter syndrome and racism and three ways to tackle it 

It’s no wonder, therefore, that so many BAME workers are feeling the effects of imposter syndrome. With a severe shortage of role models to aspire to emulate, as well as the constant reminder that they are different to the vast majority of their colleagues, they can easily start to feel as though they don’t belong.

Article by: Binna Kandola | Published: 15 October 2019


Unlocking employee engagement 

Employee engagement is an item high on every HR and business leader’s agenda, with most companies currently trying to do everything they can to retain employees, reduce turnover and drive productivity. From pulse surveys and skills-building to reward and recognition schemes and real-time coaching.

Article by: Kiran Reddy Pasham | Published: 13 October 2019


Bravery key to empowering line managers 

Ensuring the commitment of line managers and the involvement of the HR team is vital to the success of flexible working. To really see the benefits of the system, senior teams must foster a culture based on trust, respect and crucially, accountability.

Article by: James Stewart | Published: 12 October 2019

Taking the jump from ‘should’ to ‘could’

What we think about ourselves, specifically the quality and content of our thoughts, has a massive impact on our lives, whether that be personal relationships or career goals. You might not realise it, but even simple words can play a consequential role in the decisions we make.

Article by: Fran Elliott | Published: 11 October 2019

What’s next for mental health?

I did what many of us do and tried to hide it and carry on regardless of how I was feeling.  In the end, I became quite poorly and wasn’t my best at home or work.  I was lucky at the time to have a great GP, support at home, and good colleagues, who really helped me. 

Article by: Liz Ashford | Published: 10 October 2019


Review commercial contracts to mitigate the risk of Brexit uncertainty 

For some businesses, Brexit could negatively impact their supply chain and they should consider the performance of obligations by subcontractors and suppliers. This is particularly important for those who will be responsible for any increased costs or delays due to border issues. 

Article by: Lindsay Ellis  and Wright Hassall  | Published: 8 October 2019

Presenteeism: How to spot it and how to stop it

When employees continue to come into work while unwell, not only will it take them longer to recover, they’ll likely spread their illness on to their colleagues too. So, if you’ve got a high number of visibly tired and/or unwell employees at work, there’s a high chance your business is suffering from presenteeism. 

Article by: Pip Rule | Published: 7 October 2019