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Cybersecurity skills in dangerously low supply

Research shows corporate demand for cybersecurity skills is rising faster than internal supply, with innovative thinking needed to plug the gap – both in the acquisition and retention of key talent. A report highlights an urgent and growing cybersecurity talent gap, calling for new recruitment and retention strategies to help organisations contain cyber risks and build competitive advantage.

Article by: Mike Turner | Published: 24 February 2018


Burnout is fuelling attrition

It is “concerning" that many engaged employees suffer of stress and burnout symptoms, which may be the beginning of a pathway leading into disengagement. Nearly half of all employees were moderately to highly engaged in their work but also exhausted and ready to leave their organisations. This should give managers much to think about.”

Article by: Jochen Menges | Published: 24 February 2018


Review of higher education’s broken finance system long overdue

News on Theresa May launching a wide-ranging independent review into post-18 education is exciting, to say the least. For months, we have been calling for a review of the higher education’s broken finance system and it’s long overdue. However, the ridiculous rising tuition fees have been unfair to young people, what does it say about the value of higher education?

Article by: Charlie Taylor | Published: 23 February 2018

permanent transfers

A guide to Permanent transfers

Permanent transfers on the rise in 2018’s new world of global mobility. Permanent transfers look set to change the world of global mobility this year as a survey revealed they are increasingly seen as an alternative to the traditional long term international assignment (LTA). Contributor Lisa Johnson, global practice leader in consulting services at Crown World Mobility.

Article by: Lisa Johnson | Published: 23 February 2018


How our hobbies improve work

Hobbies have a deeper side, which throws some light on our personality. Research recently conducted in a UK contact centre shows a correlation between social hobbies, optimism and collaboration, which can help in recruiting the most suitable person for the job.

Article by: Laura Olcelli | Published: 22 February 2018

Bringing home the Bacon quote | Print – Issue 160 | Article of the Week

'Knowledge is power’ opined Sir Francis Bacon. When a piece of wisdom goes back that far, it becomes embedded in our thinking. Knowledge needs to grow organically, within and across an organisation, as well as within individuals themselves. Businesses cannot afford to lose the knowledge advantage when employees ‘walk out the door’.

Article by: Katie Taylor | Published: 21 February 2018


Mind the gap: Are you really as good as you think you are?

The research revealed the existence of a cognitive bias of illusory superiority, where people judge themselves as better than others in all manner of areas, e.g. leadership, skills, performance. Sequel studies tested and validated the hypothesis "that people, at all performance levels, are equally poor at estimating their relative performance".

Article by: Ally Yates | Published: 20 February 2018


The internal brand – the answer to greater efficiency?

When it comes to tackling productivity and efficiency within an organisation, attention often turns to system and process-driven overhauls to instigate positive change. However, when a global manufacturing brand sought to bring about performance improvements, they acknowledged the need to create an innovative new internal brand.

Article by: Lesley Gulliver | Published: 20 February 2018


Equal opportunity for men and women: where do we start?

In recent years businesses have made a lot of progress in closing the gender gap. Women now account for about 40 per cent of the total global workforce and are taking more leadership positions. There are also far less limitations on the type of job that women can have.

Article by: Aliya Vigor-Robertson | Published: 19 February 2018