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How to support employees after lockdown

At a time when communication with employees is at its most critical, there appears to be a vacuum, with a third saying they are receiving no communication and another 24% receiving only a small amount of communication to support their mental wellbeing. It is a similar pattern for financial health communications.

Article by: Peter Meyler, Associate and Head of Workplace Consultancy - Barnett Waddingham | Published: 27 May 2020

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Supporting remote working for deaf colleagues

The latest government advice surrounding the coronavirus pandemic is that those who can work from home should continue doing so, and this means the ‘new norm’ of remote working is likely to remain for quite some time. Whilst many businesses have proven just how adaptable they can be since the beginning of lockdown, the move to

Article by: Clare Vale Managing Director - Sign Solutions | Published: 26 May 2020

Nine Characteristics of Bad Leaders To Avoid

Instinctively we all know what makes a bad leader, but once you’re in a leadership position it can be hard to keep that perspective and avoid the pitfalls of bad leadership. Here are the top 9 characteristics of bad leaders that you should try to avoid at all costs.

Article by: Ashley Halsey, Writer - Coursework Writing Service and Gum Essays | Published: 26 May 2020

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Practical step to support mental health first-aiders during Covid-19 crisis

MHFA training provides guidance on setting boundaries, as the individual MHFA is only supposed to be a point of contact for employees experiencing a mental health problem so they can signpost them to help if needed; they do not replace the need for trained professionals. However, despite knowing many coping strategies, people who put themselves forward for these roles tend to have a kind, caring and empathetic nature and sometimes this means they may find it difficult to sufficiently distance themselves to stay safe and well.

Article by: Christine Husbands, Managing Director - RedArc | Published: 25 May 2020

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Guide to a new way of managing sickness and absence, now and post crisis

Having a centralised portal of information helps promote transparency and ensures teams can effectively work together. Adopting this technology now will help businesses make a smoother transition when movement restrictions are lifted and we resume our normal lives. Through careful management and dedicated software, it is possible to enable meaningful collaboration for HR teams, that gets the job done - even when everyone can’t be in the same room together.

Article by: By Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer - Selenity | Published: 25 May 2020

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Settling into a new way of working

As employees settle into a new way of working, shifting tasks online and logging into video calls, they are also ... View Article

Article by: Andy Shettle, Chief Product Officer of ER Tracker - Selenit | Published: 24 May 2020

Top tips for preventing presenteeism in the ‘virtual’ workplace during Covid-19 crisis

Absenteeism has long been regarded as a key focus for employers when it comes to ensuring the smooth running of their businesses. But with COVID-19 now seeing many employers unable to check on the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff as easily, how can they make sure that their teams are well?

Article by: Kevin Rogers, CEO - Paycare | Published: 24 May 2020

Returning to the workplace: Why listening to employees is key

A recent Peakon analysis, comprising the survey responses of over 49,000 UK employees, revealed that understanding around productivity has been one of the biggest concerns for employees during this pandemic. Many believe that their managers do not understand how hard they are working – or feel under pressure to work even harder than usual to

Article by: Rick Kershaw, Chief People Officer - Peakon | Published: 23 May 2020

Remote working: Tips on meaningful conversation to fill the void

Remote work doesn’t mean we have to settle for loneliness or disconnection. If you’re a leader or manager, your team needs you to engage them in a meaningful dialogue about the ways they’re growing and being challenged. Let the next few weeks be the weeks you experiment with new questions and sincere listening.

Article by: Amy Haworth, Chief of Staff for human resources - Citrix, | Published: 23 May 2020

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New normal, new way of working… new language for remote working

Across organizations worldwide, the Corona pandemic has radically changed the way teams work together. Numerous companies had to transition to remote working within days. For many teams and management, home office represents a new and unknown situation that bears various challenges. Used correctly, OKR helps to overcome the main challenges of working remotely.

Article by: Henrik-Jan van der Pol | Published: 22 May 2020