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Reviewing contracts – why it’s never been so important

Phil Parkinson, Head of Commercial Law at Blacks Solicitors, discusses why it’s never been so important to review contracts and what organisations need to be aware of.

Article by: Phil Parkinson, Head of Commercial Law - Blacks Solicitors | Published: 5 September 2020

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Guide to deaf awareness in new world of remote working

Coronavirus has forced many businesses to work remotely, and now, as the lockdown is gradually easing, both employers and staff are raring to get back to their normal places of work. For others, the shift could be a more permanent change, as those already under pressure to tightly manage costs have realised the financial benefits of

Article by: Clare Vale, Managing Director - Sign Solutions | Published: 4 September 2020

The HRDirector Features

Guide to holistic health support during the pandemic

Businesses must remember to look after the health of international employees holistically. Different countries have imposed different restrictions on their residents - including total bans on leaving home, closing schools, and restricting travel. Providing employees support for their physical, financial, practical and emotional needs, can help them deal with pandemic-specific issues more effectively.

Article by: Sarah Dennis, head of international - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 4 September 2020

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What have we learned From lockdown?

I joined the agency mid-November 2019, back in those heady days when global pandemics hadn’t been a thing for at least a century. After lockdown, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned, as well as what the experience has reconfirmed for me.

Article by: Jo Dale, HR Manager - 23red | Published: 3 September 2020

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Understanding and supporting employees with bereavement

Bupa Health Clinics creates managers’ guide for businesses, after seeing a 40% rise in queries from companies in lockdown seeking guidance on bereavement and loss

Article by: Alaana Woods - BUPA EAP | Published: 3 September 2020

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What travel tour operators need to prepare for in the return to normal

"The challenges are unique, but travel industry experts identified four actions to help restart travel operations: using written waivers, embracing current pandemic protocols, improving emergency capabilities, and partnering with a travel crisis provider."

Article by: Scott Hume, VP Operations - Global Rescue | Published: 2 September 2020

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How start-ups can maintain culture and values across satellite offices

Importantly, culture is not about team drinks on Fridays or even wanting to ‘hang out’ with colleagues during or after work. Instead, it’s about making sure that all workers can operate in an environment where the company’s DNA can be lived and breathed.

Article by: Anna Roe, Chief People Officer - TransferGo | Published: 2 September 2020

How to Support Your Employee’s Side Hustle

You might instinctively feel concerned when an employee mentions to you that they are engaged in work outside of their 9 to 5. Perhaps you think that their side hustle will distract them from their 'main' job or that their side hustle might result in them leaving the company. However, these concerns should be dismissed.

Article by: Grant Pearson | Published: 1 September 2020

Employee vs commercial needs – you can’t have one without the other

For any business to be successful, it needs a productive workforce. This isn’t rocket science. Yet many businesses are failing to ask what their workforce needs in order to be productive. If they’re not being productive, then why not? What actions need to be taken as a business to do something about it?

Article by: Anna Rasmussen, CEO and Founder - OpenBlend | Published: 1 September 2020

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Commute, not Covid, is why people want to work from home

It’s a highly complex time to be managing the needs of any workforce, especially given that people are expecting new ways of working to become permanent in the future, and a much more flexible approach to how they engage with their employer.

Article by: Steve Arnold, CEO - e-days | Published: 1 September 2020