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How automation is shaping the future of global mobility post-covid-19

ECA International is the market-leading provider of knowledge, information and technology that enables businesses to manage their international reward programmes. Partnering with thousands of clients on every continent, we provide a fully-integrated suite of quality data, specialist software, consultancy and training. Our unparalleled insights guide clients as they mobilise their most valuable resource: people. We make the complex world of international mobility simple, providing clients with the expertise and support they need to make the right decisions - every time. ECA International: Mobility solutions for a world that’s constantly moving.

Article by: Ema Boccagni, Commercial Director EMEA - ECA International | Published: 18 November 2020

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In the midst of another lockdown and as the colder months are setting in, many of us are wondering how we are going to cope this winter. Dr Shaw gives us some tips on how to cope, especially for those who feel they have reached their Covid-19 limit. 

Article by: Dr Lynda Shaw - neuroscientist, business psychologist and change specialist. | Published: 17 November 2020

Charity partnerships: Good for business, good for people

The World Busines Council for Sustainable Development defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as “a continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce as well as the environment, local communities and wider society”.

Article by: Philippa Cox, Corporate Partnerships Manager - Youth Adventure Trust | Published: 16 November 2020

The pros and cons of benevolent management

In an age where the discourses and methods employed by managers are often met with scepticism and disenchantment by their employees, there is an increasing demand to put benevolence back at the heart of management. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic made this even more pressing, we investigated the emergence and practice of benevolence and teased out some implications for the future of management.

Article by: Professor Ghislain Deslandes from ESCP Business School & Professor Guillaume Mercier from IESEG School of Management | Published: 16 November 2020

Six Competencies to Look for When Hiring Work-From-Home Team Members

For many businesses, this is the first time they will be required to identify candidates who will thrive in a remote working environment. But what are the predictors of success when working from home? 

Article by: Kevin Parker, CEO - HireVue | Published: 16 November 2020

Breaking down the distance barrier

Teamwork is hard enough when you’re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder alongside your co-workers in the same room where you can see, hear and understand what’s happening. But when you’re working remotely, a new set of issues can pop up.

Article by: Steelcase 360 | Published: 15 November 2020

A Guide to the performance management revolution

Performance management is no longer just an electronic record or piece of paper with a rating; it's an everyday conversation – a series of continual connections between the that work together in your organization.

Article by: Rosette Cataldo, Vice President, Performance and Talent Strategy - Workhuman | Published: 14 November 2020

L&D needs a game changer

We can all agree that learning is a very personal experience. From the moment we first step into a classroom, to the seminars and online courses we engage with at work, we are shaping our careers. Unfortunately, for many, learning in the workplace has become a one-size-fits-all endeavour that doesn’t fit each individual or their career goals.

Article by: Sarah Danzl, Head of Global Communications - Degreed | Published: 13 November 2020

Lowering the risk of burnout: Humanising the virtual workplace

If anything, the new lockdown could be even more challenging than the first. It represents a disheartening step backwards for many, long after the novelty of working from home has worn off. The summer months and long, light evenings with plenty of time for exercise are also well behind us. Keeping staff and managers feeling engaged, supported and motivated is therefore likely to be among businesses’ biggest challenges in the coming months.

Article by: Matt Bittlestone, Founder - ZING | Published: 12 November 2020