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Imposter syndrome holding female graduates back

Gender pay gap is defined upon entry into the jobs market, setting the scene for the rest of the rest of women’s careers. New research from Milkround has revealed females entering the workforce are suffering from imposter syndrome, with lower salary expectations and a lack of confidence, which could be costing them their dream job and affecting their career opportunities.

Article by: Georgina Brazier | Published: 27 October 2018


Courage of criminal convictions

Almost three-quarters of national companies continue to ask about criminal records at job application stage, new research shows. Unlock, the national charity for people with convictions, has today published new research that shows the vast majority of national companies continuing to have criminal record declarations as a core part of their initial job application forms. 

Article by: Christopher Stacey | Published: 27 October 2018


Sleep crisis

We all know how difficult it is to work when we're tired but are you aware of the effects on others? Everyone knows that after a bad night’s sleep, the next day at work is a real drag. Coffee becomes a lifeline as you battle to keep your eyes open, struggling to read that project brief or presentation.

Article by: Maddy Keating | Published: 26 October 2018


The art of retention

When companies hit hard times, it’s often immediately clear how successful their employee retention strategies are. The leadership team will either see staff dig in deep or, alternatively, they will see a number of people leave the business feeling like the grass could be greener elsewhere.

Article by: Vishal Chharalia | Published: 26 October 2018


Pulling the benefits lever

HR professionals in large UK enterprises tend to overestimate employee satisfaction when it comes to rewards and benefits programmes. Comparing perceptions between HR departments and the general workforce, the survey found that just around half of employees stated they are happy with the benefits offered by their company.

Article by: Heather Rogers | Published: 25 October 2018


Expanding into Africa: understanding the HR challenges

Africa is an increasingly attractive business destination. Driven by ambitious objectives and the lure of new markets, more and more international companies are looking to expand into the continent. While the opportunities that await are real, there are a number of legal, operational and HR challenges that can make Africa a daunting destination.

Article by: Rick Hammell | Published: 25 October 2018


#MeToo at 30,000 feet – the anti-harassment in the airline industry

Employers in the aviation industry face a particular set of challenges in dealing with sexual harassment reports from employees, both on and off duty. This article sets out their duties and potential liabilities. It also highlights possible legislative developments in this area.

Article by: Sarah Pierce Wimberly, Jessica Lynn Asbridge | Published: 24 October 2018

issue 168

The beautiful gain
Print – Issue 168 | Article of the Week

Being perceived as strategic and ‘always in control’ may have been the holy grail for leaders of the past, but increasingly, they need to be inspiring coaches and communicators, not hiding behind statistics and data.

Article by: Austin Swain | Published: 24 October 2018


What Impact will prescribed cannabis have in the workplace?

It is thought that people suffering from chronic pain, spasticity, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, as well as drug-resistant epilepsy, will be first in with a chance to be prescribed cannabis, with a recent article in the British Medical Journal saying it could be of use in cases like these.

Article by: Pam Rogerson | Published: 23 October 2018


Why hasn’t IT embraced remote working?

Tech City UK’s Tech Nation 2017 survey found that 50 per cent of the nation’s digital tech community believed the shortage of skilled talent was the biggest challenge facing the industry. It’s becoming abundantly clear that there needs to be a shift in the way the technology sector operates to encourage fresh talent into the industry. But, what can be done?

Article by: Jarek Grzeskowiak | Published: 23 October 2018