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The importance of resilience in business

Resilience is like a muscle. Whilst some may have a natural proclivity for it, there is no fixed limit on our own resilience. The more you ‘work out’ your resilience and put it to the test, the stronger and more developed it will be in time. 

Article by: Kanya King CBE, Founder & CEO - MOBO on behalf of the Executive Development Network | Published: 29 March 2021

Sleep walking into an insomnia crisis

I discuss the future of employee sleep in a post-pandemic workplace and why employers need to “wake up to sleep”.

Article by: Gosia Bowling, Emotional Wellbeing Enhancement and Prevention Lead - Nuffield Health | Published: 28 March 2021


When the boss keeps giving mixed messages

The real message is not we are trying to take the pressure off junior staff but, “ if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.”

Article by: Blair McPherson - former Director, Author and Blogger | Published: 27 March 2021

Guide to protecting the business when staff are working from home

With many companies planning to introduce software to monitor staff productivity remotely*, HR experts have highlighted top steps to protect business owners when staff are working from home.

Article by: Nicki Robson, Managing director of Breedon Consulting - Breedon Consulting | Published: 26 March 2021

Accidental managers – all title, no training

What can employers can do to level up professional skill sets to ease the responsibilities of leadership for accidental managers?

Article by: Adrian Grove, Business Development Director - Qube Learning | Published: 26 March 2021

Leaders are human too, are they being supported enough?

It’s no surprise that the combined weight of internal and external pressures sometimes gets too much for even the most resilient of leaders. And there is much to be learnt from those leaders who share the realities of this pressure.

Article by: Xanthe Harding, Director - ENGAGE | Published: 26 March 2021

A legal guide to the pitfalls of making covid vaccines mandatory in the workplace

With all adults in England likely to be offered the vaccine by autumn (and possibly earlier), but  not everyone opting to take it up, what employers require of their workers in this respect is going to be a key issue. Can employers enforce workers to be vaccinated, and what are the legal pitfalls they need to be aware of?

Article by: Julie Jones, Starford - Legal HR | Published: 25 March 2021