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Curating positive leadership skills

While there are many factors involved in building a productive, effective and happy workforce – including pay, benefits, progression opportunities and training – one which is often taken for granted is social learning: the process of learning by observing and imitating the behaviour of those around us.

Article by: Nick Cutland | Published: 7 May 2018

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Financial jobs market under pressure

If your company is looking to recruit within your accounts department, it’s worth understanding what the market is currently like. We are experiencing high demand for experienced candidates in the finance function, across many different sectors and industries.

Article by: Greg Thorpe | Published: 6 May 2018


The GDPR impacts on the future of recruitment

The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – which comes into force on 25th May 2018 – has far reaching implications for many companies. Its focus on protecting personal data (whether our customers’, our employees’ or any other individual’s resident in the EU) is impacting on everything from marketing and sales, to HR and recruitment.

Article by: Greg Thorpe | Published: 6 May 2018


Intelligent workspaces

Intelligent workspaces will be centred around better-equipped employees, who are empowered by smart tech, rather than hindered by it. It won’t be long before the likes of digital assistants, voice-controlled devices and interactive whiteboards will be commonplace in all workplaces.

Article by: Debbie Murray | Published: 5 May 2018

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How to create a pro-apprenticeship company culture

Apprenticeships will only be in a position to achieve core business goals if people across the whole of an organisation recognise their value. If employers manage to successfully implement apprenticeships – at all levels, across a range of teams, and amongst both new and existing staff – then employees will start to see how on-the-job training can be of huge benefit.

Article by: Jake Tween | Published: 5 May 2018


Gender pay gap – examine actions not numbers

Gender imbalance is one area where numerous workplaces have room for improvement, but it can be difficult to understand the scale of change needed without having sight of where we’re at. Gender pay gap reporting is designed to trigger change and bring about transparency.

Article by: Sharon Looney | Published: 4 May 2018


Living in a digitally-induced dystopia

The web, social media and the ‘big data’ revolution is undermining western democracy while strengthening the hand of authoritarian states to address the challenges thrown up by globalisation. That is the contention of leading US political scientist Ian Bremmer, author of Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism.

Article by: Ian Bremmer | Published: 4 May 2018


Digital forensics will restore HR’s authority

Where HR and IT departments engage together in a common cause the outcomes can be immensely beneficial for the organisation, especially in large organisations and where there is a premium put on the use of sophisticated systems and equipment.

Article by: Ashley Lane | Published: 3 May 2018


Workwear revolution: are dress codes a thing of the past?

The Western trend of ‘casual Fridays’, also known as ‘dress down Fridays’ has been widely adopted by many UK businesses for several years, with some now taking on this more relaxed approach five days a week. For a large number of enterprises, jeans and a nice shirt have become the workwear norm.

Article by: Kate Palmer | Published: 3 May 2018


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Print – Issue 162 | Article of the Week

A team working in the right environment to truly collaborate - that is, fully comfortable in sharing views, scrutinising others and being scrutinised - have the potential to perform better than those working in traditional silos or unequal teams. That is the belief at leading constructor and developer, Skanska.

Article by: Harvey Francis | Published: 2 May 2018