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Your Attitude: Shifting cultures and driving performance

The leadership team or executive group are responsible for setting the attitude tone - whatever has been ‘normalised’ by them has led to the narrow range of attitudes found across the organisation – attitudes and behaviours outside of this ‘normal range’ when surfaced, meet resistance from the ‘accepted norm’.

Article by: Simon Tyler | Published: 25 February 2019


Culture Fit: A Definition

For as long as people have collaborated, some have worked better together than others. It goes above and beyond the skills they bring, there’s some magic that happens when the right people work together. Being able to predict that magic is the dark art of recruitment. 

Article by: Mark Hla | Published: 24 February 2019


The biggest risk to cybersecurity? Legitimate users

New research called: What Keeps You Up at Night – The 2019 Report, looks at over 350 organisations globally, and reveals the security weaknesses and concerns within organisations. On average, 81 percent of organisations had some degree of concern around security issues.

Article by: Stu Sjouwerman | Published: 23 February 2019

 Job ads show sexism still prevalent in most industries

Since 2014, job ads in the UK have seen the usage of masculine-coded words drop by 10 percent, from 27 percent to 17 percent more male-to-female words. The decline has been consistent since 2015, with it falling by 13 percent in the last four years. 

Article by: Andrew Hunter | Published: 22 February 2019

How should businesses plan for an ageing workforce?

With life expectancy now sitting at an average of 85 and the state pension age increasing to 68 by 2039, employees are likely to work for many more years than previously expected. This scenario provides both opportunities and challenges for businesses

Article by: Anthony Sutton | Published: 22 February 2019


How should you handle LGBT discrimination in the workplace?

In these instances, however, one in eight lesbian, gay and bi people wouldn’t feel confident reporting homophobic or bi-phobic bullying to their employer. For trans people this increases to 21 per cent for those that wouldn’t report transphobic bullying.

Article by: Keira Wallis | Published: 21 February 2019

gender pay gap

Do employers understand gender dysphoria?

Historically, corporate private healthcare commonly excluded any treatment required for gender incongruence or gender dysphoria. However, this is changing, as progressive organisations, such as Facebook foster a culture of inclusion when it comes to gender identity.

Article by: Keira Wallis | Published: 20 February 2019


Three steps to engagement heaven

An engaged employee is characterised as an individual who wants to do their best for the company every day, they live and breathe the values and goals of the company. With this in mind, events are a great opportunity to communicate and confirm the values and goals of your organisation

Article by: Gemma Chadwick | Published: 20 February 2019


Stewards of humanity
Print – Issue 172 | Article of the Week

“The challenge is to create an employee experience which fits into a future we don’t yet fully understand. It can be easy to forget the ‘human’ and focus solely on the ‘resources’ amidst a sea of day-to-day demands and targets. But we must stay supremely focused on our shared humanity” 

Article by: Marcus Wylie | Published: 20 February 2019


Happy healthy workplace – without breaking the bank

Approaching a forum of peers is often far less intimidating than approaching one’s manager. A committee of colleagues can therefore act as a safe space for junior and senior employees to voice their opinion and work towards a consensus.

Article by: Marianna Roach | Published: 19 February 2019