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Why do employees turn to trade unions?

Since their peak in 1979, union density in the UK workforce has fallen by half and today less than 23 percent of employees are members of a trade union. While the global trend is not universal, this is a common theme in the US and many other countries.

Article by: Lee Harding | Published: 10 July 2019


How to build agile teams in an established business

Digital technology has paved the way for a host of dynamic property technology (PropTech) start-ups. With more established businesses, including housebuilders, now developing their own applications too, they need a workforce capable of delivering change

Article by: Nigel Smith | Published: 8 July 2019

Top tips to combat sickies fuelled by binge TV

A North London-based Employment solicitor says employers can minimise sickness absence by following a few key steps, after a Radio Times survey found that nearly one in five people have called in sick so they can binge-watch their favourite TV shows

Article by: Hayley Trovato | Published: 2 July 2019


Negotiating techniques for women tackling the gender gap

There are many reasons to feel uncomfortable about negotiating a pay rise. But, perhaps the most important one is that employees often lack information: we don’t know how much we are worth, how much others are paid and how much employers are willing to pay.

Article by: Rachel Massey | Published: 1 July 2019

Top tips on how to run brilliant meetings

Meetings are a coming together of minds. An opportunity to exchange ideas, listen, develop thoughts and formulate action plans. With the right planning, management and follow up, meetings could become one of your most productive activities, as opposed to an obstacle to productivity. 

Article by: Owen Cook | Published: 1 July 2019


The New Wave of Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive leadership is founded on a mindset that welcomes diversity.  This is not the narrow definition of diversity which often ends up with either perceived or genuine tokenism. Real diversity challenges existing ways of thinking and operating, and runs deep through several areas of an organisation, including three key areas:

Article by: Richard Charrington | Published: 28 June 2019


Two-thirds of tech workers would leave over poor work-life balance

At the same time, tech workers want the opportunity to grow as professionals, with over half (52 percent) willing to leave their jobs over a lack of career progression, while a third (35 percent) would move elsewhere for more learning and development opportunities

Article by: Dominic Harvey | Published: 25 June 2019