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Assessing leadership in the post-Covid workplace

Recent thinking and discussions in organisational psychology and HR circles have led to a strong desire to find out what good leadership looks like in the post-Covid workplace. There is now a golden opportunity to address, or perhaps re-dress, leadership failings of the past and create healthier, more effective organisations. As we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, economic and political unrest, as well as professional and personal upheaval, what will be the main driver in regaining balance in an uncertain world?

Article by: Liz Hey, Principal Psychologist - Hogrefe Ltd | Published: 13 December 2021

Guide to creating a whole journey employee experience

Considering how your employees experience their workplace is important for retaining talent, particularly now staff shortages are at their highest for decades. James Scott, CEO of employee engagement app Thrive, shares his tips for creating a great experience for your employees at every stage of their employment journey.

Article by: James Scott, CEO - Thrive.App | Published: 13 December 2021

How to support employee rights to switch off

Physical and emotional exhaustion in the workplace were major effects of the pandemic, with employees often expected to work longer hours in difficult circumstances. As our homes became our offices, and switching off at the end of the working day became increasingly difficult, employee burnout skyrocketed. The truth is that many of us were simply unprepared for the immediate shift to hybrid work. But now, 18 months on, we should be more equipped than ever to enable a future that puts employee wellbeing first. 

Article by: Ivan Harding, CEO and Co-Founder - Applaud | Published: 12 December 2021

The No1 challenge for new leaders and how to help them overcome it

When you consider all the challenges that new leaders face, is there one that seems to be more challenging than the rest? It's the transition from expert to coach that new leaders find the most confounding. Here's how to help them do it.

Article by: Anna Marshall - Author | Published: 11 December 2021

2022: Challenges on the horizon and how to overcome them

WorkForce Software SVP Steve Tonks reflects on the past 18 months and the impact this has had on the world of work, plus what employers can do to better to engage staff for the new year.

Article by: Steve Tonks, Senior Vice President of EMEA - WorkForce Software | Published: 10 December 2021

How to avoid holiday clashes becoming a Christmas dilemma

Leave requests and holiday clashes can be a cause of conflict year-round but especially so at Christmas. Whether it’s parents who want to make the most of the school break, people travelling to meet family, or someone who simply wants to enjoy the festive season, the fact is, hardly anyone wants to work at Christmas.

Article by: Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula | Published: 10 December 2021

Seasonal Affective Disorder and how it can affect the workplace

Clare Price, Head of Psychological Services at Onebright breaks down the common symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, and ways in which employees who are coping with this subset of depression can be supported.

Article by: Clare Price, Head of Psychological Services at Onebright | Published: 9 December 2021

Hidden Talent

These disruptive times have caused dramatic changes which require new departments, new technologies and new skills. Now more than ever, companies are compelled to adapt and respond quickly at incredible speed. When a company knows all the skills and experiences their employees have - not what people do in their job, but what they could do if needed - they can optimise the talent as and when required. Clearly, having an accurate inventory of the available skills and capabilities is the answer.

Article by: EDIE L. GOLDBERG, PH.D. PRESIDENT - E. L. GOLDBERG & ASSOCIATES | Published: 8 December 2021