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Building agility within traditional organisations

Agility and agile leadership are familiar concepts for anyone working in HR, and are often associated with technology companies and start-ups, filled with young ‘disruptors’ in modern offices. But what about organisations in more traditional sectors, with more conventional structures?

Article by: Trayton Vance, CEO & Founder - Coaching Focus | Published: 5 June 2022

Standing out during a talent shortage

In the past year, the pandemic has forced furloughs, redundancies and people quitting their jobs. While furloughs and redundancies are often a result of wider business issues, companies can make sure that they are doing the most to attract and retain employees - especially at a time where UK job vacancies are soaring.

Article by: Deb LaMere, Chief Human Resources Officer - Datasite  | Published: 4 June 2022

Why we shouldn’t rely on intuition when hiring

In this piece, Emeric Kubiak, founder and CEO of behavioural assessment firm AssessFirst, strives to highlight the inadequacy of recruitment processes that rely solely on unstructured interviews as opposed to algorithm-based practices.

Article by: Emeric Kubiak, Research Psychologist - AssessFirst | Published: 3 June 2022

What employers need to know about the HRT shortage

A recent Channel 4 documentary discussing the benefits of HRT in controlling symptoms of menopause has led to a significant increase in public awareness on the topic. But while such an increase in awareness has long been the aim of women’s health campaigners, the steep rise in demand has resulted in a nationwide shortage of HRT products.

Article by: James Seton - Maximus UK | Published: 1 June 2022

RISE OF INDIVIDUALISM – HOLD THE TENSION – Print – Issue 211 – May 2022 | Article of the Week

Faced with a whole raft of operational, commercial and global challenges, another tension is emerging, which cannot be ignored. It is caused by the necessity for complex, collaborative working on a global and organisational scale, whilst at the same time, acknowledging the rise of individual freedom and autonomy. Organisationally, this has been exacerbated by hybrid working and changing mindsets - both a result of pandemic disruptions - but in truth, this a catalyst for something that has been percolating for years.


How to optimise virtual engagement in the hybrid workforce

It’s no surprise that the last two years have taken a significant toll on all employees and employers!. We have all learnt new ways of working: Previously conceived notions of what was possible in terms of flexibility, hybridity and effective engagement have all but transformed entirely. What might shock you, however, is that across Asia, Europe and the US, 47.4 million people left their jobs voluntarily in 2021 – and 4.5 million of those were in the UK alone.

Article by: Jennifer Griffin Smith, CMO - Brightcove | Published: 1 June 2022

Who exactly is in charge of creating organisational purpose?

Much like the values embedded in a mission statement, a company’s purpose can quickly be forgotten or is often seen as an add-on or a tick box exercise, rather than an integral part of a business’s reason for existing.  If leaders manage change and people, and managers focus on complex planning, dealing with performance and evaluations, who is looking after the purpose of an organisation?

Article by: Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership | Published: 31 May 2022

Learning and development: a guide for HR managers

Learning and development is an incredibly important aspect of the success of a company and its people. These two processes are aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and professional competencies of employees. As a result, their motivation and productivity will increase.

Article by: Joshua Merrick - Ispring Solutions | Published: 31 May 2022

What’s the secret to high-performance in PSOs?

Commentary on SPI Global Benchmark for professional services businesses shows high performers are far better at coaching their staff and building a strong culture. High performers that get the fundamentals of hiring, onboarding and culture right bill an average 200 hours per year per consultant more than the rest and take just 47 days for new hires to become productive.

Article by: Mark Gibbison, Head of Strategic Motions for New Business - Unit4 | Published: 31 May 2022

Steering the ship through the stormy waters of crisis

The challenges of the pandemic transformed the way that organisations manage their staff and taught invaluable lessons around employee wellbeing. How can these experiences shape how leaders prepare to steer their workforce through the next looming crisis of the surging cost of living?

Article by: Chris Goulding, Managing Director - Wade Macdonald. | Published: 30 May 2022