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gender pay gap

The astonishing cost of gender bias

Investors to step out of their comfort zone and reap the benefits of increased investment in women. The report, published by The UK VC & Female Founders for the Treasury, found that, by comparison, all-male founder teams are given 89p and mixed-gender teams collect the remaining 10p.

Article by: Juliet Eccleston | Published: 11 February 2019

What you need to know about divorcing your business partner

When setting up a business with your significant other, a divorce is one thing that you often do not anticipate, plan for or want to be a party to. Separating from your partner is a tough thing to do, particularly when kids are involved.

Article by: Karen Holden | Published: 10 February 2019


Finally, equality takes centre stage

The requirements on executive pay gap reporting will come first, with rules now in force requiring UK quoted companies with more than 250 employees to set out the ratio of the CEO's pay and benefits compared with that of other employees.

Article by: Alan Matthew | Published: 9 February 2019


Unlocking employee engagement 

Employee engagement is an item high on every HR and business leader’s agenda, with most companies currently trying to do everything they can to retain employees, reduce turnover and drive productivity. From pulse surveys and skills-building to reward and recognition schemes and real-time coaching.

Article by: Kiran Reddy Pasham | Published: 8 February 2019


What does 2019 hold for international employee benefits?

The cost of failure of expat assignments is high - the average expat assignment costing $311,000 (£217,000) per year. 40% of all overseas assignments are judged to be failures and most fail because employees and their families can’t adjust to the local culture and environment. 

Article by: Tristan Cleaver | Published: 7 February 2019


Visualisation: the key to unlocking the true value of unstructured data 

What’s more, because unstructured data is far more accessible and easier to share than structured data, it poses a significant risk in terms of vulnerability from cyber-attacks. With unstructured data spread across an organisation’s infrastructure and different devices in many different forms, it’s easy picking for hackers.

Article by: Andy Richardson | Published: 6 February 2019

eu citizens

How easy it will be to hire EU talent post Brexit?

In the event of no-deal Brexit, free movement will end immediately on 30 March. While EU nationals may continue travelling visa-free for visits to the UK of up to 3 months, to remain here longer (for example, to work), they will require status under a new category to be called European Temporary Leave to Remain (ETLTR).  

Article by: Gary McIndoe | Published: 5 February 2019


Supporting staff return to work after cancer

With more people at risk of getting cancer, and more people surviving, the number of people returning to work will continue to rise. For employers, it’s imperative that the process is handled as best it can, not only from the perspective of the individual in their return.

Article by: Katrina Holden | Published: 5 February 2019


The Google GDPR fine – why this case is significant

So, what is the defence – you made the effort, or you have cooperated with the investigation or both, perhaps that’s still not enough if you have the resources and funds to ensure compliance. This case relates to a very large establishment and the fine clearly reflects this.

Article by: Karen Holden | Published: 4 February 2019