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What would you do if one of your employees was losing their sight?

RNIB, in partnership with Marriott Hotels Glasgow, has produced the resource pack, supported and funded by the Scottish Government and Impact Funding Partners. The pack, available in print and online, was originally developed with workers aged 50 and over in mind, but it can apply to all ages.

Article by: Martin O'Kane | Published: 8 June 2019


 How embodying trust builds big picture leadership capability

Your instincts, or intuition is felt in the centre of our body and will indicate your growth pathway. Once you begin to trust and understand your intuition, you deepen your self-awareness and become more attune to what your body awareness is telling you

Article by: Tony Holmwood | Published: 7 June 2019

How HR can help managers succeed Promoted

As a driving force behind an organisation’s culture and people, Human Resources (HR) has a valuable role to play in developing good leaders and helping them succeed. Since management can directly affect employee satisfaction, performance and loyalty.

Article by: SCU | Published: 6 June 2019

A guide to – GDPR

Officially, three complaints worth 3.9 Billion dollars were filled against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram respectively via data regulators in three different EU countries. As well as this complaint, French data protection authority CNIL filled a separate claim for 3.7 billion relating to Google’s android operating system for android

Article by: Lesley Holmes | Published: 5 June 2019


Five Things to Nail When Managing Millennials

Today’s 20 and 30-somethings are a somewhat perplexing breed of employees. It didn’t surprise us that 32 percent of the HR professionals we surveyed said millennials are the hardest group of employees to engage - considerably more so than their Gen X and baby boomer counterparts. 

Article by: Unknown | Published: 4 June 2019


A guide to – Shared parental leave

SPL was introduced to enable families to make choices about who cares for the child during the first year of life, and to encourage fathers to take a more active role in bringing up their children.  It aimed to relieve the childcare burden on female employees.

Article by: Nicola Ihnatowicz | Published: 3 June 2019

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How to tell your boss, “goodbye”…

Make sure that you tell your boss before everyone else. The last thing you want is your boss finding out second-hand, as that will only make the process even harder. Remember you’re not the first person who’s ever quit nor will you be the last, so no need to dread the interaction. Just go in prepared.

Article by: Lou Goodman | Published: 1 June 2019


Don’t forget the importance of great middle managers

This is a belief supported by Dr Zara Whysall, Head of Research at talent management specialists Kiddy & Partners. In the latest Hays Journal she says, “For years, middle managers have been overlooked when it comes to talent management, falling into the no-man’s-land between ‘top talent’ and ‘rising stars’”. 

Article by: Roop Bhumbra | Published: 31 May 2019


The rise of the virtual assistant

Life is fast-paced and demanding for women senior managers and business owners. It can be a constant juggle to manage the large volume of work. As an HR professional working with women in senior roles, you’ll be looking for ways to ease their pressures and help them organise their work lives.

Article by: Jane Braithwaite | Published: 30 May 2019