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The burning recruitment questions that just don’t go away

But as recruiters, regardless of this, there still remain many challenges, including: How does one filter through and reach out the right candidates and what should we prioritise in our hires? How do we strike the right balance between finding candidates that are a good culture fit, yet also ensuring targets are hit?

Article by: Damir Latte | Published: 23 April 2019


Future of Risk: The importance of employee wellbeing

Drum Cussac is a global security consultancy responsible for ensuring the safety of more than 15 million people. Our intelligence and analysis services (IAS) offer 24/7 expertise via in-house professional intelligence operators and analysts, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive global network.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 23 April 2019


Why trust is more important than wellbeing 

Consisting of activities ranging from health screenings and exercise classes, to mindfulness advice and educational sessions, these programmes promise to improve both the physical and mental health of employees. And they’re big business;

Article by: Zoe Humphries | Published: 22 April 2019

How Strategic HR is Turning People Analytics into Business Outcomes

The function of HR is going through a rapid change. As with all industries and internal business functions, the advent of technology has boosted abilities and allowed for the once intangible to become tangible through the capture and analysis of data.

Article by: Brad Winsor | Published: 22 April 2019


Working Women Not Treated as Equals of Their Male Colleagues

Less than half of working women feel that they are treated the same way as their male colleagues in similar roles.  Only 34 percent agree that their employer cares about them and understands the specific issues that women face in the workplace.

Article by: Sarah Aubrey | Published: 21 April 2019


How to ensure your new business stays on the right side of HMRC

How you will pay tax will depend on the structure of your business. Depending on your business set up, you may find that you are paying familiar taxes. Sole traders and partnerships will pay taxes on their profits through the Self Assessment system.

Article by: David Redfern | Published: 20 April 2019


Top tips for identifying invisible illnesses in the workplace 

Other invisible illnesses that often go undisclosed are bowel conditions, such as Crohn’s disease and Colitis, because they can cause awkward conversations and are often not very well understood. The same goes for skin diseases, other pain conditions, and mental health issues.

Article by: Dr Ellie Cannon | Published: 19 April 2019


A guide to disguised remuneration – time to act is now

As HMRC gears up to take action against the more than 40,000 businesses and individuals who have taken part in disguised remuneration schemes in order to avoid their full tax liabilities, guidance is being offered to those now facing huge tax bills as a result

Article by: David Redfern | Published: 16 April 2019

gender pay gap

Gender parity: A driver for manufacturing success 

This is a surprising figure, especially given the increasing prominence of gender equality on the world stage, but it’s why ADM is particularly proud to be among the first 100 companies globally to announce its commitment to Paradigm for Parity®

Article by: Mayka van Acht | Published: 15 April 2019