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The rise of the virtual assistant

Life is fast-paced and demanding for women senior managers and business owners. It can be a constant juggle to manage the large volume of work. As an HR professional working with women in senior roles, you’ll be looking for ways to ease their pressures and help them organise their work lives.

Article by: Jane Braithwaite | Published: 30 May 2019


5 ways to advance your HR career   Promoted

While navigating the modern world of career advancement can seem intimidating at first, you have more control over your path than you may realise. Using the resources around you and gathering new ones will help you launch your HR career to exciting new heights.

Article by: Victoria University | Published: 30 May 2019

How to Retain Talent During Business Relocation

With Brexit uncertainty in the UK, a survey by Instant Offices had found 28% of businesses are gearing up for relocation as they identify opportunities both in and outside of the EU, putting a possible move on the cards for many workers in the UK.

Article by: Lucinda Pullinger | Published: 29 May 2019


Obesity in the workplace: The next major challenge for employers

It is not, however, a new challenge for employers. The European Court of Justice considered whether obesity should be classified as a disability as early as 2014. A Danish childminder, Mr Kaltfoft brought a discrimination case against his employer, claiming he was dismissed because he was obese, and his obesity was a disability.  

Article by: Pam Loch & Bruce Jenner, | Published: 28 May 2019


Five tips for achieving work/life balance in the Legal sector

Achieving a better work/life balance is becoming a growing priority among those seeking both locum and permanent legal roles. Candidates are even opting to take a slightly lower salary in favour of more flexible working conditions.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 26 May 2019

How Does HR Drive Innovation?  Promoted

As a human resource (HR) professional, you have the power to drive major innovation within your business and team. Its importance to your business’ current and future success is crucial. With an innovative culture, you can unlock the potential of your team and shape your organisational design.

Article by: RMIT | Published: 25 May 2019


To drive successful innovation we have to tackle stress first’

In an age filled with fear and apprehension regarding the future of work, creativity and innovation were supposed to be the things that could save us. Perennially at the top of lists of what work-life skills will be central in the future, they are special in also bringing with them a promise of better work now.

Article by: Alf Rehn | Published: 25 May 2019


Lessons from Brexit on negotiation in the context of Employment Litigation

Parties also often fail to recognise their positions in employment litigation. At the outset it is important for the key stakeholders to agree on the merits of a case (although there may be very differing views). However, bargaining power generally fluctuates during the life of a case too

Article by: Lisa Rix and Paul Quain | Published: 24 May 2019


Why does the ‘completer finisher’ mindset apply to soft skills learning?

We all understand the importance of employees having a growth mindset and engaging in lifelong learning. These are essential habits to foster at a cultural level. What’s interesting is that attitudes among employees, particularly for voluntary learning and building on soft skills, has changed

Article by: Alice New | Published: 22 May 2019