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Top tips for keeping up morale

Two principles are particularly useful to communicate. First, managing anxiety takes mental strength and energy, if we don’t actively recharge, we will become depleted. Secondly the state of our morale affects the state of our immune system. (At this point I have to say this doesn’t mean that anyone who becomes ill wasn’t positive)

Article by: Sarah Lewis, C.Psychol., Principal Psychologist - Appreciating Change | Published: 7 May 2020


Why all HR departments should be recruiting data engineers in 2020

Data engineers are indispensable in companies, but data skills are also important across the whole company. Data literacy, the ability to read, analyse and work with data, is more than ever a skill to be developed, to ensure that every employee can get the most out of the data they use.

Article by: Tom Ricks, Senior Director of Culture and Talent Systems and People Analytics, Qlik | Published: 7 May 2020

The eight behaviours to be an inclusive leader in today’s ‘new normal’

Inclusion is about fostering a culture and mindset in an individual enabling them to say, “I belong here”, “I feel valued here”, and “I can be myself here” – because of this they feel they can take part and contribute as their authentic self.

Article by: Sallyann Weston-Scales, Managing Director - Inclusion with Purpose, Talking Talent | Published: 7 May 2020

A guide to termination of employment during furlough

Many employers are currently utilizing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and this will remain available until the end of June 2020 (unless the Government confirms a further extension). Solicitor and Bowcock and Pursaill, Clare Thomas explains employers’ options regarding termination of employment during furlough.

Article by: Clare Thomas, Solicitor - Bowcock & Pursaill | Published: 6 May 2020

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Irradicating the disease of unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is everywhere. It’s the reason why we feel comfortable with people we assume are similar to us and why organisations often hire or promote the same sort of people, leading to a mini-me culture. Even the most freethinking, open-minded people are at its mercy. And it’s the single biggest block to achieving diversity.

Article by: Raj Tulsiani, Leader - Green Park | Published: 6 May 2020

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What to consider when repatriating during COVID-19 pandemic

During this global pandemic, HR personnel responsible for managing employee mobility are faced with the question on whether or not they should repatriate staff who are presently working overseas. Here, Ema Boccagni, Commercial Director EMEA at global mobility experts ECA International, addresses some of the questions asked, and how best to manage the process.

Article by: Ema Boccagni | Published: 5 May 2020

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Will remote working be the new normal post Coronavirus?

What is more difficult to replicate away from the office is company culture. Shared communications tools are vital, particularly in a situation such as this where employees will not have anticipated working from home and may be isolated for a long period.

Article by: Lynsey Whitmarsh, CXO, Hemsley Fraser | Published: 4 May 2020

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Infuse personality throughout automation

The digital revolution has changed the way in which we communicate, with some of that change for the better, and some of it for the worse. What is the role of HR in supporting the ‘people of the cloud’ in this global age of automation?

Article by: Joel Philo, Ph.D., Principal Behavioural Scientist - Infor | Published: 3 May 2020

How to keep focus in remote meetings

Whilst we all agree that meetings are a necessary evil, there are solutions that can be implemented which can help change this stigma. Small changes can go a long way and with the potential to create a more motivated and productive workforce, it really is a no brainer.

Article by: Rosie Carley, Senior Director, Human Resources, International Business Partner - LogMeIn | Published: 3 May 2020