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A guide to disguised remuneration – time to act is now

As HMRC gears up to take action against the more than 40,000 businesses and individuals who have taken part in disguised remuneration schemes in order to avoid their full tax liabilities, guidance is being offered to those now facing huge tax bills as a result

Article by: David Redfern | Published: 16 April 2019

gender pay gap

Gender parity: A driver for manufacturing success 

This is a surprising figure, especially given the increasing prominence of gender equality on the world stage, but it’s why ADM is particularly proud to be among the first 100 companies globally to announce its commitment to Paradigm for Parity®

Article by: Mayka van Acht | Published: 15 April 2019


Is hugging completely off-limits in the workplace?

That means, quite simply, that if a boss or someone in a position of power forces you into a bear-hug that makes you feel uncomfortable or even violated, then you have every right to talk to a legal representative, your HR department, or your union representative.

Article by: Jane Crosby | Published: 14 April 2019


Artificial Intelligence signals the arrival of Big Brother 

The ability to record strokes on a key board, when emails are received, read and responded to gives a minute by minute record of staff behaviour. It can also lead to the assumption that an individual who takes their hands off the keyboard for five minutes isn’t working.

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 13 April 2019


Top Five tips to positive onboarding in the care sector

Statistics by Skills for Care estimate that every year 390,000 people leave their job in social care, which equates to 1,000 per day, leaving approximately 110,000 vacancies at any one time1. Recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce, who have compatible values, can help care home organisations.

Article by: Will Shepherd | Published: 12 April 2019

Is your CV strewn with jargon?

One-third of employees have used business jargon in a meeting without fully understanding the meaning; 81 percent of employers say that a job candidate using a word in the wrong sense is unforgivable; 77 percent of managers would be more likely to hire a candidate who uses a wide and varied vocabulary.

Article by: Andrew Arkley | Published: 11 April 2019


Partnership with finance: the holy grail for HR 

Look at any news site and you can see these issues outlined and debated, in great detail. But what doesn’t make the headlines is the impact of this tumultuous environment on the workforce and how it must adapt. To find out what the biggest people challenges facing organisations in this context are.

Article by: Rupert Morrison | Published: 10 April 2019


The power of the mind

Lucky for you, the brain is made of neural plasticity, which means that you can mould the brain to fire and wire in new sequences. Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. A great example of this is when Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile. Within a short space of time others started to break the record too

Article by: Sara Maude | Published: 9 April 2019