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People leadership in creating digital transformation

However when IT is integral to the operational development of the business, it is essential that any new digital transformation strategy is developed in close collaboration with the relevant departments and people it will impact.

Article by: Tiago Catarino | Published: 13 August 2019


Harness technology to boost diversity

The Parker Review eloquently moved the argument for diversity beyond simply a question of immediate performance and made the moral case, as well as highlighting the broader stakeholder impact as I have outlined in a past article on Why is board diversity important?

Article by: Susie Cummings | Published: 12 August 2019


How can the problem of waste be solved? 

The waste industry has become a high-volume throughput industry, making it an efficient and cheap alternative to a failed high-cost recycling system. However, throwing packaging and products into landfill or the ocean is wasteful and polluting. 

Article by: Aldous Hicks | Published: 10 August 2019


Many companies failing to deliver on customer experiences

“Customers don’t think about a company’s size when they’re interacting with support. They expect to be able to reach out on the channel of their choice, and to get their issues resolved efficiently. This expectation applies to all businesses, both large and small,” said Ted Smith, head of market insights at Zendesk.

Article by: Ted Smith | Published: 8 August 2019

gig economy

Flexible benefits spiking despite OpRA regs obstacle

Aon’s Benefits and Trends Survey 2019 highlights that 45 percent of employers say they already have an online benefits or flex portal, with a further 20 percent saying they plan to introduce one within the next three years. This compares with last year’s 37 percent and 26 percent, respectively.

Article by: Clare Sheridan | Published: 8 August 2019

Women in tech – a personal journey

Being named one of this year’s Times Top 50 Employers for Women was a proud moment for the whole business. This was our first time entering and being included achieves one of the ambitions under the Atos Gender Programme, which was to be included by 2022.

Article by: Nikki Kelly | Published: 7 August 2019

sexual harassment

Investigating harassment complaints

Failing to investigate a complaint can have serious consequences. It not only damages an organisation’s reputation, but it can also have serious legal consequences. So perhaps now is a good time to remind employers of the potential negative legal outcomes,

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 5 August 2019

app generation

Mobile Apps are creating new opportunities within HR technology

How often have you thought that the way performance appraisals are conducted in your office don’t give you enough opportunity to understand where you failed? Have you been regularly received complaints regarding the delays made by the HR department in accomplishing the basic tasks? 

Article by: Nirav Shastri | Published: 3 August 2019


Navigating the legally complex world of workplace AI

The predicted shift people often speak of is how mundane tasks will be automated, leaving humans to use their intuition, creativity and imagination. That may prove simply a phase in the evolution of how, long-term, AI proves better than humans at most workplace tasks.

Article by: Michael Sippitt & Georgia Roberts | Published: 3 August 2019

Philippines – Defining EX at Mynt

Employee experience (EX) is right at the top of the global business agenda in 2019 for the simple reason that it is delivering stunning results for brands worldwide. All business functions are getting their chance to craft and architect exceptional experiences that support people to be at their very best in work and life. When we talk about EX, we’re talking about every experience and interaction an employee has with a business. Everything. This is a broad and strategic approach that is challenging every support function, including HR, to take a stand on what really matters to a brand and ensure the EX reflects that. CONTRIBUTOR Ben Whitter 

Article by: Ben Whitter | Published: 1 August 2019