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The power of the mind

Lucky for you, the brain is made of neural plasticity, which means that you can mould the brain to fire and wire in new sequences. Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. A great example of this is when Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile. Within a short space of time others started to break the record too

Article by: Sara Maude | Published: 9 April 2019


Employment law: A guide to ten legal changes in the workplace

This year is set to be a busy year for HR and employment law. From post-Brexit immigration rule changes and gender pay gap reporting, to age discrimination at work, employers are faced with amended employment laws and new deadlines for their organisation to meet

Article by: Hayley Marles | Published: 8 April 2019

Half of all CVs contain lies – can your recruiters spot them?

Research from The University of Law has explored attitudes to exaggerating on CVs to secure a role, revealing that over half of working Brits (51 percent) have felt the pressure to lie, but only one-in-ten (10 percent) have done so and gone on to land the job.

Article by: John Watkins | Published: 7 April 2019


Reward: A guide to the new rules

A new deal for the future of work is a body of research that explores how, against a backdrop of seismic digital and human change, 70 leading organisations from a cross- section of industries are exploring alternatives to the traditional “give and get” style of reward in favour of agile business and work-centric approaches.

Article by: Anthony McNulty | Published: 7 April 2019


Top tips to tackle workplace stress

With Stress Awareness Month placing stress in the spotlight, here is a guide to identifying and tackling the biggest causes of stress in the workplace and outlines the measures both employees and organisations can introduce to ease the strain and support their wellbeing

Article by: Jeanette Wheeler | Published: 5 April 2019


Guide to compassionate leadership to combat mental health

Some £42billion is lost in productivity in the UK each year due to mental health issues. This is not just though absenteeism, it is also through presenteeism - where you can be at work, at your desk but be totally unproductive if your mind is not fit and healthy.

Article by: Chris Parnham | Published: 4 April 2019

Top tips on how to spot confident job candidates

A campaign by Grosvenor Casinos titled Game Face has uncovered the tell‐tale signs to watch out for when working out if someone is displaying a lack of confidence. As part of the campaign, Grosvenor Casinos wanted to reveal what micro‐expressions people use to lie and display confidence when playing games such as poker.

Article by: Robert Phipps | Published: 3 April 2019


Top tips to avoid early death from desk-bound work

In fact, according to research published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, around a third of British adults spend more than six hours sitting down each day! Our experts are on hand to offer their tips for healthy habits you can adopt for those long days at work. 

Article by: Lily Soutter | Published: 2 April 2019


Workplace dress codes the dos and don’ts

Whether it’s requesting women wear heels, inhibiting employees from wearing clothing that demonstrates their faith, or requesting tattoos be covered up, if an employer knowingly discriminates against a group of employees this can lead to further action.

Article by: Paul Kelly | Published: 31 March 2019

How to improve home workers’ health and wellbeing

Employers with remote workers should consider. If the wellbeing strategy fits the evolving needs of employees. If all services be accessed by employees when working remotely: If specific benefits should be offered for employees who regularly work from home

Article by: Brian Hall | Published: 29 March 2019