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Rethinking rewards for the workplace of the future

As well as working for longer, employment styles are also changing. There will still be a place for full-time employees, but more and more will choose more flexible ways of working, with many opting for short or long-term contracts and self-employment. 

Article by: Hazel Rees | Published: 3 May 2019

What’s next for the gig economy?

As well as these types of strategic concerns, HR teams need to keep up to date with practical matters such as National Minimum Wage rises announced in the last budget.  This takes effect from April and, at the same time, minimum contribution for auto-enrolment pension schemes are also increasing.

Article by: Emma Shipp | Published: 2 May 2019


When Employee-led Learning Doesn’t Work

One aspect of these digital learning experience platforms, is in the ability for employees to upload their own video content, allowing learning to be shared across an organisation. This trend towards user-generated learning means it costs organisations nothing to create content.

Article by: Amrit Sandhar | Published: 30 April 2019


The mind-boggling scope of HMRC’s new systems

“Connect completely changes the dynamic of how HMRC commits investigative resource to risk and enables thematic and risk-based enquiries across the taxpaying population.  Taxpayers need to be aware that it will be used increasingly.

Article by: Jessica McLellan | Published: 29 April 2019


Guide to AI adoption in the workplace

The influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being felt in workplaces all over the UK, impacting everything from customer experiences and product development to the way organisations operate at nearly every stage of the supply chain.

Article by: Clare Barclay | Published: 28 April 2019


Guide to new regulations on deductible and non-deductible business expenses

A fundamental rule of business is that profit equals income minus business expenditure and because businesses are only taxed on their profits, ensuring that all allowable expenses are accounted for makes good business sense. But which expenses are allowable by HMRC and which must be shouldered by the business? 

Article by: David Redfern | Published: 28 April 2019


Seven tips to enable sales team success

Rewards don’t always have to be monetary. Show your sales team that you know them and care about them with personalised rewards like tickets to a show or game they want to see, or give them time off to spend with family. Introduce a competitive edge to these dynamic goals and get creative with the pay-off.

Article by: Charlotte Powell | Published: 27 April 2019


Thinking without the box instead of inside the box 

Becoming a great leader is a skill that most individuals find difficult to master. Whether you’re running a team big or small, or have many years’ of experience in this field, a key component of being a leader is knowing how to inspire your team to be creative and innovative.

Article by: Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi | Published: 26 April 2019

Boosting productivity by addressing workers’ financial pitfalls

This startling reliance on costly borrowing could be happening for a number of reasons. We live in a consumer culture that increasingly creates more inventive ways to encourage us to spend, such as targeted ads tracking our online activity and appearing in our social media feeds.

Article by: James Herbert | Published: 26 April 2019