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Why it’s more important for staff to review their own performance

But in addition, most people don’t actually stop and reflect on what they have achieved over the period of time between reviews. We simply rush from one thing to the next, reacting to the tornado of emails and meetings that come our way every day.

Article by: Dr Amantha Imber | Published: 24 August 2019

employee ownership

Resolving not to solve other people’s workplace conflicts

There’s a well-known Chinese proverb that teaches: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” At the heart of this are two principles, both of which chime with the wisdom of our times.

Article by: Tania Coke | Published: 21 August 2019


How the IT sector is capitalising on outsourcing

Reducing costs is possible in several ways: lower software development rates, less costly software, hardware, network, and meatware that altogether constitute IT infrastructure and a more favorable tax system in the country where outsourcing partner is located.  

Article by: Dmitry Reshetchenko | Published: 20 August 2019

How to create employee experience to engage remote workers

Whether you are managing an entirely remote team or you are supervising both remote and in-house employees, you are probably worried about the challenge of engagement and ensuring your remote employees feel part of the team.

Article by: Carolyn Nevitte | Published: 19 August 2019


How to Be a Proactive Recruiter

There is a war for talent happening right now, with 45 percent of employers struggling to fill roles. The low unemployment rate and increase in millennials in the workforce demands a change in recruiting tactics. The talent market is tight, recruiters are expensive and job seekers are choosier than ever.

Article by: Darren Bounds | Published: 18 August 2019


How HR can better communicate a message through these four lenses

The problem is that our preference won’t always resonate with everyone in the room. If you prefer to focus on detailed analysis, you may disengage the people in the room who want to hear context. If you love telling stories, you may end up losing people who are interested only in the facts

Article by: Shane Michael | Published: 17 August 2019


Cloud gives a soft landing to stress 

A recent study found that the main cause for stress within the teaching environment is down to unrealistic workloads being placed on school staff, which is hugely down to the current staff shortages and diminishing budgets. 

Article by: Jane Gibson | Published: 16 August 2019

Employer Brand is not an HR issue

The problem is the word ‘brand’. If, in the words of Disney’s Michael Eisner, a brand is “a culmination of a thousand gestures, big and small”, then you have an employer brand, no matter what. But, when it comes to employees, marketing teams don’t see this as brand, they see it as a matter of ‘people’.

Article by: Cliff Ettridge | Published: 15 August 2019

People leadership in creating digital transformation

However when IT is integral to the operational development of the business, it is essential that any new digital transformation strategy is developed in close collaboration with the relevant departments and people it will impact.

Article by: Tiago Catarino | Published: 13 August 2019


Harness technology to boost diversity

The Parker Review eloquently moved the argument for diversity beyond simply a question of immediate performance and made the moral case, as well as highlighting the broader stakeholder impact as I have outlined in a past article on Why is board diversity important?

Article by: Susie Cummings | Published: 12 August 2019