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How to Protect Your Team From COVID-19 Throughout The Second Wave

Dr Anshu Bhagat, GPDQ’s Chief Medical Officer, provides answers to some of the most common questions from employers, with the nation in the midst of a COVID-19 testing crisis.

Article by: Dr Anshu Bhagat, Chief Medical Officer - GPDQ | Published: 29 September 2020

woman and man sitting in front of monitor

Employer DNA: the power of people analytics

No two people in the world are alike. DNA is the very material that defines our uniqueness – the very substance that carries the information we need to survive and to thrive. This isn’t because we are all made of different molecules, but because of the way the molecules in DNA are arranged.

Article by: David Collington, Head of Benefits Consultancy, Employer Consulting - Barnett Waddingham | Published: 29 September 2020

Top guide on how to gain maximum productivity at home

Working at home and struggling to maintain productivity? Workthere, has shared 10 tips on how you can create an office space that leads to maximum productivity.

Article by: Cal Lee, Global Head - Workthere | Published: 28 September 2020

Remote working isn’t the answer… but neither is working in the office

COVID-19 has fuelled the ongoing debate around office working versus remote working. With so much at play, it doesn’t feel like this debate is going to be settled any time soon, or even if there is a correct answer.

Article by: Ben Bushby, People Manager - Organic | Published: 28 September 2020

Managers need to speak confidently to staff about mental health

Vicki Cockman, Workplace Lead at Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, discusses the importance of managers feeling empowered to start conversations with employees about mental health and wellbeing.

Article by: Vicki Cockman, Workplace Lead - Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England | Published: 28 September 2020

How to engage with health and wellbeing

There really is no better time for leadership teams to champion and instigate a stronger engagement mindset initiative and truly drive the work culture forward. It’s time to re-affirm business culture and drive employee engagement longer term

Article by: Julie Cameron, Managing Director - DRIVE Engagement | Published: 26 September 2020

Legal guidance: what if employees refuse to socially distance at work?

With the global pandemic still playing a significant role in people’s lives, unfortunately some individuals are getting complacent when it comes to social distancing and mask-wearing. This means, that even if you’ve set out a perfect plan to make your workplace COVID-secure, it may not matter.

Article by: Andrew Willis, Head of Legal at Croner | Published: 26 September 2020

Building culture and talent in a remote environment

This year’s Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, that takes in the views of over 4,200 IT leaders across the world, finds that 86% of IT leaders moved a significant part of their workforce to remote working, and over four in ten expect more than half of their employees to work from home at least some of the time after the pandemic.

Article by: Chris Seel, Director - Harvey Nash Group | Published: 22 September 2020

How technology can protect businesses as offices reopen

It is easy to make assumptions that employees are following guidance, and doing what they need to do to limit the spread of infection, but it is still advisable to managers to ensure they have done everything in their power to limit the spread of infection in their workplace.

Article by: Matt Rushall, Managing Director - Videcon | Published: 21 September 2020

How HR professionals can improve quality of life in the final quarter of the year

Alongside everything you have to do in your organisation supporting staff it is important to look after yourself. Covid-19 has created huge problems but it has also brought some stillness and reflection into many of our lives. That stillness seems to have created a real desire for change. So what can you do?

Article by: Sid Madge, author - the Meee in a minute’ series of books | Published: 21 September 2020