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Seven tips to enable sales team success

Rewards don’t always have to be monetary. Show your sales team that you know them and care about them with personalised rewards like tickets to a show or game they want to see, or give them time off to spend with family. Introduce a competitive edge to these dynamic goals and get creative with the pay-off.

Article by: Charlotte Powell | Published: 27 April 2019


Thinking without the box instead of inside the box 

Becoming a great leader is a skill that most individuals find difficult to master. Whether you’re running a team big or small, or have many years’ of experience in this field, a key component of being a leader is knowing how to inspire your team to be creative and innovative.

Article by: Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi | Published: 26 April 2019

Boosting productivity by addressing workers’ financial pitfalls

This startling reliance on costly borrowing could be happening for a number of reasons. We live in a consumer culture that increasingly creates more inventive ways to encourage us to spend, such as targeted ads tracking our online activity and appearing in our social media feeds.

Article by: James Herbert | Published: 26 April 2019


Top guide to upcoming Employment law changes

Employment law can be fast moving and in these days of political and economic uncertainty it is more important than ever for HR teams to provide practical advice to business.  A medium to long term strategic HR plan needs to look beyond Brexit and consider what opportunities and challenges might be presented.

Article by: Emma Shipp | Published: 25 April 2019

Five common misconceptions about Cancer at work

In the UK, there are currently 900,000 people of working age living with cancer, and the impressive increase in survival rates (in the UK cancer survival for 10 or more years has doubled from 24% to 50%)  means that it’s becoming more likely that employers will have staff members facing a cancer diagnosis.

Article by: Barbara Wilson | Published: 25 April 2019


Addiction: Assessing corporate risk, developing a coherent policy

The use or abuse of alcohol and/or drugs may not be perceived as a significant risk factor in some organisations but it should always be considered good governance in any company to undertake a Risk Assessment to identify any such potential organisational vulnerability

Article by: Dr Michael McCann | Published: 24 April 2019


Softly softly workforce
Print – Issue 174 | Article of the Week

The Digital Revolution of the 20th century was, without question, disruptive and those at the forefront left those trailing, in the dirt. It was slower, predictable by comparison to the disruptive technology of today, and the same reluctance is being demonstrated, as we inevitably move into the next transformational shift.

Article by: Jeremy Auger | Published: 24 April 2019

The burning recruitment questions that just don’t go away

But as recruiters, regardless of this, there still remain many challenges, including: How does one filter through and reach out the right candidates and what should we prioritise in our hires? How do we strike the right balance between finding candidates that are a good culture fit, yet also ensuring targets are hit?

Article by: Damir Latte | Published: 23 April 2019


Future of Risk: The importance of employee wellbeing

Drum Cussac is a global security consultancy responsible for ensuring the safety of more than 15 million people. Our intelligence and analysis services (IAS) offer 24/7 expertise via in-house professional intelligence operators and analysts, cutting edge technology and a comprehensive global network.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 23 April 2019


Why trust is more important than wellbeing 

Consisting of activities ranging from health screenings and exercise classes, to mindfulness advice and educational sessions, these programmes promise to improve both the physical and mental health of employees. And they’re big business;

Article by: Zoe Humphries | Published: 22 April 2019