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Guide to conducting remote performance reviews effectively

As many staff members continue to work from home, this article provides advice for HR professionals on how to effectively conduct remote performance reviews

Article by: Liza Haskell, Interim VP of People and Culture - Tide | Published: 7 June 2020

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A guide to the future of remote global teams

Worldwide, businesses of all shapes and sizes are facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of the pandemic. One of those is the transition to remote workforces. But as companies get through the initial pains of this shift, many are beginning to realise the real advantages to remote, global teams.

Article by: Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder - Globalization Partners | Published: 6 June 2020

Can big data fill the employee lockdown fear void?

As Americans return to the workplace, many employees are worried about potential COVID-19 exposure – in fact, according to a recent study, more than 54% of US employees reported feeling this way. Building IoT technology is a key solution to ease employees fears and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Article by: Mark Milligan, SVP of Marketing | Published: 5 June 2020

Adaptability: the game-changing mindset

To survive and grow in an increasingly dynamic world, we all need to become experts in adaptability as well as whatever we were hired to be experts in. That challenge is facilitated by approaching adaptability not as part of a change process, but as a form of intelligence.

Article by: Rich Alderton - High Performance Change | Published: 5 June 2020

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Top tips to make the best of lockdown holidays

Taking time off work during lockdown, particularly in place of a cancelled holiday, can feel like adding insult to injury. But having time off work is crucial to maintaining good mental and physical wellbeing, and that includes holidays taken during lockdown.

Article by: Brett Hill, Distribution Director - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 3 June 2020

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Winning in a post-Covid World

Our plain and simple view of leadership is that it involves just three parts; Future – Engage – Deliver (FED). We want to help you actively carry out some outstanding work in the Future space in a way that helps you Engage deeply and set yourselves up to Deliver.

Article by: Steve Radcliffe - Steve Radcliffe Associates | Published: 2 June 2020

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Top tips for making learning pay during lockdown

Employees are happier, more productive and engaged when given opportunities to better themselves and while away from the office environment, technology can act as a crucial gateway to this experience.

Article by: Sean Farrington, SVP EMEA - Pluralsight | Published: 2 June 2020

Five ways to future-proof your organisation post-pandemic

Paydata has recently conducted many of its Spring HR workshops, gathering HR professionals in online sessions to discuss the challenges they are facing in different sectors. It has been fascinating to hear the shared hurdles they are facing and their different approaches. Paydata outlines the five key lessons emerging from the pandemic.

Article by: Tim Kellett, Director - Paydata | Published: 1 June 2020

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What to know about personality type and social distancing as employees return

Although most people now seem to be obeying the rules, it’s clear that some seem to find social distancing easier than others. The ways that we react to this crisis, and the strategies we find effective, are likely to relate to our personality.

Article by: John Hackston, Head of Thought Leadership - The Myers-Briggs Company | Published: 31 May 2020

Top tips for building a healthy digital culture

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May), Alex La Via from Live More Offline shares insights on how digital culture can impact workplace wellbeing.

Article by: Alex La Via - Live More Offline | Published: 30 May 2020