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Five Tips to Staying Productive at Work

Whether you’re preparing to enter into a busy quarter, catching up on work, or maybe just making the most of your day, we can all certainly work on becoming more productive. Especially now in the digital era where distractions are abundant. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Article by: Alex Leaf | Published: 21 November 2018


Tips to hire employees who will stick and not sail

Are you looking to hire talent for a long journey? Well, Recruiting has never been an easy task and ever since the growth of Job hoppers have taken a new leap, it has become challenging to search for employees that will stick with your organisation for long.

Article by: Jasika Adams | Published: 20 November 2018


Beating The Demon Of Insomnia

Insomnia is a serious medical condition with a variety of causes and an even wider array of possible treatments. In every case, the sense of desperation associated with insomnia only worsens the condition, as sleep deprivation creates a frustrating spiral of symptoms and associated issues.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 20 November 2018


Deep disparities of views on workplace equality

Seventy-five percent of females in the workplace consider gender pay equality to be a major workplace concern compared to just 53 percent of men. Equal pay for equal jobs is a major issue that impacts both men and women and the economy as a whole.

Article by: Unknown | Published: 19 November 2018


Supporting overseas employees

Globalisation continues to offer businesses exciting opportunities to expand beyond their current remit, and this creates new job opportunities for individuals. Working overseas can be a life-enhancing experience, but it’s not always positive if suitable due diligence hasn’t been conducted beforehand. 

Article by: Sarah Dennis | Published: 19 November 2018


HR must be technology ambassadors

Some love it and some fear it, but regardless, increasing technology is not just an inevitability, but an exciting development within the HR profession. As experts in people management and change, it is imperative that HR professionals put aside reservations about increasing technology in the sector.

Article by: Andrew Spence | Published: 18 November 2018


What Makes a Great Place to Work in 2019?

Where once a great place to work was defined by a good salary, prospect for career progression and the prestige that was attached to working for a high profile brand or in a state of the art office, today employees are no longer prepared to stick around if the work itself isn’t fulfilling and meets their lifestyle needs on a day to day basis.

Article by: Asimina Stamatiou | Published: 18 November 2018


UK office workers suffering from vocation frustration

A new report from Staples has discovered that office workers in UK are suffering from Vocation Frustration. 97 percent feel frustrated in their work environments, with many feeling the need to escape office life as a result. For those who can’t get out of the rat run, one-in-five (22 percent) end up browsing LinkedIn job ads for something better when they’re frustrated.

Article by: Robert Baldrey | Published: 17 November 2018


Generation Z: Rules of engagement

We’ve now moved on from millennials and are shifting along the line to welcome a whole new generation. Generation Z, those born after 1996, has now officially graduated. The only generation to be brought up with a backdrop of social media and a landscape of high technology, this generation is a lot more savvy and grounded than those who have passed before.

Article by: Cyril Parsons | Published: 17 November 2018


Fixing the learning dilemma

In developed countries learning and earning has generally followed a simple rule: get all the education you can, as early as you can, and reap the rewards for the rest of your career. For years, having a good degree from a respected university was the best indicator of professional success - there were exceptions like Richard Branson, but statistically very few.

Article by: Ben Chatfield | Published: 16 November 2018