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Unlocking employee engagement 

Employee engagement is an item high on every HR and business leader’s agenda, with most companies currently trying to do everything they can to retain employees, reduce turnover and drive productivity. From pulse surveys and skills-building to reward and recognition schemes and real-time coaching.

Article by: Kiran Reddy Pasham | Published: 9 November 2019


Five Things to Nail When Managing Millennials

Today’s 20 and 30-somethings are a somewhat perplexing breed of employees. It didn’t surprise us that 32 percent of the HR professionals we surveyed said millennials are the hardest group of employees to engage - considerably more so than their Gen X and baby boomer counterparts. 

Article by: Unknown | Published: 9 November 2019

HR Management in times of Brexit

The Brexit campaign of 2016 proclaimed that quitting the European Union would reinforce both the United Kingdom economy and its global relevance. It portrayed the EU as a sort of a giant parasite that consumed enormous national resources that could otherwise be spent directly on British interests - the most notorious, and now debunked example being the British National Health Service. Proponents of the Brexit denounced that the Brussels’ arcane bureaucracy was a major drain on British resources and an impediment to putting the Great back into Britain. Contributor Azevedo Guiherm, Assistant Professor - Audencia Business School.

Article by: Guilherme Azevedo | Published: 8 November 2019


How to help employees to both feel well and perform well     

When we think about wellbeing, it’s easy to over simplify (and many organisations have), into  physical health and mental health and it’s easy for people to switch off to this. “You mean what I eat, how much exercise I do and if I tend to worry or suffer from anxiety.

Article by: Chris Preston | Published: 6 November 2019


How to become an ‘alchemist’ in the face of technological disruption

Our leadership team had hit a wall. We couldn’t see any other ways to cut costs or increase revenue, and so we did something that has forever changed how I think about the nature of organisations, and the power of community. We asked our people what we should do.

Article by: Andy Lothian | Published: 5 November 2019


Corporate mindfulness is nothing more than a ‘quick fix’ for stress

According to the research, corporate, or organisational, mindfulness - lauded in the media as a company’s ability to become aware of threats and respond accordingly - doesn’t actually help employees resolve issues they may come across at work.

Article by: Roger Gill | Published: 3 November 2019

Three leadership lessons from the Rugby World Cup

Trust is crucial, not only from the perspective of creating a relationship with your employees but from a shareholder and customer perspective too. In rugby, a strong level of trust between coach and team is a trait in any winning team. 

Article by: Gautam Sahgal | Published: 1 November 2019

Employers Must Do More to Champion Shared Parental Leave

It has been heartening to see multinational companies such as Diageo and O2 in the news recently announcing changes to their paid paternity leave policies. Attitudes towards shared childcare and fathers being primary caregivers in the early months are shifting but I feel there is still much to be done.

Article by: Kat Knocker | Published: 31 October 2019

Effectively managing the “meltdowns” and identifying the “slowburns”

Human resource executives manage sensitive situations on a daily basis but one of the more challenging is responding to a senior-level employee – including their own superiors - who may be suffering from alcoholism, depression, or other mental health problems.

Article by: Samuel A. Ball | Published: 30 October 2019

Top tips on how to run brilliant meetings

Meetings are a coming together of minds. An opportunity to exchange ideas, listen, develop thoughts and formulate action plans. With the right planning, management and follow up, meetings could become one of your most productive activities, as opposed to an obstacle to productivity. 

Article by: Owen Cook | Published: 29 October 2019