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Three Communication basics that Build Confidence

Communication is ingrained in every facet of life, yet many struggle with fear, insecurity and general ineffectiveness when they find themselves eye to eye with someone to present ideas, address complicated situations, express feelings, negotiate or just “sell them self” - all whether in a personal or professional context.

Article by: Merilee Kern | Published: 30 September 2018


Social and environmental issues will drive future governance 

Broad social issues, such as demographic and technological change, as well as environmental sustainability will have a greater influence on the future course of governance according to a new report into millennial perspectives on the future of governance, launched last night by ICSA: The Governance Institute.

Article by: Liz Bradley | Published: 29 September 2018


Women are key to STEM skills

To ensure the international competitiveness of engineering in the UK, and to meet the government’s ambitions as set out in the Industrial Strategy, more girls and young women need to study engineering-related subjects. In the seven years since setting targets, the proportion of female engineering and technology undergraduates hasn’t changed.

Article by: Joe Marshall | Published: 29 September 2018


Women in the boardroom held back by gender jaundice

New research by Thomas International, the people assessment specialists, shows that the emotional intelligence and personality traits of female and male leaders are the same, but they are perceived differently. Despite the stereotypes, female leaders are no more empathetic than male leaders, and male leaders are no more assertive and composed than female leaders.

Article by: Jayson Darby | Published: 28 September 2018


Can Cryptocurrencies ever be tamed?

In September, the UK Parliament’s Treasury Select Committee published a unanimously-agreed report on crypto-assets for its Digital Currencies inquiry. The report concluded that “the UK Government and financial services regulators appear to be deciding whether they will allow the current ‘wild west’ situation to continue, or whether they are going to introduce regulation.

Article by: Michael Mainelli | Published: 28 September 2018


How to successfully succeed at succession planning
Print – Issue 167 | Article of the Week

Things worth doing well are rarely easy, and succession planning is no exception. Today more than ever, the pressure to make the most of internal talent, combined with a seemingly insatiable appetite for transparency are just the top of a long list of reasons why finding a more effective approach to succession planning is moving rapidly up the agenda.

Article by: Phil Sproston | Published: 27 September 2018


Shadow Chancellor proposes employee ownership

John McDonnell’s proposed to compel large companies to move towards 10 percent employee ownership, but CBI says it will reduce productivity. It is surprising that the CBI's immediate reaction to Labour’s employee ownership plan is that it is a “diktat” or an imposition and will reduce productivity not increase it.

Article by: Chris Blundell | Published: 27 September 2018


Top 10 tips for employees to cut costs and boost savings

According to research by WEALTH at work, 80 percent of employers believe their employees are not saving enough for retirement. This is usually due to affordability or lack of understanding but what many employees don’t realise is the huge difference small changes to their spending habits could make to their savings levels overall.

Article by: | Published: 26 September 2018


The apprenticeship levy: a lesson in creativity, engagement and giving back

Improved productivity and record investment in skills training: these are the key promises of the new apprenticeship levy, launched in April last year. The new levy system was designed to make it easier for companies to take on apprentices and saw the UK government set itself an admirable goal of hitting a target of three million new apprenticeships by 2020.

Article by: Hamish Munro | Published: 25 September 2018