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Can managers survive the pace of change?

With reports of slumping productivity and shockingly low engagement levels across the globe, it appears that unprecedented change has left organisations struggling to compete in the modern world. Here we explore what organisations can do to help their Managers keep pace with change.

Article by: Laura Ashley-Timms | Published: 31 July 2018


Demystifying family leave entitlements for same-sex couples

This article sets out to demystify leave entitlements for same-sex couples so that employers are in the best position to support LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) parents or prospective parents. There are no specific rights which apply to same-sex couples, although employers must always be careful not to treat individuals differently as a result of their sexual orientation.

Article by: Hollie Ryan | Published: 30 July 2018


Bringing HR and AI together

Human resources is a fundamentally people-driven function – it’s right there in the name, after all. It’s therefore understandable to think of artificial intelligence (AI) as a consideration for other departments. And yet, as understandable as this mindset may be, it’s becoming clear that AI has a place in the future of HR.

Article by: Dany Rastelli | Published: 30 July 2018


What employees’ rights are when a business decides to restructure

With the news that Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and House of Fraser are to close stores across the UK amid falls in profit, it has raised questions around what employees’ rights are when a business decides to restructure. House of Fraser, the most recent established UK retailer to feel the squeeze on the High Street, announced it is to close more than half of its UK stores.

Article by: Kirsten Cluer | Published: 29 July 2018


Are you ready for the digital future?

Yesterday’s way of working is no longer an option in today’s fast-paced, technology-fuelled business environment. In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, the demands on employees are changing. Is your organisation ready to cope with the digital future? New competencies are needed if your organisation is to survive and thrive in the digital age.

Article by: Lena Justenhoven | Published: 28 July 2018


Life’s ups and downs

Did you know more than 7 billion elevator journeys take place every day? However, according to a recent survey by thyssenkrupp Elevator and YouGov, there is not much conversation taking place in them as more than two-thirds (66 percent) of people won’t speak a word during their journey.

Article by: Luis Ramos | Published: 27 July 2018

sexual harassment

Continued failures on sexual harassment in the workplace

The Government, regulators and employers are failing in their responsibilities to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace, says the Women and Equalities Committee in a major report published today, following a wide-ranging six-month inquiry.

Article by: Maria Miller | Published: 27 July 2018


Working in the bank branch of the future

Despite regular news about closures, the death of the bank branch is rather exaggerated. Even with cuts, major high street banks expect to retain nationwide branch networks, and many are investing in new branches. Challenger banks like Metro Bank are even opening more branches.

Article by: Mark Aldred | Published: 26 July 2018

Southern Asia – CVs in the Paper Shredder

The monotonous tones of a hyperactive paper shredder pierce the chatter-laden office environment, while I lay motionless for my turn to be turned into confetti. The sound of my heartbeat is deafening as the anticipation of being touched by apathetic hands of an overworked HR Assistant increases with each passing moment. Contributor Murad Salman Mirza.

Article by: Murad Salman Mirza | Published: 25 July 2018


Nine types of people that ruin meetings

“Meetings can be useful, but we’ve all been in a meeting that’s been ruined by some bad habits. Whether it’s cutting people off mid-sentence, people twiddling their thumbs with their eyes on the clock or slurping down a late lunch, these habits — if left unchecked - can turn a good meeting into a bad one.”

Article by: Steve Thompson | Published: 25 July 2018