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Merging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technology

 One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is customer acquisition and retention. The key to both acquiring new customers and retaining current customers is possessing the critical data that can help you, one, communicate effectively with the highest qualified contact possible and, two, further identify the needs of your current customers to foster long-term loyalty.

Article by: Adam Mittelberg | Published: 12 May 2018


Motivating Employees with Top Retail Trends

Every day more and more people tell Alexa to turn on the TV, play their favorite music or read them the news. It all seems so simple. Don’t you just wish it was that easy for Alexa to motivate your employees on your command? Maybe it is… Contributor Kate Devlin.

Article by: Kate Devlin | Published: 12 May 2018


Data with destiny
Print – Issue 163 | Article of the Week

Ground-breaking legislation or much ado about nothing? With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organisations don’t have the luxury to operate a ‘wait and see’ approach, there is no grace period after the implementation date (25 May). Is revolution in the air? No, but significant changes are coming down the track.

Article by: Donald MacKinnon | Published: 11 May 2018


AI – what is HR’s mission statement?

HR departments say they want to build the next generation of amazing companies around artificial intelligence (AI), but they have been relatively slow in adopting new technology to power people operations. Already this year, AI is reshaping businesses and HR needs to be in the driving seat.

Article by: Simon Robinson | Published: 11 May 2018


The creeping impact of stress at work

April was National Stress Awareness month and gave us all a helpful prompt to talk about a year-round issue that has such a negative impact on business and the individuals and families it affects. According to the Office for National Statistics, which carries out a labour force survey on this each year, some 12.5 million working days were lost to work related stress.

Article by: Chris Phillips | Published: 10 May 2018

Trends shaping the future of the workplace

A new report, reveals fresh insights into global workforce leaders and decision makers. Sodexo, 2018 Global Workplace Trends highlights the most critical factors affecting the future of work and demonstrates how an improved workplace experience is key to increasing companies’ performance and leads ultimately to better employee engagement.

Article by: Sylvia Metayer | Published: 9 May 2018

healthcare benefits

The expanding landscape of healthcare benefits

It is a truth widely acknowledged that the UK citizens have access to a comprehensive and clinically outstanding public health service, the NHS. As a result, British businesses, unlike those in the US, are often less likely to consider healthcare benefits as a fundamental tool for employee retention and recruitment.

Article by: Kenny Livingstone | Published: 9 May 2018


Can Leadership be Beautiful and Profitable?

Beauty, not in the sense of style, but in delivering truth, meaning and purpose. Stories that aim to fill the soul and inspire the mind to make change for better business and a more human world. I hope they will help us all understand how and why beautiful businesses endure.

Article by: Alan Moore | Published: 8 May 2018


Guide to Launching an Internship Programme

Is your organisation thinking about starting an internship program? If so, there are plenty of ways the experience can be beneficial for everyone involved. For one, an internship program can help your team accomplish more immediate projects. It can also be one of your strongest recruiting tactics and a great way to give back to the next generation rising up in your industry.

Article by: David Lloyd | Published: 8 May 2018


Employer support for LGBT+ talent is falling short

Most LGBT+ employees surveyed say being out has had a positive impact on their career. Only 29 percent of employers have programmes focused on the retention of LGBT+ talent. Even fewer (12 percent) LGBT+ employees are aware such programmes exist within their organisation.

Article by: Jon Terry | Published: 7 May 2018