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Regulators and the culture conundrum

In my view, the law provides inadequate protection to employees, particularly those in regulated sectors, to incentivise them to raise concerns regarding a poor working culture. 

Article by: Fudia Smartt, employment partner, Spencer West | Published: 9 September 2022

Can improving employee benefits help your business?

The Great Resignation has highlighted this problem. Even now, more than two years after the pandemic started, 44% of workers are seeking a new job. So if you don’t have the right benefits in place, your staff could be less secure than you think.

Article by: Nick Gold, MD - Speakers Corner | Published: 9 September 2022


When drinking culture becomes work culture

Just a bit of fun, a chance to let of a bit of steam. Until one participant was found by the police comatose on the street with a serious head wound.

Article by: Blair Mcpherson | Published: 8 September 2022

Creating a culture that people want to work for

Chris Ciulla, President of U.S Operations and Cross Border Services, shares tips on how to build a strong company culture that will help your colleagues and organization win. 

Article by: Chris Ciulla & Erica DiNapoli - Comrise | Published: 8 September 2022


Organisational culture is real, powerful and in no way optional, as it is ubiquitous and, a fundamental part of what makes us human. It defines and binds, it shapes our institutions and will largely determine our futures. It influences the behaviour of everyone within a group, no matter how large or small. Its power lies in the fact that people unconsciously behave very differently when part of a group than they normally would as individuals.

Article by: ANDREW COCKS, DIRECTOR - CONFLUX LTD | Published: 7 September 2022

How consultancies can thrive under IR35

HS2 is the latest public sector organisation to have fallen foul of the Off-payroll legislation as it faces a £9.5m tax bill for getting its IR35 assessments wrong. HS2's accounts for the last year have revealed that the government body did not carry out employment status determinations on several contractors because a third-party provider supplied them. The case highlights why it is so crucial for end-hirers to conduct their due diligence when they have a consultancy in their supply chain and why the original IR35 legislation and its new version require careful navigation to avoid later perils.

Article by: Dave Chaplin, CEO - IR35 Shield | Published: 7 September 2022

Number of unpaid carers almost doubles over past 10 Years

The number of unpaid carers across the UK providing care for older, disabled or seriously ill relatives has almost doubled over the last 10 years. As an unpaid carer, you’re more likely to experience stress, burnout, and depression. Here’s how to HR leaders and businesses can support a caregiver In the workplace.

Article by: Ronan Harvey-Kelly - Lottie’s Seniorcare | Published: 6 September 2022

Nurturing talent for the long haul

Organisations must prioritise employee retention and satisfaction by ensuring existing staff enjoy the best experience possible. This involves tailoring learning to meet the needs of everyone, no matter their age or experience. Considering a people-centric strategy that drives effective learning experiences is crucial, contributing to building workplace initiatives that are effective for everyone.

Article by: Christian Foerg, General Manager - Access Learning | Published: 6 September 2022

Signs your digital employee experience failing

Any digital employee-focused strategy should be led by HR in partnership with IT, as HR understands what a great employee experience looks like, and best understands the increasing expectations of flexible workers.

Article by: John Nicklin, MD - Sorce | Published: 5 September 2022

Six payroll mistakes to avoid

Here Simon Bradbury - Global Payroll Consultant and CEO at Global HRIS shares the biggest global payroll mistakes to avoid, after online searches on Google reach an all-time high. From not prioritising change management to poor leadership, he shares the most important payroll lessons for every HR, payroll leader and business owner to recognise.

Article by: Simon Bradbury - Global HRIS | Published: 4 September 2022