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INTERNATIONAL – The Rise of The Digital Nomad

Labour shortages in financial and business services are to be most severe, according to the study, with innovative technology fields also hit – global tech giant Microsoft announced earlier this year that a global skills shortage is affecting the fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) field. It’s not news that the desire for greater workplace flexibility is on the rise. Working from home used to be a real coup for employees who would relish the thought of logging into the work system in their pyjamas and breaking off for a cup of tea whenever they liked.

Article by: Article contributed by Ius Laboris | Published: 6 December 2018


How to encourage and support innovation

Brilliant ideas can only be cultivated within an environment that creates the conditions for creativity and innovation. A professor in my undergraduate program used to say that a sound idea had its own form of energy. It would attract attention, capture resources and create momentum.

Article by: Tracy Brower | Published: 6 December 2018


A fiscal Wonga
Print – Issue 169 | Article of the Week

In a light-to-no-touch corporate self-governance environment, few can fail to be appalled by the toxic statistic that FTSE CEOs earn 386 times the national wage. Drowned out by raucous and unabashed choruses of ‘I’m alright Jack’, these extortionate salaries are now public domain.

Article by: Gerry Brown | Published: 5 December 2018


Ten Tips For Christmas Networking

In the face of social media saturation, face-to-face is still the best way to start a sustainable business relationship. In fact any type of relationship that is not a bit weird. In the maelstrom that is festive networking, here are ten tips that are not necking three vodkas and Red Bull before engaging with another human you don’t yet know but might want to.

Article by: Russell Wardrop | Published: 4 December 2018


Concern over AI is growing

Although Brexit deadlines are looming, research has found that 46%* of people fear the long-term impact of AI over that of the UK’s exit from the EU. AI is now part of everyday life. There is no other type of technology in recent history that has developed so quickly, and businesses are adopting it to help them innovate, improve efficiencies and cut costs.

Article by: Charles Lewington | Published: 3 December 2018


Tips to avoid Christmas payroll pitfalls

It’s nearly Christmas, which means many people can look forward to a well-earned rest. But if you are an employer or payroll professional, Christmas and New Year's brings a number of potential challenges that you need to be aware of and prepare for before you can start your Christmas break.

Article by: John Spooner | Published: 2 December 2018


Garnering value from levy funds

With an estimated 92%* of total levy funds remaining unspent across UK businesses, Chancellor Philip Hammond recently announced that there will be a further £90 million injected in to apprenticeship levy funding, and they will also be allowing employers to transfer up to 25% of their annual training fund to another business in their supply chain.

Article by: Steve Barker | Published: 1 December 2018


The book of exodus – a sequel
Print – Issue 169 | Article of the Week

Looking at the possible future outcomes of worker migration post Brexit, there are many questions fuelling the confused debate. How will we retain and attract EU Nationals? Do we need to relocate business functions and people? Who will look after patients in hospital? Will financial services organisations decamp elsewhere?

Article by: Nick Chronias | Published: 30 November 2018


Some salary expectations may never be met 

Artistic, Literacy and Media sector showed the greatest decline with 11.22% aspiring to work within this field in the future, vs. the 1.4% of which this is a reality. 61% of 16-21-year olds in 2015-16 expected to be earning between £20,000 and £29,999 by the time they were 30. In reality, only 30% of those aged 30 earn within this bracket annually in 2017.

Article by: Sydney Turner | Published: 29 November 2018


Grinch bosses get Christmas so wrong

Christmas may be the perfect time for gift giving, however when it comes to the workplace many bosses aren’t rewarding or recognising their employees with a token gift, according to new research. A study of 1,000 UK workers, revealed that 30 percent of employees haven’t received any gift from their boss or manager at Christmas.

Article by: Chieu Cao | Published: 28 November 2018