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Preparing a Generation of AI-first Workers

AI is changing more than what computers can do and how we communicate and interact with technology. AI is changing the very nature of work, of hiring, reinforcing the imperative for life-long learning, and serving as a catalyst for organisation-wide change.

Article by: Roger Magoulas, VP of Radar at O’Reilly | Published: 11 February 2020

Six ways you can encourage healthy hearts in the workplace

It’s important to understand that some heart issues such as stress, poor diet and physical inactivity can be influenced by our lifestyle others can’t be. Benenden Health has identified six easy ways you can begin to promote healthier hearts within your organisation.

Article by: Cheryl Lythgoe, Head Matron - Benenden Health. | Published: 11 February 2020

British Employees Give Managers a Critical Performance Review

People don’t want a boss who looks over their shoulder and tells them what to do. In the past, hands on management like this may have been common  - but nowadays the digital workplace offers more flexibility and autonomy. 

Article by: Mark Robinson, Co-Founder - Kimble | Published: 9 February 2020

Creativity is most in-demand soft skill for 2020

Where a business is able to establish a climate in which behaviours, attitude and processes allow for the development of these competencies, staff will feel empowered to drive innovation. Creative collaboration in order to overcome challenges will be the norm. People will be motivated to actively contribute to strategy and vision; all of which, will inevitably have a positive impact on productivity and growth.

Article by: Drew Rowlands, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - IVE | Published: 8 February 2020

All work and no play is a no-win for business

To get the full benefits of a play-at-work culture, it’s important to develop a sensible strategy. A foosball table may become a distraction and a single jigsaw puzzle might end up gathering dust. So an integral approach is needed where play opportunities flow naturally through business processes, are voluntary and augment work rather than replace it.

Article by: Michelle Moss, Director of Assessments - Signium Africa | Published: 7 February 2020


 Bettering the workplace transition

The transition from a full-time mother to both a full-time mother and an employee is challenging. The emotional impact this can have on a new parent has the tendency to raise internal dilemmas as to whether or not to return to work at all.

Article by: Rachel King, Marketing Director - Breathe | Published: 6 February 2020

Our Digital Future: Why There’s Nothing to Fear

About Workfront Workfront is the modern work management application platform, helping people do their best work so companies can thrive in a digital world. Workfront is built for people, effortlessly connecting teams and easily integrating into existing applications and systems. The ability to see, measure, and analyse critical factors such as resources, outcomes, and priorities keeps

Article by: Richard Whitehead, Director of Product Marketing, Workfront | Published: 5 February 2020

Vegans but not vegetarians – protected beliefs under the Equality Act

The practical impact of these decisions has to date been limited – partly because many of the beliefs that have achieved protection have relatively little interaction with workplace issues, but also partly because of the lack of binding appeal court decisions in this area of law.

Article by: Blair Adams, Partner - Winckworth Sherwood | Published: 4 February 2020

Wellbeing beyond the workplace Promoted

Investing in health and wellbeing agendas can build a healthier workforce and drive down absenteeism, driving productivity. Organisations should take the opportunity to design competitive benefits and reward strategies that drive employee wellbeing by reflecting value in employees’ eyes. Each organisation will undoubtedly define wellbeing in the workplace based on their own unique combination of their business strategy and culture.

Article by: Tim Kellett, Director - Paydata | Published: 3 February 2020

Three Ways to Digitise the Workplace to Boost Employee Engagement

Game mechanics can easily be applied in the workplace in many ways. For example, most employees must complete different compliance tests and activities. Firms can award achievement levels and badges for quick completion or top scores, which can be published to all employees. So instead of simply getting it done, employees will want to win, which means finishing correctly and quickly. If you add value to the content, people will be more likely to engage and interact.

Article by: Joanne Regan-Iles, Executive Director Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Europe - TTEC | Published: 2 February 2020