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Redundancies looming? It’s time to think startup not just outplacement

Corporates need to move beyond traditional redundancy approaches and start thinking people first. With one-third of those made redundant wanting to start their own business, we need to teach them how to fish in the land of startup and be successful.

Article by: Chris Locke, CEO Europe -Rainmaking | Published: 26 July 2020

Maintaining positive workplace morale ‘post-pandemic’

With the coronavirus still present in society, businesses must work together with employees to ensure safety and wellbeing are priorities in any return to work strategy. Here are some top tips from Naomi Thompson, Head of Organisational Development at Benenden Health, on how businesses can also enhance employee productivity and subsequent business performance.

Article by: Naomi Thompson, Head of Organisational Development - Benenden Health | Published: 26 July 2020

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How managers will make workplaces safe again

A workforce willing to work through more change and risks and challenges has become an essential pillar to the resilience of organisations. That means the line manager is a key figure for building a culture of psychological safety - but whose attention needs to be re-balanced away from efficiency and outputs towards wellbeing and resilience.

Article by: Eugene Farrell, Chair - Employee Assistance Professionals Association | Published: 25 July 2020

How to Accelerate App Development During a Skills Shortage

Businesses have recently had to change their operations to fit in with the global pandemic and so we have seen a recent surge in digital transformation, moreover, with this additional demand for the digital transformation, it has also lead to a shortage of UK app developers.

Article by: Written by Gerry Tombs, CEO - Clearvision | Published: 25 July 2020

Hiring spend getting out of control? Four ways to reduce recruitment costs

Although purse strings will get tighter over the coming months, it is unlikely that the hiring within certain sectors will completely diminish. The key priority for these employers should be looking at ways they can reduce both the time and cost per hire, as well as getting the right talent in place.

Article by: Alejandro Coca, Co-Head - | Published: 24 July 2020

Are Internal Accelerators The Future Of Work?

Many of the experiments in remote and digital work going on right now won’t stick. That’s because humans do not respond well when forced to change behavior. What might actually nudge us toward more productive behaviors in the long term? Some organizations we work with are successfully adopting internal accelerators.

Article by: William Treseder, SVP of Product - BMNT Inc. | Published: 24 July 2020

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How to Reassure the Returning Workforce

GPDQ, a trusted NHS partner, are providing companies with comprehensive Workplace Health Programmes, including COVID-19 risk assessments and testing as well as physical and mental health checks.

Article by: GDPQ | Published: 23 July 2020

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How More Than Just Shopping Has Gone Digital

In recent times and even before the coronavirus pandemic, more and more of our lives and the things we do have been moving online at pace. The recent global coronavirus has in effect, simply increased the pace at which this is all the case.

Article by: David Soffer | Published: 23 July 2020

Employee health abroad has never been more important than now

The World Medical Card helps people obtain safe and efficient medical treatment by providing them with the World Medical Card containing an international code system familiar with doctors all over the world.

Article by: Alicja McCarthy | Published: 23 July 2020