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Anna Meller

Hybrid working: eight things to consider

Hybrid working is the new term on everyone’s lips. Just as ‘agile’ replaced ‘flexible’ with the promise of better and more balanced working practices, so ‘hybrid’ is now being seen as the saviour of the 21st century workplace. If only it were that simple!

Article by 16 March 2021


Updating mental health policies post-COVID

As the global pandemic stretches on, concerns about the economy, health, social justice, and the changes in working environments mean many employees are operating under extreme stress. In order to maintain productivity and be good corporate citizens, HR professionals must re-evaluate what they offer in terms of mental health and self-care resources.

Article by Doug Crawford 15 March 2021


Finding a remedy to zoom fatigue

With the pandemic changing nearly every facet of employees' lives, employers need to start thinking about Whole Health - not just reactive physical and mental care - if they want to take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing, as research shows three in four Brits are currently suffering from stress.

Article by Arjan Toor 14 March 2021


How AI is Shaping Employee Onboarding in 2021

In a COVID-normal economy, work perspectives are going to be far more competitive. Remote employee onboarding is a difficult task. It'll be equally challenging to seek out and have interaction with the most straightforward candidates within the coming year. AI-powered interviews will allow recruiters to increase their network to succeed on a broader pool of applicants worldwide and find the best-suited candidates for the positions.

Article by Anjan Pathak 13 March 2021


The tech sector’s crucial role in solving youth unemployment

The latest youth unemployment figures from the ONS make for uneasy reading. They’re not pretty, and paint a bleak picture of the future for the Class of 2020. With unemployment for young people now standing at 14.2%, and a staggering proportion of this generation on Universal Credit, it’s clear that we’re standing on the brink of an unemployment crisis. If left unsupported, this new crop of job seekers is at risk of becoming the lost Coronavirus generation. The solution lies in what we can do together.

Article by Tessa Bryant 13 March 2021


How the economy impacts HR

Well, today, we shall discuss a little in-depth on one of these factors - i.e., “Economic Factors.” Change is one aspect that has always remained to be without changing. And while we experience changes appearing and disappearing each day in our lives, the economy of the country is no exception.

Article by Meet Vara 12 March 2021


Can you live with wearable technologies?

It’s only natural then that many employers have turned to technology in the hope that they can combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, ticking the box of looking after their employees. The issue is, we’ve seen companies emerge out of nowhere during the pandemic, bringing the latest wearable gadgets destined to solve all wellbeing problems in the workplace, but in reality ‘sticky plasters’ rarely work – they just cover up the issue.

Article by Gary Butterfield 12 March 2021


Five psychology tips to empower your staff

Winston Churchill once famously said, "I am always ready to learn, but I do not always like being taught." Tackling that stubbornness that many of us will be familiar with is essential to teaching effectively. And getting an overview of how we learn as people is a great first step to that end.

Article by Gaute Godager 12 March 2021


Who looks after the people who look after the people?

The pressure on HR is often invisible. Wired to deliver to “the business”, you are just expected to get on with it. Or are you? Increasingly the role of HR takes on that of coach and counsellor. But how many of us have actually been trained in coaching or counselling skills? Where is the support for the people who look after the people? If the HR community and people leaders are expected to look after their teams and provide a crutch for those who are struggling at work, they too need support and coaching to have the stamina and resilience to do so.

Article by David Morgan 11 March 2021

Jude Jennison

Slow down to speed up

It seems counter-intuitive to slow down when we have busy schedules and a huge To Do list. There’s always something that needs to be done in a hurry. It becomes an ingrained pattern of behaviour. A fast pace can be exciting and exhilarating. It can also be exhausting, disconnecting and lead to burnout.

Article by 11 March 2021