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Valuing young people in the workplace – an inspiring webinar

Young people are looking for ethical and transparent leadership, trust, open decision-making, job autonomy, interaction and collaboration, and personal well-being as well as challenges and continuous development. They want opportunities to do different things within their organisation and not be ‘siloed’ for the rest of their career.

Article by Neil Devons 28 October 2021


Why does HMRC allow tax avoidance schemes to thrive?

Following the roll-out of the new IR35 legislation, we have seen a proliferation in disguised remuneration schemes which has led to concerns that an increasing number of contractors may have been unwittingly duped into signing up for tax avoidance schemes. And, whilst HMRC has become more active in issuing warning letters to workers suggesting they may be in a disguised remuneration or tax avoidance scheme, their efforts should be targeted at the scheme promoters which are being allowed to thrive, argues Crawford Temple, CEO of Professional Passport.

Article by Crawford Temple 26 October 2021


Time to build improved benefits to improve wellbeing and resilience

With the migration back to workplaces underway, it’s time for organisations to re-visit the strategies they have in place to keep employees well, and ensure resilience as companies rebuild and we get back to unusual.

Article by Deborah Frost, chief executive, Personal Group 25 October 2021


Accessing mental health support in an unequal world

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘Mental Health in an unequal world’. It's a chance to bring attention to the fact that not every employee has the same access to the mental health tools that they many need. It’s important to show compassion, be kind and recognise the world isn’t equal.

Article by Laura Stembridge 21 October 2021


Are empty nesters a flight risk?

The transition could also trigger the exit of experienced employees from organisations – potentially a disaster for HR teams who are already facing talent management and succession planning challenges. Yet there are few initiatives directly supporting this demographic, begging the question, how can businesses keep empty nesters engaged?

Article by Christopher Saye 19 October 2021


Training the trainers – how to build an effective coach

Learning by rote is still a method that I see being used frequently by trainers in many walks of life. Teachers, military officers, sports coaches and managers in all kinds of workplaces have all been guilty of using this outdated technique. It might help people to learn facts by heart but it rarely, if ever, teaches them any skill that could be usefully applied elsewhere.

Article by Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM 15 October 2021


Three reasons why an automated tool doesn’t guarantee IR35 compliance

Nearly six months on from the introduction of IR35 into the private sector, many businesses are still early in their IR35 journey and yet to embed their practices and processes into business as usual. But with many high-profile government bodies hit with IR35 tax bills this year, now is the time to question if your IR35 approach is compliant, particularly if an automated tool was used. Here we explore three reasons why an automated tool doesn’t guarantee IR35 compliance.

Article by Matt Fryer, Head of Legal Services at Brookson Legal 12 October 2021


The great return: How UK workplaces can adapt to hybrid working

There is a clear movement for returning to work and some organisations are already witnessing a massive influx of employees. For some others, on the other hand, employees still aren’t being obligated to come in. Either way, we’re entering another new phase in the way we work.

Article by Alexandra Anders 11 October 2021