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Employee fulfilment: Attainable or chasing rainbows?

There are four main levers that influence employee fulfilment: Balance, community, growth and purpose. These elements together create meaningful and memorable employee experiences that help employees to feel totally content in their roles.

Article by Robert Ordever, European MD - O.C. Tanner 30 August 2023


Embracing agile performance management

Embrace the future of performance management, Discover how Agile methods are revolutionizing workplace dynamics. From continuous feedback loops to personalized care and development. This article explores strategies to meet the needs of changing and evolving workforce dynamics. #Futureofwork #PerformanceManagement #Agilepeformance #Employeedevelopment

Article by Ganesh Iyer 29 August 2023


How emotionally intelligent leaders affect digital transformation success

As an emotionally intelligent leader, Travis focused on people. He developed his personal relationships with key stakeholders and influencers. He was then able to hold court with the CEO and share stories of success and failure. Additionally, he had the opportunity to join a task force, not to lead it, but rather to provide some expertise on specific subject matter that would leverage his transformational experience. The trust he was able to build with this task force allowed him to influence the organization toward effective transition strategies and tactics. Travis knew that digital transformation required time, not only for him but for his leaders and all others impacted by the transformation. So he leveraged opportunities, again and again, to talk about the changes, impacts and effects to help provide time to all involved. Through Travis’ journey, one thing we can learn is what emotionally intelligent leaders do to affect change, in this case, a digital transformation.

Article by Pete Behrens 28 August 2023


Is automated recruiting hurting DEI efforts?

Diverse talent is critically important because different people hold different perspectives and, therefore, will approach tasks and solve problems differently. We need to diversify the talent pool in a variety of ways—not by over-simplifying demographic breakdown into skin tone, race, and ethnicity, but rather by recognizing differences in financial status and lifestyle.

Article by Rob Thomas 27 August 2023


The great benefits of volunteering explained

The stark mental health difference between employees who volunteer compared to others clearly shows how much of an effect participating in community service can have on wellbeing.

Article by Paula Allen, Global Leader, Research & Client Insights - TELUS Health 26 August 2023


Explained: Top types of HR Certifications and payroll software

In the realm of business, managing human resources is akin to navigating uncharted waters. Whether you're overseeing your existing workforce or embarking on the quest to unearth new talent, one thing is certain – your most crucial organizational asset is the human element. The task at hand demands readiness, adaptability, and a firm grasp of the intricate nuances that come with managing personnel. This article delves into the world of HR certifications, shedding light on their importance, the diverse pathways they offer, and the tangible benefits they bring to both professionals and the organizations they serve. As the business landscape evolves, HR certifications have emerged as badges of honor, marking a professional's commitment to their craft. While not universally obligatory, these certifications are gaining prominence, especially in high-profile HR software roles. Traversing the terrain of HR responsibilities becomes smoother when you hold the key of expertise in the form of a certified professional. Elevating one's career trajectory becomes a reality with an HR certification in hand. It's more than a credential; it's an embodiment of your determination to excel and an eagerness to learn and grow. Studies and surveys echo the sentiment that certified HR professionals from esteemed bodies like the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) tend to ascend the ranks rapidly, claiming more senior positions and, in turn, bolstering overall business performance. Are you pondering your future in human resources? The article dives into the projected employment landscape, tailor-made certifications based on career stages, and the transformative potential of HR certifications. Whether you're just stepping into the role of HR manager or envisioning a C-Suite position, there's a certification designed to empower your journey. Dive into the world of HR certifications with us. Uncover the intricacies of entry-level certifications and explore the pathways for seasoned professionals seeking advancement. From the Associate Professional in Human ResourcesTM (APHRTM) – the perfect launchpad for novices – to the SHRM Certified Professional designation, the article illuminates the routes available to those seeking to fortify their expertise. Are you ready to unlock new career horizons and pave the way to enhanced professional recognition? The world of HR certifications awaits your exploration.

Article by Amanda Haddock 25 August 2023


A Thorough Manual: What Does it Cost to Develop an App in 2023?

What is the price of creating an app? When beginning an app development project, this is probably one of the first things app brands and developers need to have the answers to. The most fundamental and yet important part of every mobile app development project's budget is an app development cost estimate.

Article by Odessa Powell 21 August 2023


Preparing for cybersecurity crisis communication

Coherent communication with employees during a crisis is essential to effective incident response. As such, HR’s role in crisis management should focus on swift and clear team conversations.

Article by Zac Amos 18 August 2023


How to overcome recruitment challenges to achieve net zero goals

Businesses looking to recruit in the renewable energy market must adopt a more flexible approach if they want to overcome the massive skills challenges in the short term. While it’s clear systemic change is fundamental to long-term progress, more immediate solutions are needed to help businesses fill the vacancies that are crucial to their own – and the UK’s - net zero agenda. Energy recruitment specialists at the Jonathan Lee Group have been drawing on the company’s 45 years of experience to explore measures that can be taken by managers, HR teams, CEOs, and green start-ups right now to tackle the skills shortage.

Article by Jonathan Lee Group Associate Director – Energy 17 August 2023


Family Building is Evolving – workplace Fertility Benefits Should, Too.

Almost 90% of American employees experiencing infertility are willing to change jobs for access to fertility benefits. On top of this, the recently enacted Pregnant Workers Fairness Act also covers employees pursuing fertility treatments. As open enrollment approaches, HR professionals must consider how to integrate more fertility coverage into their health plans.

Article by Samuel E. Brown, MD, Medical Director at Brown Fertility 16 August 2023