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Does less reported bullying mean the City has changed?

The decline in reported cases of problems has been welcomed by the sector as proof that the actions being taken have started to have an impact, helping to address the issue of toxic workplaces. But what have really been the effects of FCA pressure and a tightening up of formal processes? Something about the figures doesn’t add up.

Article by Arran Heal, Managing Director - CMP 13 October 2022


How to build (and sustain) an engaged workforce

Economic and workplace uncertainty can be hugely damaging to both employee experience and your long-term business success. Engaging your teams and giving them the tools they need to thrive in their roles will help you weather the storm ahead and support your employees every step of the way.

Article by Bronte Clephan - Kallidus 12 October 2022


Are job posting sites efficient? What sets AI apart

find out how AI has improved the efficiency of the hiring process, resulting in better outcomes than conventional job posting sites.

Article by Wasim Taqqali, Co-Founder - 12 October 2022


Employee burnout and stress, what are the causes?

With the workplace an influential environment when it comes to mental health and well-being – why are only 24% of employers providing mental health support? It’s time for employers to identify and build programs that support positive mental health – so they can offer a solution to employee burnout and stress, instead of contributing to the problem. 

Article by Arjan Toor, CEO - Cigna Europe 12 October 2022


Creating a feedback culture

Kouzes and Posner in their international study over 20 years, (Kouzes & Posner: The Leadership Challenge) found honesty was the quality most respected by staff in practically all cultures across the world. If we are into honesty we are onto a winner. To get honesty about bad news scenarios, as managers we need to reward the reputation of those who fess up about a situation, remove blame and work on solutions together.

Article by Mark Miller, Managing Director - Goodfoot Development 11 October 2022


How can we address the adult social care recruitment crisis?

With unfilled vacancies at a record high, technological innovation is helping to drive recruitment in sectors that have in the past struggled to attract new workers, including adult social care, says Leah-Marie Smith, Chief HR Officer at Berkley Care Group.

Article by Leah-Marie Smith, Chief HR Officer - Berkley Care Group. 10 October 2022


Why digital accessibility should be top of the agenda

One of the biggest trends to emerge in the post-pandemic workforce is the so-called ‘great resignation’. The race for talent is hotter than ever, which is why HR Directors should have a proactive approach to digital accessibility – it could be a key differentiator when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent.

Article by Jonathan Hassell, CEO- Hassell Inclusion 7 October 2022


Leveraging tech to support employees and prevent burnout

To facilitate a happy, satisfied remote workforce, companies need to prioritize implementing technology that makes their lives easier.

Article by Jason Romanosky, Senior Director of Product Marketing - LumApps 5 October 2022


How to optimise SEO in recruitment

There is no proven strategy for SEO. You have to figure it out on your own. Moreover, search engines keep updating their algorithms so you should also be up-to-date with the latest SEO news. The SEO audit will help you tremendously to find what's going wrong and then come up with an ideal solution. Conduct an audit every few months and rework your current strategy. When HR is recruiting new people they turn into marketers and sales persons. You will be marketing the job offer and the number of candidates who apply for the job is your sale. Wear your marketer hats and become an SEO expert for a while. With proper SEO efforts, you should be able to attract more applicants easily.

Article by Vaibhav Kakkar 30 September 2022