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Goodbye manual HR processes, hello people analytics

Over the past year, we have witnessed companies adopt digital transformation and collaboration and it has been no different for the HR sector either. The move towards adopting people analytics comes amid a sea of changes in the way people work given the ongoing crisis, additionally, there has been a need to break away from manual interventions in HR, which prove to be costly and ineffective in the long-term.

Article by Vikrant Kapur - Head of People at India 23 June 2021


Five key tips for organising successful mentorship

Though the advent of remote working has been overwhelmingly positive for the work-life balance, for newer employees, a lack of physical contact between the organisation and themselves can lead to feelings of isolation and separation. For this very reason, establishing a constructive workplace mentoring scheme is more important than ever.

Article by Jo Eaton 23 June 2021


Employee turnover will be high if hybrid working feels unfair

After 15 months of lockdown some people are returning to offices, while others will opt to work from home - at least part-time. Without the right systems and processes in place, recognition and reward risks being applied unfairly in this new hybrid world of work. "Recognition 3.0" promotes fairness by applying modern engagement science and peer-to-peer, frequent recognition that reinforces values-based behaviour.

Article by Jon Maddison, EMEA Managing Director, Achievers 23 June 2021


Recruiting for skills is about more than just candidate matching

Recruiting for skills isn’t new, but it’s now more important than ever. Not just for the benefit of individuals organisations, but also for the wider working generation. This piece explores the concept of recruiting for skills as a means to benefiting society, not just organisations, and how organisations can better improve recruitment for skills through technologies such as AI.

Article by Michael Baker 22 June 2021


The response to the IR35 changes is a risk management issue

April 2021 saw the much-anticipated roll out of the IR35 changes into the private sector. Whilst there had been a significant lead time for end hirers and their supply chain to make adequate preparations there was still a large proportion of the market that was not ready for the changes or rushed in place inadequate processes in an attempt to comply.

Article by Matt Fryer 21 June 2021


The ROI of Anonymous Employee Feedback

If you have a problem with turnover, your employees may be leaving because they don't feel heard. Here's a breakdown of the positive ROI on anonymous feedback.

Article by Claire Schmidt 19 June 2021


The clock is ticking on EU settlement scheme applications

In this article, we seek to address some of the common concerns and provide some practical tips on the steps employers can take in the final few weeks to protect against the risks associated with employing illegal workers.

Article by Shabana Muneer 18 June 2021


Is the WFH Era Over or Has Work Changed Forever?

It is finally June 2021. For those in the UK this means that we are getting closer to the important June 21st date where the government aim to remove all domestic Covid-19 restrictions. On the first of June it was ... View Article

Article by Emma Crowe 17 June 2021