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Effective reference checking: A definitive ‘why’ and ‘how-to’ guide

“A mixture of art and science, a forensic and rigorous examination of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses is a vital risk management process: not just for the organization undertaking the hire (and the executive search or recruiting firm working with that organization), but for the candidate as well.”

Article by Steve Lavelle 14 September 2022


The power of a great onboarding process

Providing high quality onboarding has never been more essential, this stage in the employee lifecycle provides the perfect opportunity to engage your new hires. Connection, development and a seamless approach in your onboarding go a long way in helping you retain and engage your employees so make sure to consider each when building out your processes. 

Article by Charlotte Burton-Barker 13 September 2022


What’s to be done about the surge in ‘quiet quitting’?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and against the background of the Great Resignation, businesses have had to adopt a more efficient way of working. The conventional office-based routine is becoming a thing of the past, and hybrid working is the new norm. People are walking away from jobs they either do not find rewarding or don't align with their own values. Furthermore, 'quiet quitting’ is the latest trend sweeping the country, where employees work the bare minimum to their job demands, not going beyond what is expected of them. The emergence of this trend coincides with an increasingly difficult time for organisations to engage and retain employees. A recent Gallup Global Workplace Report for 2022 found that only 9% of UK workers were engaged or enthusiastic about their work, putting it in 33rd place out of 38 European countries. There is a pressing need for HR leaders to bring solutions before it’s too late. According to a Randstad UK study, 69% of employees are confident about changing jobs in the next few months, with 24% planning a move within three to six months. In this scenario, emerging technologies can mitigate the issues that caused this situation to begin with.

Article by Harshvendra Soin, Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing - Tech Mahindra 10 September 2022


Impact sourcing makes so much sense

Scott Evans, Director of HR at business process outsourcing firm Sigma Connected, discusses how businesses, and the communities they are part of, can benefit from Impact Sourcing – a recruitment model which sees job opportunities given to people from economically disadvantaged areas.

Article by Scott Evans, Director of HR - Sigma Connected 8 September 2022


Guide to supporting employees with cost of living

Employee benefits can help employers support staff with the cost of living in many important ways. Employee benefits can support employees with the cost of motoring, commuting and even the food shop. Here’s how.

Article by Holly Webster - Caboodle Technology 8 September 2022


The Lionesses are a big win for women’s equality

I’m particularly inspired by the Lionesses’ success as the mother of two daughters. This ground-breaking victory solidifies that it is no longer a man’s world. A woman can reach whatever goal she puts her mind to. Though of course, we still face challenges…

Article by Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula 5 September 2022


Seven ways to help employees reduce obesity related health risks

During a tight labour market few employers can afford to have people off sick with preventable diseases. Making supporting employees to make healthy eating choices one of the most simple things employers can do to reduce health risks and make their people feel more cared for and loyal.

Article by Imogen Cardwell - People Asset Management 3 September 2022


How can upskilling and reskilling reduce turnover?

Employees want training and learning opportunities that can help them grow and take on new responsibilities. This is where upskilling and reskilling can give workers the chance to acquire the knowledge to take on future challenges.

Article by Susan Baxter 2 September 2022


Leveraging the Metaverse to Enhance the Operational Capabilities of the HR Function

Technological advancement often beckons businesses with exciting prospects for excelling in operational capabilities of various organizational elements.  The HR functions within a multitude of corporate entities have been steadily embracing the benefits of such ‘problem-solving’ solutions to streamline their transactional services.  However, this has often presented its own challenges, especially, when inherent human ingenuity within the workforce is bypassed in favor of an ‘all-encompassing’ need to replace the existing talent with a promising technology to minimize the ‘complications’ related to maintaining a ‘human’ workforce. 

Article by 1 September 2022


Don’t separate mental health and physical health in the workplace

Stress can cause heart attacks and strokes. People with anxiety and depression are more likely to develop weakened immune systems and cognitive disorders. The correlation between mental and physical health is well known and documented. But when it comes to employee health and wellbeing, this fact is often overlooked. It's time to change things.

Article by Carmelita Lubos 20 August 2022