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4 key pillars of an outstanding candidate hiring process

Exceptional talent has numerous job offers to choose between. Developing a flawless interview process and candidate experience is a critical differentiator in winning top-tier employees.

Article by Helen Thomas and Mark Freebairn - Odgers Berndtson 2 August 2023


HR improvement initiatives: How to raise funding to boost growth

HR departments drive growth by securing funding for key initiatives. Seek external funding, demonstrate ROI to executives, build talent strategies, leverage tech for efficiency, outsource functions and improve constantly. Promoting innovation, open communication and addressing issues fosters productivity and growth. A thriving HR function is vital for success.

Article by Dakota Murphey 1 August 2023


Beyond the Resume: How Employee Screening Helps HR Decide

In today’s cutthroat job market, resumes sometimes fail to paint a complete picture of a candidate’s potential. While they offer a glimpse into qualifications, they often overlook crucial aspects. Enter employee screening, a powerful tool that goes beyond the surface level.

Article by Daisy Evans 31 July 2023


Why are UK employees among the least ‘enthused’ in Europe?

A new Gallup survey points to hard evidence of what many in HR will already suspect: attitudes to work in the UK have changed dramatically in recent years: 90% of employees said they felt no enthusiasm for their work or their workplace. Engagement and commitment look to have drained away, like sand through employers’ fingers. How can this have happened?

Article by Arran Heal 30 July 2023


Embracing Disability Pride in the Workplace

Disability Pride Month provides the platform for workplaces to celebrate each person’s uniqueness, promote mainstream awareness and encourage pride felt by people with disabilities. It is the perfect time to review how inclusive you are of people with a disability: starting the conversation and reviewing your organisation’s culture will ensure everyone can bring their best self to work, thrive and succeed.

Article by Paul Sesay 29 July 2023


How to drive business growth in a new technology landscape

There’s an opportunity for HR leaders to claim their place and help drive business growth. In this article we’ll be exploring five areas where HR leaders are already leading their organisations, and where their journey could go from here.

Article by Diana Barea 28 July 2023


Closing skills gaps from within

It’s no secret that talent shortages are a growing issue for UK businesses. Currently, 87% of companies report either existing or emerging skills gaps, and this is only made worse by the ongoing economic downturn putting pressure on businesses to do more with less. With competition for talent becoming increasingly heated, organisations are looking to reskill their existing workforce to plug the skills gap.

Article by Graham Glass 27 July 2023


How HR software can meet change and challenge in hybrid work models

The way we work has undergone a significant transformation, with hybrid work models becoming increasingly popular in businesses. As organizations embrace a combination of remote and on-site work, HR software solutions play a pivotal role in supporting the seamless implementation and management of these hybrid work arrangements. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of HR software in facilitating effective hybrid work models and discuss how it can help businesses navigate the challenges of this new work paradigm.

Article by Daisy Evans 26 July 2023


The link between recognition and inclusivity

Employees with integrated recognition in their workplace culture are four times’ more likely to report high inclusion, and 13 times’ more likely to feel that they belong at the organisation.

Article by Andreea Dinu, European Culture and Engagement Strategist - O.C. Tanner 25 July 2023


Mergers and aquisitions – a culture trap

Mergers and acquisitions are considered beneficial for companies as they can bring growth, value, market access, and a global presence. Many mergers have not successfully delivered these benefits, resulting in lost value for shareholders. Find out how to speed up the M&A process with a desired outcome.

Article by Dijana Vetturelli 24 July 2023