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Paul Avis

Tackling the skills shortage through employee diversity

It is universally acknowledged that the UK is facing a chronic skills gap. According the Government’s recent Employer Skills Survey, almost a quarter of all UK vacancies are considered skills-shortage vacancies, meaning they are proving difficult to fill because the organisation cannot find applicants with the appropriate skills, qualifications or experience.

Article by 22 March 2017


Utilize BATMAN for Increasing Leadership Effectiveness

Have you ever wondered why superheroes have such a strong fan base? Growing up, I was a huge BATMAN fan. One of his key qualities that I really appreciated was the astute application of human ingenuity in designing and developing gadgets that enabled him to subdue powerful opponents without any supernatural powers

Article by 10 March 2017

Jane Sparrow

Change management is dead – human management is key

These days it's less 'business as usual' and more 'change as usual' as our corporate environments (and world!) are in a constant state of flux. It means that change management itself is almost a dying trade being rapidly replaced by schools of thought around change leadership, agility and collaboration.

Article by 14 February 2017