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Are You Managing the Data Analytics Initiatives Effectively?

Meaningful information has become critical for companies that are jostling for relevancy and competitiveness in the Digital Age. The ability to synthesize huge influx of data to facilitate astute insights and sagacious decision-making has led to a mushrooming of new functions that have evolved from largely-marginalized roles in earlier times, e.g., Statisticians have shed their backroom persona of a solemn data-cruncher to become effervescent Data Scientists as the front-end face of innovation-driven progressiveness. Terms like ‘Big Data’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Deep Learning’, ‘Neural Networks’, etc., have permeated the corporate landscape to proactively overcome any foreseen/unforeseen challenges that an organization is liable to face in the race to excellence.

Article by 5 May 2020

Naomi Thompson

Supporting positive morale during isolation

As employees across sectors are now working from home throughout the nation, businesses and management are faced by a new challenge – how do we balance productivity and business performance with the wellbeing of employees? With workers facing new challenges ... View Article

Article by 30 April 2020

Jude Jennison

8 leadership skills to lead through uncertainty

Disruptive change creates uncertainty and we resist it because it is uncomfortable. Uncertainty generates a range of emotions, polarises opinions and can lead to relationships breaking down. It requires great skill and flexibility to lead through uncertainty. It is also ... View Article

Article by 28 April 2020

John Varney

After the Pandemic

The struggle for survival. The 5 years following coronavirus lockdown will be characterised by struggles between powerful forces. “Could the renewed shock of human vulnerability in the face of Covid-19 make way for an increased willingness to face other perils, ... View Article

Article by 22 April 2020