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The three touchstones of belonging

The past two years have brought home just how much society relies on frontline public sector workers. However, the “Great Resignation” is unfolding in the public as well as private sectors, and many businesses are actively looking to recruit workers seeking a change. In this environment, retaining and engaging frontline workers has never been more important for government employers

Article by Ryan Oakes Leads Global Public Sector - Accenture 16 May 2022


A flexible approach to hybrid working – a recruiter’s perspective

In this fast-paced and competitive recruitment market, we are finding that a one-size-fits-all approach to hybrid working, and work/life balance, fails to tap into candidates’ motivations. While hybrid working is a contentious issue, and we appreciate the concerns on both sides, a flexible and tailored approach may help to attract talent and retain staff.

Article by Suzie Walker 15 May 2022


Developing future leaders and building collaborative organisations

Good leadership can transform a business and bring a team together. Not only that, working in an organisation that demonstrates good leadership, will help employees to develop good leadership skills themselves which they can take with them into future leadership roles.

Article by Jon Faulkner, Founder - 6bythree Digital 14 May 2022


Stress in the workplace and how to guide for employers

Raising awareness of the negative impact of stress has never been more crucial due to the rising cost of living, the Ukraine situation and increasing Covid rates. All these factors have led to many employees experiencing not just recognised work-related stress, such as overwhelming workload or workplace conflicts but new concerns such as job security and adapting to different workspaces.

Article by Dr Julian Nesbitt 13 May 2022


A guide to work and getting used to living with COVID

What role to workforce executives have in leading the new healthy office paradigm and what strategies can they implement to hire, retain and manage the worker of the endemic future. 

Article by Marshal Sterio, CEO - Surgically Clean Air 12 May 2022


Data revolution is inevitable, but it won’t be painless

The future for HR in financial services will be digital and data driven. At least, that’s the Wall Street consensus. But, while the pandemic enhanced the strategic importance of the Chief Human Resources Officer in many firms, it also exposed HR’s lack of readiness for a data-driven future.

Article by Tom Forrest, Managing Director, HR practice - Sheffield Haworth 11 May 2022


Protecting whistleblowers against victimisation

Employees within the banking and finance sector are increasingly likely to use whistleblowing channels to report concerns about discrimination and harassment. With such a growing trend, employers should ensure that HR teams and managers are trained in whistleblowing and are able to respond appropriately when a matter is raised.

Article by Chris Boyle, Business Development Manager - Safecall, 10 May 2022


Better technology can attract and retain talent

Mass resignations have seen businesses place a bigger emphasis on offering flexible working, but they can’t realistically offer this with outdated technology and support practices

Article by Anthony Lamoureux, CEO - Velocity Smart 9 May 2022


Recognising World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Whilst it is obviously a positive that World Day for Safety and Health at Work brings health & safety to the forefront of people’s minds, it is vital that it remains an utmost priority for both businesses and individuals throughout the year.

Article by Gavin Scarr Hall, DIrector of Health & Safety - Peninsula 8 May 2022


Why the consultation period matters when making redundancies

Running a business can be challenging, and never more so than when decisions need to be made that potentially affect the lives and livelihoods of employees. Sadly, however, it is part and parcel of the day job, and most business ... View Article

Article by Katie Ash, Head of Employment Law - Banner Jones 7 May 2022