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Katharine Moxham

When insurers are human

Having just had a minor internal flood at home, I’m in the process of claiming on my home insurance, which has caused me to reflect on my own industry’s performance. We all expect our insurance to pay out when we ... View Article

Article by 26 July 2018

Brett Hill

Capitalising on world class sporting events

The summer is traditionally a great time for sports, with football, tennis and cycling recently gripping the nation. So whilst we enjoy a summer of world-class sport, how can employers capitalise on renewed interest in sport, encourage greater physical activity, ... View Article

Article by 19 July 2018

Sarah Dennis

Seven benefits of using pre-travel health screening

It can be an uncomfortable and frightening experience to fall ill overseas, during an assignment or business trip, where you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable accessing local healthcare. Issues associated with healthcare may even cause an overseas assignment to fail. It ... View Article

Article by 17 July 2018

John Varney

Will HR need a new name?

Let’s think about the bigger picture that is the context in which HR operates. We are readily bewitched by our technology. People rush to buy the latest gadget even when it is beyond their means. Never mind that it might ... View Article

Article by 13 July 2018

Cinthya Quijano

Are you faking it?

Employer brand seems to be the new buzz word going around business. What is employer brand? According to the CIPD factsheet online it is: ‘…a set of attributes and qualities, often intangible, that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular ... View Article

Article by 11 July 2018

Michael Gates

Cultural Stereotyping

Cultural diversity is becoming an increasingly pressing topic for HR as many companies become more global. At the same time, it is something that has to be approached with sensitivity, avoiding judgemental stereotyping. Yet, to talk or write about culture ... View Article

Article by 6 July 2018

Christine Husbands

Why employees don’t speak out about mental health concerns

Mental ill health covers a very diverse range of conditions with symptoms which fluctuate in frequency, severity and can easily reoccur. It is also often hidden and can affect the ability of the individual to make rational choices .Treatment pathways and patient responses to treatment are often not as predictable as they are for physical conditions. These factors make it very difficult for employers to deal with.

Article by 4 July 2018