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John Varney

A different view of Leadership

Back in the 80s people used to argue over whether they were managers or leaders. It seemed that management and leadership were alternatives or that one might start out as a manager and then become a leader. When you think ... View Article

Article by 28 August 2018

Paul Avis

The business case for flexible working

Flexible working, though not a new concept, continues to grow in popularity. Thanks to the internet, which has allowed for remote access to emails, servers and even people via web-based conferencing, many employees now work from home, during their commute ... View Article

Article by 23 August 2018

Jim Lythgow

The effects of sun on the eyes

It has been a particularly hot summer and while employers and employees alike seem to generally be aware of the need to cover the skin and use sun screen in sunny weather, there may be less awareness regarding the benefits ... View Article

Article by 16 August 2018

Abu Md. Abdullah

The Rationale of Multi-Tasking

Working under pressure has become imperative now-a-days. Every organisation today expects employees to be able to work under pressure, to be multi-tasking, not to be complaining about excessive & varied workloads. It is not so easy to come across people ... View Article

Article by 9 August 2018