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The Targeted Utilization of Humor as a Passive Resistance Tool Against Organizational Leadership

Employee voices are being increasingly muffled under the rejoicements induced by the pervasiveness of technology that is serving as a ‘relationship buffer’ for the senior management under the guise of maintaining organizational harmony with an obsessive focus on efficiency. This has led to a widening of the communication gap in corporate entities with multiple layers of management, especially, those that are geographically dispersed and have a number of low profile subsidiaries lacking sufficient resources on par with those at the head office and/or their counterparts in prime markets.

Article by 10 March 2021


The courage it takes to challenge inequality

Addressing inequality may ultimately require policies, frameworks, good governance and institutional change, but at the heart of all of that is good leadership, and ultimately the actions of individuals that spark the change. There is an observable recipe that can be applied by individuals who choose to challenge inequality.

Article by Candice Eaton Gaul 8 March 2021


The New Work-life Balance (and the Tech that Makes it Possible)

As employees begin to place a quality work-life balance higher in their requirements, the world's business leaders begin to look for innovative ways they can meet these demands. An unexpected candidate has the potential to provide a better work-life balance, without impacting overall productivity.

Article by Jacob Lucas 7 March 2021


Five ways that employers can help tackle loneliness and isolation

The latest ONS figures suggest that one in four people were already experiencing loneliness at the start of November, but when the clocks went back there was an even greater spike. It’s thought that a whopping 4.2 million people across the UK are now regularly feeling isolated and alone.

Article by Gary Butterfield 6 March 2021


8 Practical Ways to Become a Better Manager

Developing your leadership and management skills can make a big difference. In this article, you’ll find 8 proven ways to become a better manager.

Article by Pawan Kumar 6 March 2021


Five tips for increasing resilience

As we look to the new year, Richard Lawrence, CEO of CounterStrike, shares five top tips on building workplace resilience in 2021.

Article by Richard Lawrence 5 March 2021


Creating and preserving a successful remote company culture

A strong company culture, founded on trust, agility, and collaboration, and maintained through communication and technological investment, can help you get the most out of your remote working employees. But culture is also about preserving employee health and happiness, and therefore investing in wellbeing initiatives must be a priority. Ultimately, a combination of these factors will help to drive the aptitude of individual employees as well as the long-term success of the organisation as a whole.

Article by Kim Coombs 5 March 2021