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Lucy Thompson

Leaders, what Leaders?

There is nothing like global pandemic to take what you’ve always known and the way you’ve always done things and tip it up on its head, turn it inside out and lead you to think about how to start it again.

Article by 3 June 2020


How Vulnerable are You to Self-Deception as a Corporate Leader?
(Navigating the Self-Aggrandizement Bubble in Industry Titans)

The demands on corporate leaders to produce results in the shortest possible time is increasingly fueling the phenomenon of finding shortcuts to healthy profitability in a bullishly competitive business landscape prone to disruption from savvy contenders. Success in the corporate world is routinely measured in terms of avoiding failures, rather than, learning from missteps and consolidating gains on a long-term basis. Such an approach conventionalizes risk aversion as top management gets markedly sensitized to gauging success in quarterly gains to placate impatient and vacillating shareholders who are trying to synchronize with the pulse of the market that is swaying to precarious economic outlooks, This also leads to a penchant for squeezing statutory gains from governments that are eager to boost economic activity in order to minimize the risk of recession, and optimizing the legal loopholes to protect organizations from the prospect of ‘triggered’ litigation.

Article by 2 June 2020

Cinthya Quijano

A human focus for current times

It is during these crazy times that organisations are presented with the biggest challenge: to show who they are and what they stand for. As we live this time of uncertainty organisations more than ever are at the heart of ... View Article

Article by 28 May 2020

Joanne Regan-Iles

6 Trends that will stay with us post COVID 19

The rapid acceleration of remote work and digital technology during the Coronavirus pandemic has forced industries, and particularly the contact centre industry, to evolve well beyond what experts predicted for 2020. As the crisis subsides, some temporary solutions can become ... View Article

Article by 22 May 2020

Andy Salkeld

Follow the Leader

As the world continues to develop and evolve and as we grow and change with time, what a “Leader” is takes on very different meanings. When I was younger, I believed leadership was something earned. It was a badge of ... View Article

Article by 14 May 2020