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Loving what you do versus being burnt out

This blog explores how the last two years have brought challenges of epic proportions for HR leaders, with the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the current economic downturn and how HR leaders are in a paradox of loving what they do versus being burnt out

Article by Jessica Fuhl, Director of HR Research - Sage 20 February 2023


Essential guide to statutory compliance

In conclusion, statutory compliance is a critical aspect of running a business, as it ensures that organizations are adhering to laws and regulations set forth by government agencies. By implementing compliance measures, organizations can protect themselves from legal and financial penalties and ensure the integrity of their operations.

Article by Karthik - Alp Consulting 16 February 2023


Making talent and tech a winning formula

Investors and venture capitalists have significantly increased funding in the human resources (HR) technology market in recent years. To fully leverage the potential of these technologies, it is necessary to inform them with psychological insights and guide HR management with scientific methods. This article delves into the intersection of technology and science in the field of HR and demonstrates how integrating them can enhance organizational performance.

Article by Benoit Hardy-Vallée and Sarah Linkletter - EPSI 15 February 2023


Four ways businesses can clear women’s paths to leadership

There are many compelling reasons why organisations must become ‘gender intentional’. According to McKinsey & Co, businesses with diversity in executive teams are 25 per cent more likely to outperform others. These companies outperform others largely because, in a fair and equitable, respectful environment, employees are engaged, motivated and deliver a great customer experience.

Article by Keri Gilder, CEO - Colt Technology Services 14 February 2023


Employees need commuting support as transport chaos continues

In order to improve employees’ commute and minimise disruption during the peak,  employers should  consider offering assistance with travel to and from work. This can include organising ride sharing or funding the provision of a coach or minibus shuttle service to enable staff to get to and from their place of work safely, reliably and comfortably so that they arrive on time, refreshed and ready to work.

Article by Godfrey Ryan, CEO - Kura 13 February 2023


Five steps to equity in the workplace

Equity is closely aligned to equality in that it ensures everyone has an equal chance at work. Importantly, it goes a crucial step further by ensuring everyone is actively involved with a conversation or consultation. Organisations with full equity don’t just employ people from diverse backgrounds to ‘look right’ or ‘make up the numbers’. Having recruited these people, they actively invite them to set up things that feel right for them and bring their true selves to work.

Article by Paul Sesay, Founder and Chief Executive Officer - National Diversity Awards 12 February 2023


How must we prepare for a white-collar recession?    

Many analysts and investors believe that a white-collar recession is imminent. In the coming months, big tech companies will begin a series of mass layoffs. Here you can learn more about this type of recession, what it means for employees and businesses, and how to deal with it.

Article by James Humphreys - Contributor 11 February 2023


How to protect employees from Tinnitus

Those who spend time in environments where sound levels regularly exceed 80-85dB are at greater risk. Think construction and factory workers, musicians, bar staff, airside ground staff… However, all employers, regardless of industry, must consider if they’re doing enough to limit the risk of tinnitus - or other hearing-related conditions – to keep their staff safe.

Article by Gavin Scarr Hall, Director of Health & Safety - Penninsula 10 February 2023


Responding to Carrick, on conduct and culture

Bad behaviour at work is in the spotlight in our public institutions – from policing to politics - is making headlines. Tackling it is complex but there are clear ways forward that protect staff, prevent harm, and respond more effectively when issues are raised.

Article by Zoe Young, Sociologist and Director - Half the Sky 9 February 2023


Where should recruiters be focusing attention in 2023?

The HR and recruitment industry has seen multiple changes in recent years, requiring HR professionals to remain adaptable. In 2023, there are several areas which recruiters should be focusing on to maximise talent acquisition and retention, from adopting AI technology to prioritising the recruitment of A-players for better business results.  

Article by Dakota Murphey 8 February 2023