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Should AI always be the new standard in business software?

In an age where technology is constantly evolving, industries are keen to ride the wave to remain competitive. One burning question is: should all software solutions embrace artificial intelligence to reinvent themselves? Let's explore. AI holds tremendous potential, but the incorrect application of it can end up with more frustration and slowed processes. Efficiency, accuracy, and automation are AI's allies across various domains, but its successful integration requires a careful evaluation of factors like cost of errors, data quality, and ethical implications.

Article by Chris Priebe 14 August 2023


Preparing schools for a comprehensive digital strategy

A digital strategy for schools refers to a comprehensive and purposeful plan that outlines how technology will be utilized to enhance and transform various aspects of the educational process. Know how to prepare schools to become a better fit in this digital era.

Article by Shankar Jambulingam 13 August 2023


HR and marketing need to start talking to attract young talent

A company’s behaviour towards staff has become a marketing touchpoint. If you deliver a working environment that’s attractive to young people, they will tell those stories for you on social media. With help from marketing colleagues, their messages can be amplified, boosting recruiting, retention and your company’s brand as a whole.

Article by Mark Fawcett 12 August 2023


Diversify Your Hiring Process with This 5-Minute Strategy

Leaders often struggle to find diverse talent, yet underrepresented people are everywhere. This excuse is no longer acceptable when consumers are holding organizations accountable for diversity. The five-minute strategy walks through a script of questions to ask, thoughts to consider and assumptions to question in your current talent acquisition process.

Article by Julie Kratz - Next Pivot Point 11 August 2023


Choosing the Right Employer of Record: Things you Need to Consider

Choosing the right Employer of Record (EOR) is crucial for global businesses. Industry expert Scott Winter emphasizes the importance of specialist knowledge, transparent pricing, ownership structures, hands-on experience, and the blend of technology with human touch in the selection process. You EOR partner should align with a company's needs, prioritising exceptional client service and trust.

Article by Sam Barnes. 10 August 2023


The Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2023

We summarise the key results of the Great Big Workplace Adjustments Survey 2023, highlight legal duties employers should be aware of, and provide practical best practice tips.

Article by Dionne Elgott - Myerson Solicitors 10 August 2023


How to deal with workplace substance abuse

An introduction to the effect and impacts of substance abuse in the workplace, supported by statistics. A guide to how HR representatives can be aware of the warning signs an employee is abusing with substances and how to deal with it, the necessary steps to take once such an employee is identified and the proper approach to such a situation.

Article by Isabella Williams 9 August 2023


How to Use Machine Learning to Scale HR Processes

When HR teams add ML and AI to daily operations, they can assign more time to tasks that carry significant weight, thus improving HR processes and efficiency. In addition, they are better equipped to help the organization reach its company goals.

Article by Zac Amos - ReHack 8 August 2023


Improving Focus and Enjoyment at Work through the Flow State

Have you ever observed individuals such as athletes, scientists, or artists absorbed in their work, displaying a state of focused immersion and happiness? It is called the Flow State and it is possible to practice it at work.

Article by Ivan Palomino 4 August 2023