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Iejaz Uddin

Talent Management – David vs Goliath

Difficult economic times, skills shortages, stiffer competition and an aging workforce is beginning to change the world of recruitment. The talent pool is shrinking, forcing companies to compete more aggressively for those key people who can push a organisation forward. It is now much harder to find and retain those individuals who have the potential to bring success. This is especially true for Small to Mid-Sized enterprises who employ less than 250 people.

Article by 14 November 2019

Sarah Gornall

Coaching and Well Being: Just a bit Woolly?

These the sort of comments that people leave coaching sessions with. An immediate feel good factor, clearing of the way forward and internal resourcefulness to get going on what needs to be done. While we might all think that it’s a good thing to feel clearer headed and bouncy at work and have a gut feeling that this makes us more motivated and effective, it may not be enough to convince hard-pressed finance directors of the longer-term value of investment in coaching across the organisation.

Article by 7 November 2019

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

Happiness – How to create a happy workforce

Wellbeing at work is very much the hot topic, largely due to the rising mental illness statistics and increased number of public figures opening up about their personal experiences. To kick things off I want to take a look at the definition of wellbeing. This is very much a personal perception but is generally defined as a persons health and happiness. We know that health is generally measurable, for example I could take your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol profile and various other biological measures and provide you with a cardiovascular risk score. Health is measurable!

Article by 6 November 2019

Paul Avis

Employee benefits – a crucial aspect of an employer’s brand?

Branding is equally important when it comes to talent attraction and retention. With employment levels at an all-time high,[1] companies across industries are increasingly looking to attract a smaller pool of talent and the job market has become very competitive as a result. Therefore, building a strong employer brand, i.e. what an employer is known and valued for by their employees, is crucial to aid employee attraction and retention.

Article by 5 November 2019

Louise Rogers

We can automate but we can’t abdicate

Intelligent automation enables a number of routine tasks to be performed by machine learning or artificial intelligence. It’s easy to become caught up in the new freedom such technology provides. But where is the line that separates activity that machines can properly do and that which we should reserve to human beings?

Article by 31 October 2019

Sarah Gornall

Managing Across the Generations

With many people staying longer in work either because they like what they’re doing and can’t see any point in retiring, or because they haven’t yet accrued the years to qualify for a big enough pension, managers of today often find themselves leading cross-generational teams and may wonder to themselves whether this calls for different approaches in order to get the best out of people.

Article by 29 October 2019

Miti Ampoma

When you fail to value your line managers, you put your whole business at risk

Line mangers are in a uniquely difficult position. As both managers and managees, they take orders from above which they then pass down to the people they are responsible for. Rather like a middle child, who receives neither the privileges of the first-born or the indulgences of the youngest, line managers can feel excluded, with no clear place in an organisation.

Article by 22 October 2019

Paul Avis

The case for workplace diversity

The UK is facing a skills shortage, with almost a quarter of all vacancies considered skills-shortage vacancies, according to a recent Government Employer Skills Survey.[1] Meanwhile, the prospect of a no-deal Brexit means a shrinking talent pool might shrink further in the near future.

Article by 17 October 2019