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Mapping employee experience journeys: 5 practical expert tips

According to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace, only 1 in 5 employees in the USA says their performance is managed the way that motivates them to do outstanding work. What is even more surprising, just 1 in 3 employees is committed to their work and workplace. In terms of productivity and company profit, that sounds like a pretty unfortunate oversight.

Article by Katerina Kondrenko 6 October 2021


Break Time in the Office: What’s the law?

When it comes to breaks in the office, the law is a minimum standard rather than a target. What’s more, the law can be a lot more nuanced than it might, at first, appear.

Article by Jamie-Leigh James 5 October 2021


How Employers Need to Manage the Great Resignation

Over in the US they are calling this immediate post-pandemic period ‘The Great Resignation.’ The Harvard Business Review recently asked the question ‘how can employers retain people in the face of this tidal wave of resignations?’

Article by Emma Crowe 4 October 2021


The ‘ROOTS’ Framework for Sustaining Relevancy and Competitiveness for Organizations Impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

The dynamics of the digital age impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a profound challenge for organizations, especially, those facing the dire prospect of being marginalized by astute competitors who are incessantly nibbling at their previously secure and dominant market positions. This has especially been a rude awakening for those corporate entities that had developed their risk management plans according to ‘normal/foreseen’ business cycles.

Article by Murad S. Mirza 1 October 2021


How to support the mental health of male employees

We’ve all got much better at talking about male mental health. The stigma is not what it once was, with campaigns like Movember and the Mental Health Foundation’s ‘Mental Health Month’ driving far more open conversation. 

Article by Andrew Walker 30 September 2021


How to ensure your recruitment process is engaging top talent

Recruitment is an organic process; things often ebb & flow to a natural rhythm which works for all parties involved. Years of experience have highlighted the 3 types of hiring processes to avoid as well as the best way to recruit in order to quantify candidate engagement and value. Each stage is different to the other, but they all come together to form a 360 degree view of the candidate's suitability for the role, whilst also giving them the best impression of your organisation. Here are my tips.

Article by Patrick Tame, CEO, Beringer Tame 21 September 2021



Few managers realise what a dramatic impact - either positive or negative - they have on their employees through their everyday behaviour. It is the responsibility of senior leaders to enlighten them and provide the organisational context that consistently fosters high-quality relationships between bosses and the people who report to them.

Article by Eileen Donnelly 15 September 2021