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Jude Jennison

8 leadership skills to lead through uncertainty

Disruptive change creates uncertainty and we resist it because it is uncomfortable. Uncertainty generates a range of emotions, polarises opinions and can lead to relationships breaking down. It requires great skill and flexibility to lead through uncertainty. It is also ... View Article

Article by 28 April 2020

John Varney

After the Pandemic

The struggle for survival. The 5 years following coronavirus lockdown will be characterised by struggles between powerful forces. “Could the renewed shock of human vulnerability in the face of Covid-19 make way for an increased willingness to face other perils, ... View Article

Article by 22 April 2020

Mark Cooper

Driving a culture of inclusion

Diversity refers to demographic differences of a group – such as age, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Inclusion is often defined as the extent to which everyone at work feels valued, supported and accepted, regardless of their background.  ... View Article

Article by 16 April 2020

Louisa Weinstein

3 Keys to Building Relationships Remotely

One of the effects of Covid 19 in the last few weeks is that that many Leadership and Management teams have experienced first-hand the challenges of working remotely. Very quickly it can lead to misunderstanding and distancing of team members ... View Article

Article by 15 April 2020

Farzana Kazemi

The Impact of COVID-19 on doing business in the UAE

Organisations and employees across the world are bracing themselves during these unprecedented times. Many governments including the UAE understood the severity of the situation very early on and responded proactively, were highly organized, strategic, and technologically advanced in conducted activities ... View Article

Article by 15 April 2020