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NEETs – creating work experience and opportunity

Young people not in education, employment or training between the age of 16-24 (NEET) made up a staggering 11.6% of the population between October and December 2020 according to the Office of National Statistics.

Article by Marianne Page 19 July 2021


The destined digital age will require dynamic skills

Just like the Rosetta Stone found in the Middle East that was instrumental in deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphs by analysing it against the other writing systems on the stone (Greek, demotic), wouldn’t it be great if there were a “Rosetta Stone” for translating skills?

Article by Yvette Cameron 15 July 2021


How to hybrid – 5 tips for promoting productivity in a disparate workforce.

The time has come to prepare for the great return to the office….for at least part of the week anyway. But with some preferring to remain at home, while others choose a hybrid, or office-based work environment, organisations need to ensure that, regardless of approach, all employees remain engaged, and that productivity remains unaffected.

Article by Alex Arundale 13 July 2021


How AI and machine learning is changing CV fact checking

The automated approach for resume screening is dealt with clinical precision with the help of AI-enabled ATS ( applicant tracking system). An AI-driven ATS helps remove bias and shortlist candidates that shall be sent to the next level of interviews. The latest trends also involve score cards and measuring the gap between the candidates’ perception of their competencies and recruiters’ assessment.

Article by Riddhi Dhadda 7 July 2021


What does 19th July really change for businesses?

We were subjected to the two extremes of ‘remote working is the future’ as some businesses let go of all their office space and ‘as soon as we can, everyone will return to the office full time’ as other businesses focussed on the benefits of the collective energy and environment that the office can create.

Article by Nick Gold 6 July 2021


Return to workplace success relies on putting people first

Despite efforts, the ongoing uncertainty continues to cause some employees to feel less connected and less engaged. With the Government pushing back its roadmap, planning ahead remains difficult. However, on the plus side, this extra time gives teams more opportunity to reflect on ways of working and how to create a workplace that lets people perform at their best.

Article by Vicky Walker, Director of HR at Westfield Health 3 July 2021


As SMEs need to get digital, flexibility is the only route

Why flexibility is essential for digital training for small businesses. According to a new report, more than three quarters (77%) of business leaders don’t think they have the right skills to implement new technology in their businesses. And only half plan to address their digital skills gap in the next 12 months. But as the past year has shown us, digital technology is vital to the survival of companies – no matter what their size. So, what needs to be done to ensure SME business leaders invest in upskilling themselves and their workforce to get the most out of this technology? This article will draw on detailed findings from an Open University report published with Be the Business called Skills for success: Supporting business leaders with digital adoption showing that a flexible approach to training – that can fit in with working patterns and limited budgets – is the best way to overcome the barriers and support businesses to harness the power of new digital skills and tools.

Article by Jane Dickinson, digital Skills Lead at Open University 2 July 2021