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Brennan Jacoby

Confident Remote Leadership

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing managers at the moment? Keeping a great culture alive while working remotely? Onboarding new employees effectively in a virtual environment? Motivating and engaging people when the energy of face-to-face is lost?

Article by 15 September 2020

Louisa Weinstein

5 essentials of Disruptive Innovation for Corporates post Covid19

Whether or not there will be a full return to work, increased remote working is looking inevitable. With it will come a plethora of consequences and options that will and have already changed the way we work. We know from disruptive organisations that have been working remotely for years that this will not simply result in new working protocols and practices. What successful disruptive organisations that have been working remotely for many years tell us is that it will also change the hierarchy, organisational infrastructure and crucially culture and team dynamics of corporates permanently.

Article by 10 September 2020

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

How can wellbeing improve employee attraction and retention?

Employees should always strive to do their best while at work, whatever the circumstance. In practice, however, this simply isn’t the case. Disengaged, unmotivated, unsupported employees are more likely to underperform and even leave a company due to poor workplace culture. It’s simple - people want to be happy. Feeling satisfied, cared about and encouraged leaves us feeling good about ourselves and our situation. This leads to us feeling equipped and empowered to do our best and work to the best of our abilities.

Article by 8 September 2020

Somi Arian

Preparing your team for the future of work

We live in an age of technological disruptions. Every industry will be affected by Artificial Intelligence on some level. In the past, technical knowledge and skills were often sufficient to get you ahead in most industries, but that’s no longer the case.

Article by 3 September 2020

Andrew Rayment

Managing a diverse workforce:
Driving creativity through diversity in your workplace

The promotion of equality and the fight against discrimination is rightly one of the top agenda items with regards to businesses’ approach to their employees, their customers and wider societal impact. It is increasingly necessary for employers to actively encourage equality, and businesses are recognising that workplace diversity can be highly beneficial in making for a more creative, consistent, and productive workforce.

Article by 3 September 2020


Are You Effectively Engaging All ‘Influential Ambassadors’ for Strengthening the Employer Brand?

Preserving/sustaining/promoting a strong employer brand has become critical for leadership in the Digital Age as ‘pristine’ reputations are perilously susceptible to significant and, quite often, irreparable damage from a few keystrokes of an internet-savvy disturbed/disgruntled/disillusioned party from any corner of the world. Additionally, the future of corporate entities is increasingly leveraged on the quality of their workforce and prolonged setbacks in the ‘war for talent’ can signal the end of even the industrial titans of yesteryears.

Article by 1 September 2020

Peter Comber

Meet less. Meet better

The less we come together the more the value, experience and overall success of live meetings must increase. One solution is collaborative creativity. The pandemic will pass, eventually, but in most offices, it seems unlikely that things will ever return the way they were. Suddenly, going to an office every weekday seems unnecessary. However, this poses new challenges and to confront them successfully companies will need to make radical changes in the way people meet to collaborate.

Article by 28 August 2020

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

The role of wellbeing in a manager’s learning and development

Learning and development is typically thought of as a way to improve the effectiveness of a business and its team. Improving skill sets, enhancing knowledge and assisting your team’s personal and professional growth can have a big impact on your business. Employees will ultimately bring more to the table - using their new-found expertise to boost output. This will help your business to deliver great results, whether you’re offering a product or a service.

Article by 26 August 2020

Andy Salkeld

Mental Health – The Professional’s Dilemma

Two years ago, I started on a journey by writing a simple piece titled ‘Breaking the Stigma’. It was open to all who would read it saying that I lived with depression, had been suicidal in the past and that regardless of any of that, was still a – somewhat successful – accountant. Regardless of whether the stigma I felt within the profession and workplace was perceived or real, I decided to break serve and speak openly for the first time in my life.

Article by 25 August 2020