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Rick Kershaw

Could this pandemic hold a small silver lining for employees?

In March this year, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world of work upside down. As our typical schedules fell to dust, employees globally looked to their organisations for support, reassurance and information. But what were they met with? According to the reports that followed, some employers were quick to adopt new ways of working and to introduce measures to support staff, while others struggled to adapt. Some people working from home relished their newfound freedom, while others worried about their productivity and suffered with disengagement and fatigue.

Article by 3 December 2020

Rachel Duncan

Digital acceleration prompting interest in data and technology careers

In a very short period of time, the UK has had to drastically change the way we work, live and play. But while we are all doing our bit to help stop the spread of the Covid-19, the pandemic has brought into sharp focus the vital role that the STEM industry can play in tackling the big challenges we face as a society.

Article by 24 November 2020

Brennan Jacoby

The Emerging Art of Distributed Professionalism

Feeling truly understood and accepted by others is one of life’s most beautiful gifts. And yet, it is a consolation made all the more luxurious by its rarity. Friendships and familial relationships where we feel others really ‘get us’ can be like gold dust. And it may be even harder to achieve depth of connection in the professional context – especially when we and our teams are physically distributed.

Article by 12 November 2020

Andrew Rayment

The changing role of line management

Over recent decades, the role of line management has largely changed due to the shift from manufacturing to services – with this change leaves the term line manager now somewhat outdated. While this phrase conjures up images of the production line, reporting lines and ‘tow-the-line’, businesses today are moving away from this kind of hierarchal structure towards more collaborative working, and focusing instead on creating a networked organisation that prioritises relationships, teams, groups and communities rather than reporting lines.

Article by 10 November 2020

Sarah Dennis

Hiring local nationals is on the rise, so how can HR support employees?

As Covid-19 travel restrictions continue to impact businesses, many are turning to recruiting local nationals to fill vacancies where hiring a globally mobile workforce may have previously been the norm. The pandemic has added another layer of complexity to managing an international workforce, and HR professionals need to ensure that their recruitment and retention strategy is fit for purpose to remain competitive and attract the best talent.

Article by 5 November 2020


What is Your Approach to Successful Talent Management in the Digital Age?
(Discovering the Recipe to Attain/Maintain the ‘Employer of Choice’ Status)

There is no greater debt on an organization’s conscience than underutilized talent, therefore, the best way for assuring/ensuring success in the ‘war for talent’ is by taking efficient and effective measures during the ‘peace in talent’.  However, inducting and maintaining ... View Article

Article by 3 November 2020

Andrew Rayment

How to retain talent through enhanced learning and development

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a sense of widespread uncertainty for businesses, with many forced to shut down overnight when the government announced lockdown. This period compelled employers to reflect on the way their business operates and consider what they expect from their employees – and what employees have come to expect from them. Although many businesses will be highly appreciative of the hard work of their team during this difficult time, bonuses and other financial rewards may not be a viable form of recognition in the current climate.

Article by 29 October 2020