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How to stay human in the virtual working world

In recent years, employee engagement has climbed the priority list for CEOs and organisations around the world. This was of course accelerated by the shift to hybrid working, but now more than ever it is crucial that leaders get this right. While some organisations speak to employee engagement being fundamental to who they are – the reality is that this is not always followed through. Many companies use employee engagement as a buzz word to delight the markets, not their teams. While behaviour like this is not new – it is flawed. Here are top 3 tips to humanise your next virtual meeting, and bring back the human touch.

Article by Joseph Toma, CEO - Jugo 13 March 2023


Cutting PR departments in redundancy rounds is false economy

Ironically though, at the very time when communication departments are most important, marketing and PR budgets are often slashed. While this response is perhaps understandable, every single organisation in the world relies on its reputation for success, so cutting PR during economic hardship is a false economy.

Article by Louise Stewart, Partner - Penta 12 March 2023


Short term budget cuts versus long term impacts

2023 has already seen many senior leadership teams slash budgets.  The knock on effect of COVID, Brexit and the energy crisis due to the Ukraine war has created a lack of confidence in the UK industry and business has reacted by withdrawing budgets across departments in organisations. 

Article by Joe Gilliver 11 March 2023


Workplace productivity depends on training and development

This article discusses how training and development can impact workplace productivity, the signs of a decent workplace, and how technology can support a workforce. Training and development can improve employees' skills and knowledge, enhance motivation, increase confidence, reduce errors and mistakes, and support innovation, ultimately leading to higher productivity levels. A decent workplace is characterized by a positive work culture, fair compensation and benefits, opportunities for growth and development, work-life balance, a safe and comfortable work environment, and high employee retention rates. Technology can support a workforce by increasing efficiency, improving communication and collaboration, enhancing flexibility and remote work, providing access to real-time data, improving customer service, and increasing job satisfaction. Employers can leverage technology to create a more productive, engaged, and motivated workforce.

Article by Pauleen Morin 10 March 2023


Why bullying and harassment training isn’t the answer

What really matters is what HR leaders can do to encourage more trust, confidence and feelings of psychological safety, creating better places to work. This is the real root of the problem, as pointed out by the union involved: “a system of zero hours contracts, when crew members must depend on the good will of managers to be allocated hours...when there’s a culture of cover up with the use of NDAs”.

Article by Arran Heal, Managing Director - CMP. 9 March 2023


Embracing equity this International Women’s Day

In a perfect world, equality sure sounds great. The same treatment for everybody? What’s not to like?! But the thing is, equality only really works if we’re all the same to begin with. Which of course we’re not. In reality, aiming for equity presents much fairer and more effective goalposts.

Article by Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula 8 March 2023


Overcoming the challenges of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are important elements of any forward-thinking organisation. They create a culture that celebrates differences, encourages collaboration and strengthens team dynamics. However, achieving diversity and inclusion is no easy task. In a world where many workplaces are dominated by one demographic group or type of person, creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment can be a constant challenge.

Article by Billie Dhadda - The Change Partners 7 March 2023


Six trends impacting HR and business In 2023

In the past few years, HR teams and business leaders have several challenges to contend with, from mass resignations to the threat of recession, budget issues and fast-moving tech advances which have transformed industries. In 2023, what are the common trends that companies need to be aware of to stay ahead?

Article by Dakota Murphey - Contributor 5 March 2023