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The Future of the office

While the announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown may have led to businesses considering a return to the office, one thing is clear: the future of the office looks set to be different. After more than 12 months of remote working, what do employees feel about remote working and the return to the office? And how can this help HR leaders shape their business' approach?

Article by Charlotte Smith 26 March 2021

Louisa Weinstein

A CALL TO ACTION: 5 Steps to post pandemic Re-engagement

The world and business in particular has been rocked not just by the pandemic but by issues of race, gender, diversity and equality. It is almost as if we are being asked to do and even see everything differently – not just operate differently but also to think differently challenging all sorts of “norms”.

Article by 25 March 2021


The opportunity beyond the angst: how IR35 can bring positive change

Addressing IR35 should be the trigger for reimagining workforce procurement management systems to guarantee compliance, but also to create an outstanding procurement function that enhances the work engagement from a freelancer’s perspective.

Article by Henrik Smedberg 24 March 2021

Ryan Littlejohn

6 C’s for leading teams remotely

Over one year on, we are starting to emerge from the pandemic but remote working is here to stay, at least in some form. There is an expectation that particularly SME’s will look to cut overheads and with evidence that productivity does not suffer when working from home, we might find many businesses offloading large, expensive central office space in favour of a more blended approach of home working and keeping some physical space for larger meetings and collaboration. All this leads to a more permanent switch to remote working. Many leaders have had to step into remote leadership blindly. Even those managing others in different locations, were probably not prepared for doing that whilst two children where jostling for their attention on a Zoom call. This unexpected thrust into remote leadership has been a challenging experiment and below I have captured areas that have been helpful in meeting this new challenge.

Article by 23 March 2021


The urgent need to encourage forgiveness at work

Let's start by understanding what we mean by a culture of forgiveness. Culture is built on behaviour and puts the spotlight on leaders as role models, with an emphasis on behavioural readiness to change. This means being clear on behaviours that are rewarded vs punished and holding leaders accountable for behaviours that have a detrimental impact on employee mental and emotional health. Martin Luther King famously said, “There can be no justice without peace and no peace without justice.” So why is forgiveness and organisational justice so important now?

Article by Andrew Rayment & Catherine De La Poer 22 March 2021


Developing the new organisation – how will you be structured?

The scale of business change during 2020 has been monumental. Some sectors have been devastated whilst others have accelerated their digital and operational transformations by years. In 2021, businesses are continuing to accelerate their shift to a digital environment and new operating models.

Article by Aaron Alburey 19 March 2021

Rob Baker

Personalising our how, when and where of working – beyond hybrid working.

From the new to the normal The how, when and where of work has rapidly changed over the past year. New ways of working and doing our jobs in different ways, in different locations and at different times have started to develop and establish themselves. Zoom calls and Slack channels are now the norm rather than the new and it is unlikely that people and organisations will want or will be able to neatly return to the ways of working that were commonplace pre March 2020.

Article by 18 March 2021


Fostering a culture of connectedness

Recent research tells us that employers need to offer far higher levels of support to remote workers, which means profound changes for many organisations in a post-pandemic world.

Article by Charlie Martin 17 March 2021