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Miti Ampoma

To mitigate the impact of artificial intelligence we must harness the power of emotional intelligence

One of the most recognised interpretations of emotional intelligence (EI) is that of the American author and science journalist, Daniel Goleman. He describes EI as how we use a combination of self-awareness, self-management and empathy to build and maintain successful relationships. Goleman suggests that EI accounts for 67% of the abilities needed to be a successful leader and that it is twice as important as technical proficiency or IQ.

Article by 21 January 2020

Sarah Gornall

A Mindset for Coaching, Leading and Personal Growth

Maybe the place to start is by refreshing how we think about ourselves, and by developing a mindset that is open to new insights into how we operate and how others perceive us. When we bring the same old mindset that served us in 2019 to new resolutions, we may set ourselves up for failure. When we shift towards a mindset of personal growth and choice, we become more open to others as well and are more likely to have a positive impact on the outcomes we desire.

Article by 16 January 2020

Mark Cooper

Building a unified culture after M&A

Bringing two or more companies together to create a single unified business requires a foundation of shared values. Operating in a global marketplace, organisations need a clearly defined set of goals and values that are understood inside and outside the business. This becomes more important than ever at a time of change, when there is a requirement to retain staff, partners and customers as well as recruit the best talent.

Article by 15 January 2020

Paul Avis

Fostering a happy and productive workplace

With productivity at stake and a reduced talent pool to tap into,[1] employee wellbeing has risen to the top of many businesses’ agendas and is no longer merely an afterthought when addressing sickness absence or talent retention. There is an undeniable correlation between a happy, healthy workforce and enhanced productivity with “improvements in employees’ wellbeing also being conducive to economic growth.”

Article by 14 January 2020

Sylvia Brune

The role of HR in successfully adapting a business to suit the millennial generation

Everybody is obsessed with millennials – they’re one of the most highly sought-after target generations for advertisers and marketers. Their habits and lifestyles receive an absurd amount of attention online, and product developers often design projects with millennials in mind. But they’re far from being catered to by everybody, and the workplace is one notable exception.

Article by 9 January 2020

Sarah Dennis

How to prepare staff for international assignments

As a business expands into new territories, for the assignment to be a success it’s important that employees relocating are supported and well looked after, not only during their secondment abroad but before they travel.

Article by 7 January 2020


8 Tips for Bridging the Gap between Customer Expectations and Customer Experiences within the eCommerce Realm

The Digital Age has empowered the customer like never before, especially, within the eCommerce realm, primarily due to the alluring promise of better deals, optimized convenience, faster deliveries, broader choices, desired qualities, and customized services. This has also led to an emboldened customer who is more prone to throwing away the cloak of silence to express his/her opinions online due to the realized influence of being able to tinker with an organization’s business reputation by a few keystrokes on a highly frequented social media/consumer forum website. Consequently, progressive organizations are taking extensive measures in knowing their customers deeply through the use of relevant methods/metrics as a way of gaining insights into providing more delightful experiences. However, it remains a daunting challenge to meet/exceed customer expectations on a consistent basis due to their dynamic nature. This is further exacerbated by the nagging fear of disruptive influences that can not only impact products/services, but also, radically change the relevant ecosystem, e.g., Amazon disrupted/transformed the ecosystem of conventional retailing through online dominance and forced key competitors like Walmart to rethink their strategies for staying relevant and competitive in the Digital Age.

Article by 2 January 2020

Sarah Gornall

Gut, Heart or Brain? Where do you decide?

Many years ago, someone told me that an interview panel make up their minds about candidates within 3 seconds of their walking into the room. Then everything that candidate says is filtered through the original Yes or No decision. Confirmation bias at work.

Article by 19 December 2019