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Role of AI in Recruitment For Accountants

AI is increasingly aiding recruitment in the accounting field. It automates tasks like resume screening, reduces biases in job postings, and enhances initial communication with applicants. AI's benefits include time savings, cost reduction, and predictive candidate analysis. However, flaws exist, like keyword reliance and impersonal touch. Balancing AI's advantages with human connection is essential amid a scarcity of accounting graduates.

Article by Mike Whitmire 7 September 2023


The top 5 tips to improve staff wellbeing

At BRITA VIVREAU, we have conducted new Research to found out what what office workers say helps improve their wellbeing at work and what they would like their employers to provide. We want to help employers use their office spaces to create supportive, positive and productive workplace cultures which can ultimately contribute to staff retention and improved productivity.

Article by Chris Dagenais 6 September 2023


Poor gender diversity in transport – what can be done?

Understanding the honest views and opinions of both the men and women at your organisation will lay the foundations for developing meaningful interventions that bring about positive change

Article by Dawn Smedley, Head of Culture at WorkBuzz 5 September 2023


How can AI transform the recruitment process for HR?

“Artificial technology can create all the accounts the new hire will require, provide feedback on the training they undergo and suggest courses they could take to fill gaps in their knowledge.”

Article by Emily Newton 4 September 2023


AI – humans must remember the face behind the case

One of the primary challenges as we devolve more and more responsibility and decision-making capability to AI will be to remember the Face Behind the Case – that we are not dealing simply with caseload, but with real people with real concerns

Article by Ken Naismith, Chief Executive - Workpro. 1 September 2023


The importance of screening to avoid illegal immigrant employment

In light of recent news announcing substantial fines for businesses employing illegal immigrants, it is evident that adherence to immigration regulations has never been more critical. The latest measure, a significant increase in fines for employing illegal migrants, reflects the government's commitment to curbing unlawful employment practices and reducing the allure of illegal immigration.

Article by Susie Thomson 31 August 2023


Employee fulfilment: Attainable or chasing rainbows?

There are four main levers that influence employee fulfilment: Balance, community, growth and purpose. These elements together create meaningful and memorable employee experiences that help employees to feel totally content in their roles.

Article by Robert Ordever, European MD - O.C. Tanner 30 August 2023


Embracing agile performance management

Embrace the future of performance management, Discover how Agile methods are revolutionizing workplace dynamics. From continuous feedback loops to personalized care and development. This article explores strategies to meet the needs of changing and evolving workforce dynamics. #Futureofwork #PerformanceManagement #Agilepeformance #Employeedevelopment

Article by Ganesh Iyer 29 August 2023


How emotionally intelligent leaders affect digital transformation success

As an emotionally intelligent leader, Travis focused on people. He developed his personal relationships with key stakeholders and influencers. He was then able to hold court with the CEO and share stories of success and failure. Additionally, he had the opportunity to join a task force, not to lead it, but rather to provide some expertise on specific subject matter that would leverage his transformational experience. The trust he was able to build with this task force allowed him to influence the organization toward effective transition strategies and tactics. Travis knew that digital transformation required time, not only for him but for his leaders and all others impacted by the transformation. So he leveraged opportunities, again and again, to talk about the changes, impacts and effects to help provide time to all involved. Through Travis’ journey, one thing we can learn is what emotionally intelligent leaders do to affect change, in this case, a digital transformation.

Article by Pete Behrens 28 August 2023


Is automated recruiting hurting DEI efforts?

Diverse talent is critically important because different people hold different perspectives and, therefore, will approach tasks and solve problems differently. We need to diversify the talent pool in a variety of ways—not by over-simplifying demographic breakdown into skin tone, race, and ethnicity, but rather by recognizing differences in financial status and lifestyle.

Article by Rob Thomas 27 August 2023