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Basic admin tasks draining money from freelance economy

Basic administrative tasks are draining money from the British economy, with UK freelancers losing out on £28.1bn every year through menial jobs according to new research from Setapp, the frontier platform for Mac app subscription services

Contributor: Oleksandr Kosovan | Published: 8 June 2019


Stigma around mental health fuelling “unexplained” sick days

A new report from Breathe, commissioned to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 reveals British workers are still uncomfortable disclosing mental health issues or burnout, as nearly a quarter (23 percent) admit they would rather take an unexplained sick day than discuss their issues with their employers.

Contributor: Jonathan Richards | Published: 7 June 2019

 Poor data is stopping firms from flexible working 

The rising popularity of agile working has seen many firms reorganise their workplaces to attract and retain the best people. Flexible working can also save money by cutting the amount of expensive real estate that firms own or rent.

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 6 June 2019


Younger employees more likely to suffer poor mental wellbeing

In the workplace young staff are more likely to feel: That they do not receive respect from colleagues; Experience strained relationships at work; Have a lack of clarity on duties and responsibilities.  The research shows that new entrants to the job market are the hardest hit 

Contributor: Neville Koopowitz | Published: 4 June 2019


Revealed – the shocking cost of IT disruption revealed 

The top five workplace IT issues reported by UK workers were: slow running equipment (34 percent), internet connectivity issues (27 percent), cyber breaches (19 percent), additional equipment such as printers and scanners not working (11 percent), and finally, outdated hardware (9 percent).

Contributor: Matt Royle | Published: 3 June 2019


Government told to enforce a minimum level of cyber security protection

According to the recent Cyber Security Breaches Survey, less than three in 10 (27 percent) businesses have a formal cyber security policy in place, while large companies reported an average of 12 attacks per year that they knew about.

Contributor: Terry Saliba | Published: 2 June 2019

 Four in Five US Small Businesses have no formal remote working policy

Research shows SMBs interested in providing remote working, but lack processes to support it. A vast majority of SMBs have no formal policy or process in place regarding remote work, new research of 190 small businesses has revealed.

Contributor: Zach Capers | Published: 1 June 2019


Employers must take gender pay gap seriously or risk costly litigation

The bank did not agree that any discrepancy in pay was based on the gender of the employee and said that it took a fair and inclusive approach to setting pay, but it didn’t think it “got things right in certain areas” and so settled to resolve the matter. 

Contributor: David Scott | Published: 31 May 2019


GDPR one year on – are you staying compliant in 2019?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) saw a major overhaul of how businesses, regardless of size, handle personal data. Firms must evaluate how they collect, store and process personal data to protect a person’s privacy

Contributor: Matthew Cole | Published: 30 May 2019