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Employers must improve support for those undergoing fertility treatment

Three women with personal experience campaigning for statutory rights in the workplace for those needing to have fertility treatment are encouraging Brits to write to their local MPs to support new proposed legislation to protect the rights of those going undergoing fertility treatment.

Contributor: Becky Kearns, Co-Founder - Fertility Matter At Work | Published: 13 September 2022

Is passive aggression the perfect office crime?

Passive-aggressive behaviour could be described as the ‘perfect office crime’ because these toxic acts are partially hidden and it can be difficult to prove someone is being passive-aggressive, even though their behaviour can be insidious and destructive. It is important to address.

Contributor: Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership | Published: 12 September 2022

Healthcare job application rates declining as winter months approach

The healthcare sector continues to fall short of job applicants with recent data showing a 42% decline in people applying for vacancies between June 2022 and July 2022, complicating preparations for a potential Covid-19 surge during the colder months. That’s according to recent research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

Contributor: Ann Swain - APSCo | Published: 12 September 2022

Suicide rate for expat employers is a serious concern

Employers need to consider the mental health of all employees, but those posted abroad may be at extra risk and with less visibility, so need extra care and attention. It is vital therefore that employers look at where they can offer support.

Contributor: Sarah Dennis, Head of International - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 11 September 2022

Signs of job market stabilisation post so-called “great resignation”

A new report reveals recruitment industry transactions are down -30% YoY but, only -2% biannually. Travel and marketing industries are seeing the biggest YoY growth, according to takepayments. Whilst hospitality, storage and veterinary services are seeing a decline.

Contributor: Sandra Rowley - takepayments | Published: 11 September 2022

Suicide is preventable, so how can employers help?

Suicide is preventable. Employee benefits can and do help to prevent suicide in many ways – from providing access to mental health support such as counselling, to help with debt and money worries. However, employee benefits can only help if they are utilised and appreciated.

Contributor: Katharine Moxham - GRiD | Published: 10 September 2022

What is causing high workforce exit numbers?

To successfully manage these new threats and risks, organisations must be agile and flexible to meet new challenges head-on.

Contributor: Liam McNeill, Vice President, EMEA - UKG | Published: 9 September 2022