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Are you doing enough to stop remote working bullying?

Lockdown has created a bubble of pressure and isolation that has increased the voice of the workplace bully. Insight from health and wellbeing provider BHSF, has revealed that growing numbers of employees are reporting a rise in ‘out of sight’ bullying as a result of home working and a greater reliance on ‘always on’ technology.

Contributor: Tracey Paxton, Managing Director - The Employee Resilience Company Limited, a partner of BHSF | Published: 17 November 2020

Why entrepreneurship is so important right now

In times of economic stability, entrepreneurs who exude self-confidence are the most likely to thrive. However, when faced with unstable and adverse economic conditions, those entrepreneurs who possess greater resilience are most likely to come out on top, according to new research from Durham University Business School.

Contributor: Saadat Saeed - Professor in Management and Marketing - Durham University | Published: 16 November 2020

What’s happened to employee expense claims during Covid-19?

Survey reveals impact of Covid and remote work on employee expenses, with a 57 per cent increase in UK respondents expensing their internet since Covid, and notable disparities in expense reimbursement based on roles and gender.

Contributor: Andrew Foster, VP consulting EMEA - AppZen | Published: 16 November 2020

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Calling time on emotional abuse at work

A new study by German researchers has found that employees who suffer emotional or verbal abuse in an otherwise good relationship blame themselves - and re-double their efforts. They warn that unless companies improve their measures of good leadership, abusive behaviour will continue, with damaging implications for employee mental health.

Contributor: Dr. Christian Tröster is Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior - KLU | Published: 15 November 2020

Half of remote workers are suffering from WFH fatigue

More than half of remote workers are now suffering from working from home fatigue. And this is likely to be a long term situation, with Europe entering a second lockdown and three quarters of the biggest employers now saying that remote working in some shape is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Contributor: Simon Collins, Chair - Resilience First | Published: 15 November 2020

Worker burnout spikes

According to new data from people success platform Glint, employee burnout is reaching new highs — with no signs of abating.

Contributor: Steven Buck, head of People Science, EMEA - Glint | Published: 13 November 2020