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The startling truth about Student and grad mental

A report from the CMHA has revealed worrying stats about the mental health of students and graduates in the UK. Of the 519 UK graduates and students surveyed planning to apply for a job within financial, legal and professional services in this country, 69 percent described themselves as having experienced rare to severe mental health issues.

Contributor: Patrick Watt | Published: 3 January 2019


Most employees say “baah… humbug” to gifting their boss

A study of 1,000 UK workers published in the Most Generous Time of the Year Study by Perkbox, the UK’s fastest growing employee benefits platform, revealed that 90 percent of employees don’t gift their boss a present during the Christmas season.

Contributor: Chieu Cao | Published: 2 January 2019


Agencies risk increasing penalties under new worker’s rights 

Following the new legislation announced by BEIS, workers will receive a package of new rights as part of its Good Work Plan. With a host of new reforms to workplace rights - such as details of rights from a worker’s first day in a role, to their eligibility for paid sick leave - this is the largest upgrade in rights we’ve seen in a generation.

Contributor: Ben Wardleworth | Published: 1 January 2019


Immigration white paper won’t help skills shortage if there’s no deal Brexit

While a no deal would mean no transitional period for EU workers to transfer to pre-settled status. It would also result in a likelihood that companies would immediately be required to hold a sponsor licence, which can take up to four months to secure and thereafter issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to their employees.

Contributor: Karendeep Kaur | Published: 31 December 2018


Latest Workplace reforms do not go far enough

The Government’s workplace reforms to do go far enough - they do not go so far as banning zero-hour contracts. Given that the tribunal system is already creaking under the strain of a huge increase in claims since the abolition of fees, the government could have been more robust to stem likely further litigation in this area of zero-hour contracts.

Contributor: Prisca Bradley | Published: 30 December 2018


Landmark decision on meaning of “unfavourable treatment” 

In Williams v The Trustees of Swansea University Pension & Assurance Scheme and Swansea University the Supreme Court has provided useful confirmation on the meaning of "unfavourable treatment" under section 15 of the Equality Act 2010 ("the Act"). The appeal on behalf of the University and the Trustees of its pension scheme was defended.

Contributor: Matthew Smith | Published: 29 December 2018

pension strategy

Never mind the Brexit, here’s the pension strategy

Pension reform in recent years can be summed up as good progress but still lots to be done. We know a key to increasing contributions is good employee engagement; research has shown it is already possible to get over half of employees to increase their savings voluntarily, just by talking to them effectively.

Contributor: Tom McPhail | Published: 28 December 2018

sexual harassment

Will new code of conduct on sexual harassment be helpful?

Sexual harassment has been outlawed in the workplace since 1975 when the Sex Discrimination Act was first introduced. It was refined by the Equality Act in 2010. It might have been expected that employers and employees ought to know what was expected in the workplace.

Contributor: David Scott | Published: 27 December 2018


Students and grads concerned about work-impacted mental health

With the Christmas holiday approaching, new data on UK student and graduate mental health has identified that those early in their careers feel they would be expected to regularly check in with their employers outside of working hours. Contributor Poppy Jaman OBE, CEO - City Mental Health Alliance and Nick Syson, Partner - Linklaters.

Contributor: Poppy Jaman | Published: 26 December 2018


Concerns about use of workplace volunteers to tackle mental health

Experts caution there is no ‘magic bullet’ for improving mental health in the workplace. Any ‘mental health first aid’ provision must be part of a wider system of employee support. Fresh concerns about how businesses use employees to support colleagues with mental health issues have prompted new guidance for bosses.

Contributor: Duncan Spencer | Published: 25 December 2018