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Post-pandemic health & safety sign blindness a danger for returners

Leading health and safety experts are warning that the UK faces a ‘sign blindness’ epidemic as people continue to return to the workplace. Now, health and safety solutions provider Seton has joined forces with top academics and psychologists to release the report 'Sign Blindness: A big risk to health and safety'.

Contributor: Ed Barnes, Product Innovation Manager - Seton | Published: 16 November 2021

Workers prepared to leave jobs to access hybrid working

Recent research from the UK’s largest family run recruiter has revealed how businesses are currently navigating the new working ‘normal' and the rise of hybrid working.  

Contributor: Ian Nicholas, Global Managing Director - Reed | Published: 16 November 2021


Great resignation is holding back their business growth

The Great Resignation is leading many big businesses in the UK to rethink their organisational approach - 78% say that talent has now overtaken technology as the key priority for business transformation in their organisation.  While almost nine out of ten (88%) of business leaders say acquiring and retaining talent is more important to the business now than it was 18 months ago.  

Contributor: Abakar Saidov, Beamery | Published: 15 November 2021

Which jobs are most likely to shift to a four-day week?

The talk of businesses adapting to a 4- day working week are becoming more frequent due to the flexibility that the COVID pandemic provided workers. Trials have been conducted across Europe and have become a more frequent talking topic among many MPs.

Contributor: Louri Prokhorov | Published: 14 November 2021

Many British frontline workers fear job loss from reporting workplace issues

To read the full report visit:   SafetyCulture’s new mobile-first ‘issues’ feature is available now via iAuditor for free. For information on how organizations can get started and gain real-time insight into what is happening in the field visit:

Contributor: Darren Winterford, SafetyCulture | Published: 13 November 2021

Stigma still making UK workers conceal health concerns

A new survey conducted by Aetna International has revealed the factors that stop employees from accessing health and well-being support in the workplace. Results suggest that fear of judgement is preventing many employees from opening up about their health concerns, and that there are a number of simple steps businesses could take to improve the use of existing benefits. In fact, fear of being penalised for health issues at work was identified as the main barrier to accessing benefits by survey respondents.

Contributor: David Healy, Chief Executive Officer - Europe at Aetna International | Published: 12 November 2021

Majority of the most popular professions have a gender pay gap

Analysis by HR software provider CIPHR reveals that eight out of ten of the UK’s most popular job roles, employing 100,000 people or more, have a gender pay gap in favour of men.

Contributor: Emma-Louise Jones - CIPHR | Published: 12 November 2021