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Job vacancy boom pushing recruiters to breaking point

The buoyant candidate market might be great for candidates, but those on the frontline of talent acquisition are overworked, stretched, and exhausted. A new survey has revealed that a quarter of people working in recruitment are struggling to cope with their stress levels. The study, which was conducted by specialist talent acquisition software provider Tribepad (, shows the impact that the global talent crisis is having on those tasked with filling roles in a market where candidates are in control, vacancies have reached record highs, and one-click applications are overwhelming.

Contributor: Chris Cotterill - Tribepad | Published: 5 September 2022

Most employers don’t provide any menopause support

Nearly two thirds (65%) of employers don’t provide any menopause-specific support to employees, according to a poll of employers and HR professionals by WorkNest

Contributor: Jane Hallas - WorkNest | Published: 3 September 2022

Employers struggling to attract new starters into office jobs

It is hugely beneficial to listen and learn on on-the-job training. Otherwise, how do you get graduates and school leavers to understand how to interact, build rapport and learn how to be part of a team and how to act appropriately in professional situations? I do really feel for young people today but I do worry about where we will find the leaders of the future if they do not have the experience of being in and around teams.

Contributor: David Hunt, CEO - Hyperion Executive Search | Published: 2 September 2022

FAQs about consolidating pensions

With one in three (33%) pension savers worrying about lost or forgotten funds, consolidating your pensions into one pot is something that many may want to consider. WEALTH at work looks at some of the key questions employees should keep in mind...

Contributor: Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director - WEALTH at work | Published: 2 September 2022

Here comes the Great Resignation 2.0

The equivalent of 1.3m UK SMEs have unnecessarily lost talent this year by making employees feel undervalued.

Contributor: James Malia, UK MD - Prezzee | Published: 2 September 2022

Tackling skill shortages – assessing the challenges

The UK’s labour market is finally starting to show signs of a cooldown, however, with recession fears looming and ongoing Government uncertainty amidst a leadership contest, this drop is certainly a concern for the country’s economy.

Contributor: Ann Swain - APSCo | Published: 2 September 2022

Can your ex be your next? The pros and cons of re-hiring

In today’s competitive hiring environment, are you plumbing all the possible places to find top candidates? Have you considered rehiring former employees? It’s a tough job to hire the right person. Former employees may offer a pool of terrific candidates. They may not. It all depends.

Contributor: Maryna Stiahailo - Akkerman | Published: 1 September 2022

Three quarters of SMEs shifting direction

As 45% of businesses fail to achieve their initial targets, expert reveals the importance of realistic goals.

Contributor: Hannah Sheaf - iwoca | Published: 1 September 2022

What is the link between office space and employee stress?

Clearly, the return to the office is causing some stress for staff and while there’s a myriad of reasons behind this, our study suggests that for many, the office space itself simply doesn’t work for them. Almost all (95%) employees we surveyed indicated that they weren’t happy with the office as it’s currently set up. While different workplaces will have varying needs, the majority of employees in our survey wanted their offices to be designed in ways that promote greater workplace community while also bolstering mental health.

Contributor: Amy Bailey, Regional Principal, People & Culture - Unispace | Published: 1 September 2022

Rumours of HR’s demise have been greatly exagerated

With the popularization of remote work following the pandemic, the question that arises is - will Human Resources (HR) departments/jobs become out-dated?  Well, the simple answer is definitely no, as per the community’s demands at GBSB Global Business School.

Contributor: Dr. Nada Khaddage - Soboh | Published: 31 August 2022