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Millions have boomeranged back to their old jobs in the US

Four out of 10 people (43%) who quit their jobs during the pandemic now admit they were actually better off at their old job. This revelation comes from a six-country survey of nearly 4,000 people by UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, that examines sentiment about quitting during the Great Resignation, including if job leavers felt that they made the right decision, the disconnect between managers and employees about why people quit, and the chances workers would boomerang back to their old job.

Contributor: Neil Pickering - UKG | Published: 3 May 2022

APSCo warns of complexity of Germany’s freelance regulation

Following new regulation on the Inquiry Proceeding of Freelancers in Germany – or Statusfestellungsverfahren – the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) Deutschland has warned of a decline in freelance numbers across the country at a time when skills are in short supply.

Contributor: Tania Bowers - APSCo | Published: 3 May 2022

Nearly three-quarters of UK businesses risk losing young talent

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of UK businesses are not providing sufficient workforce experiences for young workers, as a result of poor workplace tech and employee experience strategies.

Contributor: Duncan Casemore, Co-founder and CTO - Applaud | Published: 2 May 2022

Salary is no longer enough – it’s employee experience.

With resignations at the highest they have been in over a decade, leaders are battling to build an employee experience to suit and retain their workers. Talented employees are calling the shots so organisations are potentially having to explore a completely different offering in the workplace as employees increasingly want a bespoke work life including better flexibility, training, opportunities, recognition, inclusion and an overall better experience.

Contributor: Thom Dennis, Serenity - Leadership | Published: 2 May 2022

Worrying shortfalls in employee training revealed

Research by enterprise LMS provider Digits into workplace training suggests that many employers are underinvesting in their staff and may not be providing enough – or the right types of – regular training to support them in their roles.

Contributor: Emma-Louise Jones, Digits | Published: 1 May 2022

Graduates fear lack of confidence will hold them back

Student and graduate employability experts Careerpass Network reveal their latest findings from their survey of over 2,000 UK students and graduates. They share how prepared students are feeling about stepping into the working world and what they're looking for from employers when searching for jobs.

Contributor: Amy O'Neill - Careerpass Network | Published: 1 May 2022

Employee experience scores dropping sharply in return-to-office

Future Forum, Slack’s research consortium on the future of work, has released its latest global study revealing how knowledge workers are now responding to return-to-office policies. With 34% of knowledge workers back in the office five days a week, employee experience scores have plummeted, with work-related stress and anxiety hitting the worst level since Future Forum began surveying in 2020.

Contributor: Slack | Published: 30 April 2022

Demand for contract professionals is spiking

The first quarter of 2022 ended with significant increases in white collar recruitment, with contract professionals in particularly high demand as skills shortages remain rife. That’s according to the latest Recruitment Trends Snapshot report from The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

Contributor: Ann Swain - APSCo | Published: 30 April 2022

What do comments directed at Angela Raynor really tell us?

Employers should take steps to protect against any form of bullying, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace, which the comments against Angela Raynor could definitely be construed as.

Contributor: Jenny Marsden, Director of Services at BrightHR | Published: 29 April 2022