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legal challenges

Legal challenges to IR35 public sector reforms seem inevitable

Half of FCSA survey responses stated that no IR35 compliance tests had been carried out over IR35, with more than one third of respondents believe that legal challenges will now transpire. 50 percent of responses to the question of how workers were assessed highlighted that no IR35 compliance tests had been carried out on workers sourced via agencies.

Contributor: Julia Kermode | Published: 7 May 2018


GDPR – employers advised to review employment contracts

All UK employers are expected to comply with the GDPR as it seeks to increase protection around the unauthorised use of employee’s personal data. The added duties which accompany the GDPR have caused much consternation amongst employers as many fear the onerous task of altering long established workplace practices to remain compliant.

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 7 May 2018

data privacy

Consumer spring anticipated over data privacy

UK Consumers are set to target businesses with onslaught of data privacy requests Following Deadline for GDPR Compliance; 40 percent of UK consumers intend to exercise their data privacy rights in the next six months. Financial services, retail and social media companies to be hit the hardest with personal data requests.

Contributor: Mike Palmer | Published: 6 May 2018


Could Sainsbury’s/Asda merge create a larger yet more agile business?

The news that Sainsbury's plans to merge with Asda, has come as quite a shock. It is a striking example of two major retailers taking a bold move to address the ongoing challenges of an intensely competitive industry. The combined group will be led by Sainsbury's chief has said that this is a “transformational opportunity" to create a new force in UK retail,

Contributor: Simon Hayward | Published: 6 May 2018


Gig workers missing out on benefits

There has been much press coverage about gig worker pay, conditions and benefits, but little discussion about the effects on companies. Flexible, self-employed work is nothing new but the way people find and access work is developing all the time, so this type of work is only likely to increase.

Contributor: Brett Hill | Published: 5 May 2018


Women take the lead on saving money

Almost half (48 percent) of women aged 25-45 are solely responsible for the financial decisions in their household, yet 57 percent in this age group do not have any kind of cover. Buying something is most likely to be a priority for this group if it saves money (42 percent) or can be used often (30 percent).

Contributor: Natalie Summerson | Published: 5 May 2018


Skills shortage in teaching damaging school performance

More than three quarters (79 percent) of school and Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) leaders in England believe that the skills shortage in teaching will become more severe over the next three years, and 84 percent believe that a culture of ‘recruitment compromise’ is undermining overall performance within their schools.

Contributor: Nicola McQueen | Published: 4 May 2018


New Tech Fund to support disabled people and employers announced

In a hyper-connected and multi-cultural society, it is key organisations foster an environment where the inclusion of employees with disabilities is evident across all levels, in all business activity and in the ways their employees collaborate with one another, customers and partners.

Contributor: Sarah Kaiser | Published: 4 May 2018


What would you be willing to lie about to secure a job? 

A staggering 92.5 percent of Brits have got away with lying on their CV, with nearly three quarters (71.6 percent) stating that they got the job as a result. That’s according to latest research. The research surveyed 1,000 UK workers and asked them if they’ve ever considered lying on their CV, or to a potential employer, in order to secure a job.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 3 May 2018


Union warns over Asda/Sainsbury merger

Union warns a ‘bargain basement' deal could risk gambling with 330,000 people’s futures - as workers kept in dark on grocery merger. GMB, the union for ASDA workers, today issued a warning over a looming "supermarket sweepstake" after ASDA and Sainsbury's confirmed an attempted merger this morning.

Contributor: Tim Roache | Published: 3 May 2018