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Graduate recruitment is stabilised and bouncing back

Institute of Student Employers April poll shows that the UK's top graduate employers have stabilised or increased recruitment this year.

Contributor: Clare Tregaskis – Institute of Student Employers | Published: 2 May 2021

Mid-career switching looks set to rise

Growing numbers of mid-career workers (aged 31-40) are thinking about changing their career, with 64% of this group willing to retrain as they plan for a future post-Covid-19 – the highest proportion of all age groups. This is despite workers over the age of 35 being less likely have been laid off over the last year compared to other age groups.

Contributor: Jon Wilson, CEO - Totaljobs | Published: 1 May 2021

Digital training gap: Just 14% of retail workers receive training on mobile devices

Report revealed that almost half (47%) of retail staff wanted training to be delivered digitally, while almost three quarters (74%) said they would welcome mobile training. However, currently, just 14% receive training via a mobile or app, demonstrating a growing digital training gap experienced by retail frontline workers. 

Contributor: Fabrice Haiat, CEO - YOOBIC | Published: 1 May 2021

Pointless growing a business without overarching trajectory of leadership development

Leadership development has a crucial role in creating a competitive business advantage, as previous studies have shown that it improves financial performance, helps attract and retain talent, drives strategy execution, and increases success in navigating change.

Contributor: Dr Pekka Mattila - Aalto University | Published: 30 April 2021

Increase in freelancers now working a ‘side-hustle’

New research from PeoplePerHour, the freelance jobs marketplace, shows more people have turned to freelancing alongside employee jobs during the pandemic.

Contributor: Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder - PeoplePerHour | Published: 30 April 2021

Why resilience will be the big differentiator going forward

Aon's Global Wellbeing Survey finds that companies that improve employee wellbeing performance see results in customer satisfaction and retention, employee satisfaction and customer acquisition as well as an increase in company profit and a decrease in employee turnover.

Contributor: Dr. Avneet Kaur, EMEA Wellbeing Solutions Leader - AON | Published: 29 April 2021

If we have to go back to commuting, let’s do it more sustainably

Mobilityways enables firms to calculate their ACEL (average commuter emissions level). It uses commuters’ travel data to map and model more environmentally-friendly commute options for workers – posing options and providing alternative routes and distance data for those willing to explore alternatives including walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing. The idea is to encourage more people to explore greener alternatives for their journeys to and from work.

Contributor: Ali Clabburn,Founder - Mobilityways | Published: 29 April 2021

Half of employers falling foul of recent sick pay legislation

One in two employers still need to comply with legislation introduced last year on sick pay, which states that employers are now compelled to tell their staff, on day one of employment or before, what their entitlement to any sick pay is.

Contributor: Katharine Moxham, Spokesperson - GRiD | Published: 29 April 2021