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Alarming numbers of apprentices with hidden learning difficulties

One in three apprentices have learning difficulties or disabilities (LDD) and only a fraction have been diagnosed. While official government figures report that one in ten (11.5%) learners say that they self-identify with a LDD, the new analysis suggests that up to 35% of apprentices have a hidden or neurodiverse learning difficulty.

Contributor: Chris Quickfall, CEO - Cognassist | Published: 12 November 2020

Women still being denied promotions that lead to top roles

The Global Leadership Team Diversity Report from Odgers Berndtson, a leading global executive search firm, and BoardEx, a global relationship mapping and executive intelligence service, looks at the composition of leadership teams across companies in 26 different countries, and explains why women are being denied roles at the top table.

Contributor: Kester Scrope, CEO, Odgers Berndtson. Dominick Sutton, Chief Data Officer - BoardEx. | Published: 10 November 2020

You don’t need to work 9 to 5, five days per week to be productive

In the next in our series of Covid-19 interviews with Senior HR Leaders which are sponsored by Appian, our Founder & Managing Director, Peter Banks, talks directly to Justine Dinter, Chief People Officer at Breaking Wave - a relatively new start up which is part of the DB Group, acting essentially like a fintech inside the bank and Birthe Mester, MD | Global Head of Performance, Engagement and Culture at Deutsche Bank.

Contributor: Hady Elsayed | Published: 9 November 2020

Now scammers target redundancy pay

Employees that receive a lump sum of money through redundancy pay can be particularly vulnerable to being targeted by scammers

Contributor: Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director - WEALTH at work | Published: 9 November 2020

Most dangerous occupations? Baking tops the list

With the automation and regulation of many dangerous industries over the past century, what professions have replaced these roles as the most dangerous, and which occupations have the most health risks for workers? Expert designers of dust and fume extraction systems Extraction Solutions have compiled the top reported cases of workplace illness in the UK, to reveal the occupations that have the highest chances of sickness and injury in the UK.

Contributor: David Night, Marketing Manager - Extraction Solutions | Published: 9 November 2020

Pandemic has raised contingent workforce profile

The study – carried out during the recent CWS Summit: North America and the SIG Global Executive Summit – also revealed that budgets and competition for top contingent talent are the biggest challenges facing HR and procurement teams, cited by 47% of respondents.

Contributor: Simon Blockley, CEO - Guidant Global | Published: 9 November 2020

Coffee roulette perks up isolated employees

Data science company Profusion shows the results of its successful trial of an AI-driven keeping in touch system called Coffee Roulette.  It is a series of algorithms that identifies team members who are likely to have had little contact while remote lockdown based on factors such as the team they work in and their seniority.

Contributor: Natalie Cramp, CEO - Profusion | Published: 8 November 2020

What does the future of work really hold?

What does the future of work hold? In a world where it’s impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, it’s a tough question to answer. But businesses that hope to emerge from the global pandemic in a stronger, better position need to be thinking about - and planning for future models - today. To help, Citrix undertook Work 2035, a year-long examination of global work patterns and plans, to understand how work will change and the role that technology will play in enabling people to perform at their best.

Contributor: Darren Fields, Vice President UK & Ireland - Citrix | Published: 8 November 2020

Nine in ten workers want cash not Xmas parties

New research by engagement and rewards company Appreciate Group, home of Love2shop, reveals workers say no to office Christmas parties this year and next...

Contributor: Frank Creighton - Appreciate Business Services | Published: 7 November 2020

Government urged to give regions greater power over skills and employment

The Government must give UK regional economies greater autonomy over skills and employment to develop grassroot recovery strategies – or risk levelling down the chances of millions, according to a new report published today by City & Guilds Group.

Contributor: Kirstie Donnelly, CEO - City & Guilds Group | Published: 5 November 2020