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Working from home still most popular benefit

TopCV has today announced the findings of its latest survey, which reveal that the most popular job benefit among UK office workers* in 2022 is the option to work from home, either in a hybrid or full-time capacity. 

Contributor: Amanda Augustine - TopCV | Published: 8 September 2022

C-suite doesn’t understand that attraction and retention has changed

“Business leaders have to come to terms with what HR professionals already know: organisations must adapt to the new world of work if they want to attract, engage, and retain top talent,” says Dr. Baumgartner. “In a dispersed workforce, technology is a critical tool for building connection and belonging. Investing in the right technology at the right time is key to success in this new era of work.”

Contributor: Dr. Natalie Baumgartner - Chief Workforce Scientist | Published: 7 September 2022


UK skills gap is the most prominent hiring challenge

New research from ECI Partners, reveals that HR leaders believe the most prominent hiring challenge they currently face is a lack of technical skills and knowledge.

Contributor: Stephen Roberts, Partner - ECI Partners | Published: 7 September 2022

Employees find connection through feeling “different” at work

Feelings of vulnerability stemming from marginalisation reinforced employees’ feelings of responsibility to care about their co-workers. It became a source of strength which helped them form caring relationships.

Contributor: Alice Wickström - Aalto University | Published: 7 September 2022

Apple CEO “right to call staff back to the workplace”

Apple CEO Tim Cook is right to call staff back to the office – and future generations will benefit from it. That’s according to global leader in creating bespoke workplaces, Unispace.

Contributor: Lawrence Mohiuddine - Unispace | Published: 7 September 2022

Housing crisis shows no signs of abating, as inflation soars to 40-year high

Purple CV, a leading CV-writing service, conducted a survey of 3,000 young people (18-24) across the U.K. and Ireland to determine the highest annual salary they expect to earn in their lifetimes. The survey revealed that £48,247 is the highest salary that the average young person in the U.K. expects they will earn. This is 54% higher than the average salary in the U.K (£31,285).

Contributor: Andrew Arkley - Purple CV | Published: 6 September 2022

What does a win for Liz Truss mean for employers?

After weeks of campaigning we finally know who the new Prime Minister will be. Former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has come out on top in the vote and will tomorrow take over from her former boss, Boris Johnson.

Contributor: Alan Price, CEO - BrightHR | Published: 5 September 2022

One million women “missing through menopause” in UK’s depleting workforce

A million women in the UK have had to change their jobs or quit working altogether because they haven’t felt supported while going through the menopause, a leading employment and inclusion specialist. Diversifying Group, has claimed.

Contributor: Cynthia Davis - Diversifying Group | Published: 5 September 2022

Nearly all workers have experienced burnout in the past two years

88% of UK employees have experienced at least some level of burnout over the last two years, with one third claiming to suffer from physical and mental exhaustion frequently due to pressures within the workplace. This is according to new research commissioned by LumApps, a leading Employee Experience Platform.

Contributor: James Weaver - Skout PR | Published: 5 September 2022