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UK Productivity stymied by false starts and inefficient practices 

As the UK economy's productivity levels show the first signs of increase since the financial crisis and experts start pointing to workplace efficiency gains, a recent study finds that many UK firms are being held back by needless admin and inefficient processes.

Contributor: Robbie O'Connor | Published: 12 May 2018


Two thirds of businesses not accessible for young jobseekers

Two out of three businesses have no direct access for young people to gain employment according to research. Two-hundred company websites were externally assessed based on young people’s expectations of applying for jobs for the youth employment accessibility research project. The research was designed by young people and delivered by young people.

Contributor: Chris Tarry | Published: 12 May 2018

Turning up the heat on Trumpberg

Will the carving of Donald Trump’s face on an arctic iceberg melt or last for a thousand years? Project Trumpmore is aiming to demonstrate climate change in a monumental way. A Finnish NGO wants to commission a 115-foot tall ice sculpture of Donald Trump’s face in the arctic region to demonstrate that climate change is happening.

Contributor: Contributor | Published: 11 May 2018


China grabs 90 percent of Russian overseas e-commerce.

As final preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup get underway, all eyes are turned to Russia. It’s also a potentially world beating e-commerce market, but the international delivery expert ParcelHero has revealed that the entire EU wins just 4 percent of Russia’s $5.1bn overseas e-commerce trade.

Contributor: David Jinks | Published: 11 May 2018

uk economy

Pain of Britain’s economic slowdown already being felt

With the number of people declaring themselves insolvent now back to levels not seen since the dark days of 2012, the fragility of Britain’s recovery has been laid bare. Years of weak wage growth and cheap credit have led millions of Britons to become dangerously leveraged all over again, funding comfortable lifestyles with high levels of debt.

Contributor: Brian Johnson | Published: 10 May 2018


Pound plunges as GDP growth slows

The Pound’s plunges after the UK announced a sharp slowing in GDP growth - Britain’s economy is slowing badly. With separate data showing that the number of companies going to the wall – and individual insolvencies – is up sharply, this throws an almighty spanner into the narrative of the UK’s steady upward progress.

Contributor: David Lamb | Published: 10 May 2018

trans equality

Marked improvement in trans equality at work says Stonewall

Dawn Butler MP, praised businesses for leading the way on trans equality in her keynote speech at Stonewall’s Workplace Conference. The Labour Party Member told the London conference ‘Businesses are ahead of governments and as one non-binary person told Stonewall ‘how is it that my bank and my electricity supplier recognise my gender but not my country?’

Contributor: Ruth Hunt | Published: 9 May 2018


Fears recession is looming

Recent polling by Survation on behalf of GMB shows more than half of those questioned expect the UK to slip into recession within the next two years. Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: “UK growth has ground to a halt. The Government needs to get it's act together and accept that austerity hasn't worked, nor has any strategy Ministers might claim to have for Brexit. 

Contributor: Tim Roache | Published: 9 May 2018


Are HMRC Systems Fit for Purpose?

One of the UK's leading tax experts today questioned whether HMRC's IT systems were fit for purpose in light of a flurry of recent news stories suggesting that HMRC is losing its grip on the nation's taxes. David Redfern, founder of DSR Tax Claims, spoke out after HMRC suffered yet another blow with news that they had cancelled 270,000 late filing penalties in 2016.

Contributor: David Redfern | Published: 8 May 2018


Fifty percent more working mums today than in the 1970s

That mums are less likely to drop out of the workforce when they start having children is a positive development. This is however, unlikely to tackle the gender pay gap as many women may find themselves in flexible, part-time or less well-paid jobs. Contributor Shainaz Firfiray.

Contributor: Shainaz Firfiray | Published: 8 May 2018