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Quality of homeworking environments is a growing concern

Homeworking expert Mhor is encouraging companies to make positive steps to address their employees conditions following advice from the Royal Society for the Protection of Health (RSPH). A survey by RSPH found that 39% of those working from home developed musculoskeletal problems, and one in four (26%) worked from either a sofa or bedroom. The organisation advised that all employees should have access to equipment and a remote assessment to support their physical health.

Contributor: Alex Duckett, Founder - Mhor | Published: 6 May 2021

What employees want to know about the return to work

New research from Virtual College has identified what employees and business owners alike are wanting to know about returning to the office, with employers starting to gear up for fully re-opening workplaces from the summer. 

Contributor: Hannah Brindle, Managing Director - Virtual College | Published: 5 May 2021

Virtual international assignments are expected to stay post-pandemic

The global pandemic has forced the widespread adoption of remote working around the world, meaning companies have naturally seen a reduction in employees travelling and relocating overseas over the last year. It is expected that it could take up to two years for international assignment numbers to return to pre-pandemic levels. A survey by global mobility expert, ECA International (ECA) analysed how firms have adapted throughout the pandemic, as well as how this experience is expected to affect the nature of future international assignments. Currently, over a quarter (27%) of companies have virtual assignees and a further 6% are planning to in the near future.

Contributor: Natalie Garland - for ECA International | Published: 5 May 2021

Post pandemic, what employees want is a mindful culture

Slack, a messaging app for business, has today revealed new research looking into how UK businesses can change their approach to employee experience as lockdown eases, in order to help uphold culture, create flexibility, and maintain productivity.

Contributor: Stuart Templeton, Head - Slack | Published: 4 May 2021

What must building interiors be like to cater for hybrid working?

Commercial refurbishment company, Building Interiors, has compiled a new whitepaper entitled “Modern Working Methods” that looks at agile working and how business owners can better equip their offices for a post-pandemic future. 

Contributor: Jeremy Poole - Building Interiors | Published: 4 May 2021

Revealed: Top 20 jobs with highest pay and lowest competition

The UK’s job market is recovering, but some vacancies offering high average annual salaries are still receiving minimal interest from jobseekers, according to data released by the world’s largest job site Indeed.

Contributor: Bill Richards, Managing Director - Indeed | Published: 3 May 2021

Phased return to work schedule – what are the steps to consider?

The return to work after COVID-19 is a much-anticipated milestone – but for employers who work with expats, there’s the added complexity of international rules. Understanding the government guidelines and protocols can help to secure a safe return for your overseas staff.

Contributor: Kim McClatchie, Head of HR - William | Published: 3 May 2021