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Drug testing: what employers need to know

This week, Conservative London mayoral candidate, Shaun Bailey called for every business in the capital with more than 250 employees to sign up to a drug-testing charter - routinely checking with the results being made public.

Contributor: Andrew Willis, Head of Legal at Croner | Published: 27 August 2020

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Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of having savings

Those surveyed said that whilst having a pension and saving for the future was essential, having easily accessible savings is now equally as important. Having financial resilience is key right now and an overwhelming majority of individuals have realised the importance of having a savings pot to fall back on.

Contributor: Steve Watson, head of proposition - Cushon | Published: 26 August 2020

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Does tracking hours show a lack of trust?

As we all adjust to a new world of work and new ways of doing things, there will be further questions seeking answers. And while the “right” solution will never be clear-cut, and different software will suit different organisations for a number of reasons, the opinions above demonstrate that not all software is essential — and some require careful consideration before we implement.

Contributor: Stuart Hearn is CEO and Founder - Clear Review, | Published: 25 August 2020

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Top tips on engaging with work returnees

XpertHR’s latest coronavirus survey[i] revealed that 72% of employees were reluctant to the return to the workplace and 75% were unable to return due to child/family care responsibilities. They also found a 26% fall in employee engagement. As businesses adapt to new ways of working promoting employee engagement is going to be key to supporting employees.

Contributor: Sheila Attwood, Managing Editor, Pay and HR Practice - XpertHR | Published: 25 August 2020

The future of office work – what’s the reality?

With half of workers looking forward to a return to the office, how will the workspace change and the office experience be affected?

Contributor: Sam Orrin - Arinite Health and Safety Consultancy | Published: 24 August 2020

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Business leaders must instil kindness for Covid-19 recovery

A new survey conducted by Hall & Partners of 1,500 global employees, has found that harder characteristics are most important when displaying kind leadership in a crisis. These findings have been inspired by a unique collaboration between Saïd Business School University of Oxford, Global Thinkers Forum, Women of the Future and Hall & Partners.

Contributor: Vanella Jackson, CEO - Hall & Partners | Published: 23 August 2020

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A perfect storm of anxieties is creating a ‘stress timebomb’

A perfect storm of anxieties surrounding Covid-19, Brexit and work-life balance has created unprecedented levels of stress inside UK businesses, says business architect Agnesia Agrella. If not defused in time, the impacts could be disastrous…

Contributor: Agnesia Agrella, Founder - Symetize | Published: 22 August 2020

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“Financial and mental trauma” an increasing concern for returning workforce

Businesses must step up to protect employees from the potential “financial and mental trauma” posed by Covid-19 and the looming recession, according to a new report published by the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work and Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS).

Contributor: Cary Cooper, Professor of Organisational Psychology | Published: 21 August 2020

HR tech stocks: Making the right investment

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all tech solutions for forward-thinking HR teams. Today’s HR professionals are seeking a more nuanced approach, which has led to a proliferation of new technologies designed to fill the gap across all work cultures.  This has created a number of interesting stock trading opportunities for those willing to invest in the latest ways to take care of personnel management.

Contributor: Sally Hope, Content Writer | Published: 20 August 2020