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Top challenges facing L&D

The 2023 State of L&D Report by Virti Shows Whilst Most UK Companies Implement Training for Compliance; Courses on Soft Skills are Most Important and Benefits Stretch Beyond

Contributor: Kurt Kratchman, CEO - Virti | Published: 17 May 2023

Survey finds that only 14 percent of leaders are influential

Created by Judith Germain, the survey data was collected from leaders across a variety of sectors and countries. The survey included a series of multiple choice questions designed to measure influence based on 4 key categories: capability, decisiveness, power and impact. After completing the survey, respondents received a personalised report which provided them with their current score for each of these core leadership areas. 

Contributor: Judith Germain, Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership | Published: 17 May 2023

What is happening to mental health in light of remote working?

Mental Health Awareness Week 15 to 21 May 2023: In a significant survey of companies of all sizes across the UK, Towergate Health & Protection reveals that the biggest concern for nearly half of all employers (49%) is the mental health of their employees now that remote working has become accepted practice.

Contributor: Debra Clark, head of wellbeing - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 16 May 2023

Ranked: Top UK towns and cities for working in HR

New research from HR and payroll software provider Ciphr has revealed the top 10 highest paying UK towns and cities for HR managers

Contributor: Emma-Louise Jones - Ciphr | Published: 16 May 2023

Only a quarter European CEOs have environmental performance in their bonus

Just 25% of Europe’s top CEOs have environmental performance as a key performance indicator included in their remuneration package, focused on tackling climate change and being environmentally friendly, according to new research by Vlerick Business School.

Contributor: Xavier Baeten, Professor of Reward and Governance - Vlerick Business School | Published: 15 May 2023

Is the CV dead? Not according to candidates

The majority of job candidates still see the CV and in person interview as essential when applying for a job, according to new research from Tribepad. This comes as counter to campaigns to remove the CV, which can be deemed to be bias, and the growth of remote interviews due to the pandemic. 

Contributor: Chris Cotterill - Tribepad | Published: 15 May 2023

Machine learning improves accuracy, but increases human workload too

New research from ESMT Berlin shows that utilizing machine-learning in the workplace always improves the accuracy of human decision-making, however, often it can also cause humans to exert more cognitive efforts when making decisions.

Contributor: Tamer Boyaci and Francis de Véricourt, professors of management science - ESMT Berlin | Published: 14 May 2023

The Urgency of Gender Equality at the Workplace

Achieving gender equality in the workplace is essential for building a just society and promoting sustainable economic growth. It requires addressing various issues that have perpetuated gender inequality.

Contributor: Dr. Nada Khaddage-Soboh - GBSB Global Business School | Published: 13 May 2023

Why is workforce satisfaction plummeting?

Report of global businesses suggests that one in four (28%) workers plan on quitting their job in the next 12 months, while one in two (45%) are participating in ‘quiet quitting’  Workers are struggling with their mental health in the workplace more than ever, with over a third (37%) saying they work in a ‘psychologically unsafe’ environment Nearly half (47%) of executives surveyed for the report believe their company’s DE&I strategy doesn’t support talent from underrepresented groups Just over a third (36%) of business leaders say they have plans to increase employee pay in the next year 

Contributor: Adelle Harrington, Head - KellyOCG EMEA | Published: 12 May 2023