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Employers must take gender pay gap seriously or risk costly litigation

The bank did not agree that any discrepancy in pay was based on the gender of the employee and said that it took a fair and inclusive approach to setting pay, but it didn’t think it “got things right in certain areas” and so settled to resolve the matter. 

Contributor: David Scott | Published: 31 May 2019


GDPR one year on – are you staying compliant in 2019?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) saw a major overhaul of how businesses, regardless of size, handle personal data. Firms must evaluate how they collect, store and process personal data to protect a person’s privacy

Contributor: Matthew Cole | Published: 30 May 2019


Happiness at work is “a sorry state of affairs”

Deborah Frost, Chief Executive of Personal Group said: “At first glance these survey results seem to paint a bleak picture of UK workplaces in 2019, but the number of employees who feel they are working as efficiently as possible has actually increased year on year.

Contributor: Deborah Frost | Published: 28 May 2019

Employee engagement

Just 17 percent of the tech workforce is female

The new poll from HP suggests that an untapped pool of young women keen to explore possible tech careers have misconceptions around the opportunities and a perceived lack of access to them. Some 45 percent of women expressed a willingness to retrain in a technical job

Contributor: Margot James | Published: 28 May 2019


New homes hits a ten-year high

That manifesto commitment equated to nearly 200,000 new homes a year, though there remains a question mark over whether the Tory pledge related to the building of new homes or just the ‘delivery’ of new stock, which can include the creation of new homes through other means including change of use.

Contributor: Joseph Daniels | Published: 27 May 2019


Employers’ reliance on agency workers increases as confidence slides further

According to April’s JobsOutlook report, the balance of sentiment for hiring agency workers in the short-term was 10 percentage points higher than the previous month at net: +3. Sentiment in the medium term was at net: +1, up 9 percentage points from the previous month.

Contributor: Neil Carberry | Published: 25 May 2019


UK economy worse off by £270bn per year due to workplace discrimination

James Turner, CEO at Sutton Trust – who Debut interviewed for this report – stated, “disadvantaged young people are still struggling to get ahead and face worse outcomes than their more advantaged peers. The UK is a particularly class-based society, which hasn’t changed significantly over time.”

Contributor: James Bennett | Published: 25 May 2019


New dads are struggling to secure flexible working

The report from Daddilife revealed that: 63 percent of new dads at work have requested a change in working pattern since becoming a father. 14 percent of millennial dads have requested to work from home between 1-2 days per week, but less than 1 in 5 of those dads (19 percent) are granted it.

Contributor: Han-Son Lee | Published: 24 May 2019


UK professionals struggling with mental health are failing to use company support

Research by global professional services recruiter, Morgan McKinley, reveals that three quarters of professionals in Banking & Financial Services, Commerce & Industry and Professional Services who feel they may have a mental health issue are reluctant to make use of support provided by employers.

Contributor: Andrea Webb | Published: 22 May 2019


HR teams are failing to capitalise on digital opportunities 

Although the internet age is firmly upon us, new research has revealed that almost three quarters (68 percent) of HR departments in the UK are not using internet marketing to their full advantage when advertising job vacancies.

Contributor: Gareth Hoyle | Published: 22 May 2019