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Engagement levels dropping, employers braced for departures spike

Research from Inpulse reveals that engagement levels drop by 60% for those planning on leaving roles compared to those who intend to stay. The data also highlights that feelings surrounding inclusion, wellbeing, work-life balance, career development and recognition are key indicators of an employees’ likelihood of remaining in their current job.

Contributor: Matt Stephens, CEO - Inpulse | Published: 10 November 2021

Businesses struggling to adapt employee experience to meet new work needs

Despite their best intentions, most employers are facing difficulties responding to changing employee expectations around employee experience and wellbeing during the pandemic. 69% of HR leaders admit that their efforts to improve employee experience are being held back by a lack of a clear strategy, and 76% report that they are struggling to adapt their employee experience to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

Contributor: Matt Macri-Waller, CEO - Benefex | Published: 9 November 2021

140 Emails per day over a year equivalent to using 16,800 plastic bags

A typical office worker will on average send and receive 140 emails per day, which over the course of a year creates 1688kg of C02 and is the equivalent of using 16,800 plastic bags. Statistics like this are why, Co-CEO of Mór, Craig Unsworth, believe it’s time for businesses to do more than ever to fight climate change

Contributor: Chris Brown - The Mór Card | Published: 9 November 2021

Young people want employers to explain their commitments to the environment

New research has revealed the impact that climate change is having on young jobseekers. According to TheTalentPeople, over three-quarters of young people (76%) believe employers could do a better job at explaining their commitments to the environment.

Contributor: David Allison, CEO - GetMyFirstJob. | Published: 7 November 2021

When appraisals go AWOL, so do employees

77% of organisations have introduced new digital processes to support employees during remote working over the past year, yet only 41% say their appraisals are conducted via HR software. That’s according to research by StaffCircle, which surveyed employees and HR managers to identify the disparity between organisations adopting new technology (like Microsoft Teams to improve communication within the workforce), but still using paper-based and manual processes to conduct performance appraisals.

Contributor: Mark Seemann, founder and CEO - StaffCircle | Published: 6 November 2021

Employers need to do more to meet challenges of the working population

Despite new levels of funding being promised by the Government, a report by Aon highlights that one in six UK workers will balance their jobs with caring responsibilities by 2040. Even the most far-reaching legislative proposals will fall short of fully meeting this growing challenge, meaning employers will need to do more.

Contributor: Mark Witte, Head of health and risk consulting - Aon | Published: 5 November 2021

The focus turns to wellbeing benefits in the war on talent

Companies are looking to benefit redesign to reflect post-pandemic priorities and attract and retain staff in one of the most competitive labour markets the U.K. has ever experienced, according to Gallagher’s 2021 Benefits Strategy Benchmarking Survey report.

Contributor: Nick Burns, CEO, Gallagher Benefits Services UK | Published: 5 November 2021