How to be a Change Superhero – The business toolkit to help you to ‘do’ change better

How to be a Change Superhero – The business toolkit to help you to ‘do’ change better

Author: Lucinda Carney
Review by: Su Askew

There are many ways to describe what’s going on in the world at the moment: unimaginable, unprecedented and unknow. It is truly clear that huge change has been forced on everyone, no matter what we do or who we are. On top of that more change is to come, of that we can be certain. How many times have you asked someone how everything is at work? Perhaps they have said ‘there’s been so much change’. Very often I hear; ‘the team can’t have any more change; they have been through so much’.

Many people are more likely to resist change or say they don’t ‘do’ change well, and maybe that’s you? So, change is not a new topic to write about – and yet with much knowledge about change we still struggle with it in so many ways. Many people are now very familiar with the change curve and can tell you where they are on it at any one time.  Even armed with that awareness there is still an undeniable battle with change for so many.

It seems timely and, indeed, valuable to have a very comprehensible toolkit for change that gathers up the very best of learning and research on all aspects of change, to act as a guide.  I loved the fun nature of the superpowers theme. We all have a superpower, sometimes we must pop our underpants over our trousers and grab a cape and go hero it! You’ll find it easy to relate to powers you already have, and those you might want to power up on.

This book has well considered and prudently presented models and tools that are weaved into the practical application and examples of successful change along with the results obtained. Some tools you may know, some you may not. It occurred to me that it was the deliberate order of the chapters that help to hone a number of change ‘powers’ and give a clear direction of how to approach any change.

Whether you agree with personality types and recommended tools or not, there is sound advice and reasoning for any leader to reflect on how they can help people accept change and how different it is for different people in all types of organisations.

I was left with the sentiment that it is possible to help create and cultivate a great climate for change. A basis to help us engineer a great balance between an analytical approach with human centred awareness to give your change the best possible chance of success. 

If you are open to change or feel challenged by change you will find help and inspiration in this practical and robust book.

Su Askew – ValueSelling Associates

Published by Practical Inspiration Publishing