Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Here you will find a list of recent book reviews on titles that are relevant for senior HR practitioners, many of which are available as subscriber offers. They are written by our readers and contributors to provide you with an unbiased opinion of each book.

Reformers Arise – Calling out a people of dignity to influence and action

Author: Alero Ayida-Otobo
Review by: Ian Pettigrew
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Firm Principles: Simple Guidelines for Winning Professional Service Firms

Author: Alex Shacklock
Review by: Su Askew
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Revolution in a Heartbeat: Using Emotional Insights to Drive Better Business Performance

Author: Matt Stephens
Review by: Gemma Dale
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The Change Catalyst: Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Business Change

Author: Campbell Macpherson
Review by: Graham White
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Managing at the Leading Edge: Navigating and Piloting Business Strategy at Critical Moments

Author: Dr Tom Rose PhD
Review by: Adele Swan
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Accelerating Performance: How organizations can Mobilize, Execute and Transform with Agility

Author: Colin Price & Sharon Toye
Review by: Perry Timms
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