Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Here you will find a list of recent book reviews on titles that are relevant for senior HR practitioners, many of which are available as subscriber offers. They are written by our readers and contributors to provide you with an unbiased opinion of each book.

Press Start – Using Gamification to Power-up your Marketing

Author: Daniel Griffin & Albert van der Meer
Review by: Lucinda Carney
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The Ethical Business Book – 50 ways you can help protect people, the planet and profits

Author: Sarah Duncan
Review by: Perry Timms
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Coaching on the Go – How to lead your team effectively in 10 minutes

Author: Phil Renshaw & Jenny Robinson
Review by: Derek Draper
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Positive Mental Health – Overcoming mental health problems

Author: Dr Shaun Davis & Andrew Kinder
Review by: Ian Pettigrew
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Create Space – How to Manage Time, and Find Focus, Productivity and Success

Author: Derek Draper
Review by: Adele Swan
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Best Behaviour – Empowering managers and HR leaders to coach and align employee behaviour to supercharge growth

Author: Tony Holmwood
Review by: Graham White
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