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A guide to what to pay for outside help

Suddenly your organisation needs to find external help. For us in HR, it’s a great opportunity to shine. We should sell against the traditional approach of hiring a big consultancy, who sell as much resource as possible, whilst keeping responsibility to a minimum. Article by Julia Briggs, Director at Interimity Ltd

Article by: | Published: 9 February 2015

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The unchecked financial risks of international business

Almost 85 percent of UK SMEs who operate internationally do not check the credit history of potential overseas customers or suppliers to verify whether a company is reputable, according to new research by Experian®, the global information services company.

Article by: | Published: 16 October 2014

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Greed, and its part in our downfall

In his new book Greed: From Gordon Gecko to David Hume Philosopher Stuart Sutherland explores how Unconstrained greed is the heresy of our times. Gordon Gecko’s high-octane creed, ‘Greed is good’ went from the financial periphery and moved centre stage as the philosophical mood music of contemporary life.

Article by: | Published: 25 September 2014

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Economic HR – If the cap fits, enforce it

The news that Barclays wants to increase the size of its bonus pool, and that RBS wants agreement for bonuses up to 200 percent of salary, was met with some incredulity. John Thanassoulis, Professor of Financial Economics at Warwick Business School, weighs up whether banks could possibly remain competitive without the bonus culture, as it currently exists.

Article by: | Published: 23 June 2014

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Government must stop “banker bashing”

The Treasury needs to understand the private sector better, says Will Davies, who worked at Societe Generale for seven years before entering the property maintenance business as co-founder of, London’s largest of its kind.

Article by: | Published: 7 May 2014

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Budget 2014: Behind the headlines

The changes to how people can take their pension benefits, announced in the recent Budget, represent a watershed moment for retirement saving.

Article by: | Published: 28 March 2014