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Five tips towards improving employee finances

Before any financial wellbeing initiatives are implemented in the workplace, it’s imperative that employers understand the needs of their employees first. This is because each employee will have individual circumstances which are likely to result in different financial priorities.

Article by: Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director - WEALTH at work, | Published: 27 January 2020

Six steps to help employees who are retiring in 2020

Protect employees from scams – Scammers often use highly professional looking websites and marketing literature to lure individuals in, and they tend to sound completely legitimate. It’s easy to see why so many people are fooled

Article by: Jonathan Watts-Lay, Director - WEALTH at work | Published: 24 December 2019

There may be turbulence…

Thousands of leaders have taken Herb Kelleher’s advice, more or less successfully, depending on the single-mindedness with which they have followed it and have hung the heavy mantle of responsibility for commercial competitiveness around HR’s shoulders.

Article by: Jean-Marie Dru | Published: 28 November 2019

The rising popularity of money management guidance

A big part of the solution is helping employees become more familiar with the basics of money management. Getting them to think about how they spend money on essential items such as utility bills and insurance is paramount.

Article by: Jonathan Watts-Lay | Published: 19 June 2019

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The mind-boggling scope of HMRC’s new systems

“Connect completely changes the dynamic of how HMRC commits investigative resource to risk and enables thematic and risk-based enquiries across the taxpaying population.  Taxpayers need to be aware that it will be used increasingly.

Article by: Jessica McLellan | Published: 29 April 2019

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Partnership with finance: the holy grail for HR 

Look at any news site and you can see these issues outlined and debated, in great detail. But what doesn’t make the headlines is the impact of this tumultuous environment on the workforce and how it must adapt. To find out what the biggest people challenges facing organisations in this context are.

Article by: Rupert Morrison | Published: 10 April 2019

Five key takeaways from the 2019 Pensions statement 

For the first time, TPR explicitly sets out their expectation that trustees, and sponsors should set a Long Term Funding Target and, importantly, the need to evidence how shorter-term investment and funding strategies are aligned with the LTFT

Article by: Marian Elliott | Published: 21 March 2019

pension strategy pension strategy

Pension withdrawal and misinterpreted tax implications

It’s clear that employees and members need to understand the tax implications around accessing their retirement savings. For example, do they know that typically only the first 25 percent of a defined contribution pension is tax free and that the remaining 75 percent is taxed as earned income? 

Article by: Jonathan Watts-Lay | Published: 10 March 2019