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Consumers driving digital in Financial Services

More than a third of European consumers would move bank or insurer if they didn’t offer up-to-date technology to aid interaction. Nearly a third are already embracing mobile payments, while a fifth are already using wearables and crypto-currency to pay. Almost a fifth would buy banking or insurance services from challengers such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Article by: | Published: 9 May 2016

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What can corporate banks learn from consumer finance?

As banking consumers, we shop around for the best deal. We may have a current account with one provider, an ISA and mortgage with another; savings, loans and investments with different providers again. We know that it is prudent to review our financial management regularly. So, why are corporate banking trends behind the curve?

Article by: | Published: 14 January 2016

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Five ways to cut your capital gains tax bill

Capital Gains: the good news/bad news tax. Good news … you’ve made money. Bad news… well, it’s a tax. Carol Cheesman of Cheesmans Accountants suggests ways you can reduce your Capital Gains Tax (CGT):

Article by: | Published: 16 November 2015

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Is the financial advice gap getting smaller?

The pension reforms may have given people greater power over how they manage their investments and savings but who, if anyone, do they turn to for advice? Article from Wealth Wizards.

Article by: | Published: 9 November 2015