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British business must act on corporate governance now

British businesses must act on corporate governance, executive pay including long-term investment plans, and boardroom diversity to maintain the country’s strong international standing in corporate governance and address a worrying lack of trust of business amongst the public, say the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee. Comment from Iain Wright MP, Chair of the Business Innovation and Skills Committee.

Article by: Iain Wright | Published: 8 April 2017

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Six ways to stay positive in a fearful world

We live in challenging and stressful times; as individuals we have to cope with not only our own personal issues, upsets and losses but also the fear and anxiety that is held today by the vast majority of people across the world. From Self-help author Anne Jones.

Article by: Anne Jones | Published: 4 April 2017

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Corporate amnesia – a UK epidemic

Without proper collaboration tools and processes, loss of institutional knowledge may become rampant; likely costing companies millions due to productivity loss. Comment from Elisa Steele, CEO of Jive Software.

Article by: Elisa Steele | Published: 31 March 2017

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HR leaders even more crucial to organisational transformation

HR leaders are the crucial drivers of transformation in UK businesses through their roles of promoting devolved decision making, employee engagement and collaboration, finds new research from Ipsos LEAD and Cirrus.

Article by: Dr Simon Hayward | Published: 21 March 2017

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The pounds, pence and sense behind self-awareness

HR and training teams are tasked with the role of identifying, cultivating and developing their organisation’s talent. The business value of the work is clear to this group, yet often these talented professionals spend a huge amount of time proving the value of L&D programmes within their own organisations. Article from Andy Lothian, Chief Executive and Head of People - Insights.

Article by: Andy Lothian | Published: 20 March 2017

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What do we stand for?

As experts in people, work and change, HR professionals have a critical role to play not only in understanding the trends affecting work, but in actively shaping the future. Ruth Stuart, Head of Strategy Development, CIPD, discusses the contribution HR can make to better work and working lives, particularly against a backdrop of fast-moving disruptive businesses.

Article by: Ruth Stuart | Published: 8 March 2017

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Leading with purpose

Last week, one of London’s most historical financial institutions - Lloyds of London - introduced a drinking ban between 9am and 5pm, threatening the traditional liquid lunch for those working in the Square Mile. To many, this may sound obvious. But others say that the City’s drinking culture strengthened professional relationships, and others claimed ‘it was great for bonding.’

Article by: Michael Osbaldeston, City & Guilds Group. | Published: 23 February 2017

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The trends revolutionising HR

There is a revolution taking place in HR – times, roles and society, they’re all changing and HR needs to adapt quickly to the fast-paced modern challenges of today. From Michelle Carson-Williams, founder and CEO - Holmes Noble.

Article by: Michelle Carson-Williams | Published: 22 February 2017

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How to talk about change and get a positive response

Anyone who is leading in an organisation or running their own business is going to need to make some kind of change happen at some point. The beauty of being in charge is that you tend to know what is going on and can influence it. Most of the people you lead aren’t going to feel that way, unless you do something about it. From Jean Gamester from Semaphora.

Article by: Jean Gamester | Published: 17 February 2017