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A worker’s guide to office etiquette

Remembering to make your colleagues a drink, keeping the noise down in the office and being punctual are some of the most important pieces of office etiquette all staff need to know. From Chris Meredith, of

Article by: Chris Meredith | Published: 13 July 2017

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Success and scandal: The curious case of Mike Ashley

Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley hit the headlines again this week for all the wrong reasons. He is the subject of a series of allegations ranging from brash behaviour at management meetings to claims of illicit payments. These come just a year after the sportswear tycoon was criticised by a Parliamentary committee for overseeing a culture of poor working conditions at Sports Direct. Article by Ajit Menon Organisational Change Consultant - Blacklight Advisory.

Article by: Ajit Menon | Published: 7 July 2017

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Top 10 management tips

Leadership and management are not the same thing, but being a strong manager goes some way to being an effective leader.

Article by: Zara Ross | Published: 25 June 2017

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Top tips for hot weather working

Workplace temperatures should be reasonable - the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) advice is that the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings must be reasonable. The HSE offers advice on how to carry out a thermal comfort risk assessment if staff are unhappy with the temperature:

Article by: HSE | Published: 24 June 2017

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Why HR Directors are taking a more active role in Workforce Management Projects

The area of Workforce Management (WFM) has undergone significant change in recent years. Some of this change has come about due to advances in technology, and some due to the way modern businesses operate, compete and utilise labour resources. By Mairead Walsh, Softworks.

Article by: Mairead Walsh | Published: 21 June 2017

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Out of office messages – top ten biggest sins

How an employee sets their out of office response when they’re away on holiday tells bosses an awful lot about their professionalism and attitude to the job. From Chris Meredith, CEO of explains the top ten biggest sins when it comes to writing the out of office message.

Article by: Chris Meredith | Published: 18 June 2017

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Personality profiles: The ‘Dark Side’ – baggage as well as the talent

Psychologists have become very good at assessing people’s preferences – they call it personality. This analysis helps us work out if a person’s natural inclination is to be: extravert or introvert, open minded, tough, organised and conscientious and finally how well can they cope with pressure or stress. Article from by John Taylor, Director, PGI.

Article by: John Taylor | Published: 15 June 2017

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’Topping’ Safety & Compliance with HF

Don Evans and Chris Mcleod are the Head of Human Factors Practice and Director at Mission Performance Ltd. They explain how Human Factors (HF) are critical to optimising Safety and Compliance and the keys to embedding the behaviours HF training targets. Mission Performance is a Leadership Development Consultancy.

Article by: Don Evans and Chris Mcleod | Published: 22 May 2017

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Overcome your ego and watch your business flourish

How well our business performs depends very much on the state of our mind. When we feel positive and good about ourselves we find answers to challenges. When we feel low, irritable or generally out of sorts we make poor decisions and lose confidence. From John Reynard, author of ‘The Spiritual Route to Entrepreneurial Success.

Article by: John Reynard | Published: 11 May 2017

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Get out of the smoke

We all know about the brain drain to London. Whether it’s graduates migrating to the capital after university, or senior professionals looking for career progression in the city: the bright lights of London are a big attraction. By Greg Thorpe, Managing Director, Howett Thorpe.

Article by: Greg Thorpe | Published: 5 May 2017