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Six ways managers can create better relationships

If you’re a manager but simply not feeling the love from your team, why not try these tips to help get them backing your corner, from leadership coach Margo Manning, author of The Step Up Mindset for New Managers (£14.99, Panoma Press)

Article by: Margo Manning | Published: 16 September 2017

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What are today’s business priorities?

Global survey finds that respondents rate supply chain as their least resilient element. Protecting reputation tops business leaders list of priorities, ahead of financial achievements and business leadership, according to the world’s first benchmark of Organisational Resilience. From Howard Kerr, Chief Executive – BSI.

Article by: Howard Kerr | Published: 15 September 2017

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When employees damage their employers reputation

When Everton footballer Wayne Rooney was arrested for drunk driving in the early hours of 1st September, the media coverage was swift and intense. From ELAS employment law consultant, Enrique Garcia.

Article by: Enrique Garcia | Published: 14 September 2017

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Inadequate HR competencies hinder Business Development

Let me boldly state this; Business Development works best in well-functioning business organisations and companies, in all departments and functions, with highly skilled and motivated staff and employees, working as a team. Michael Marshall, PhD,

Article by: Michael Marshall | Published: 2 September 2017

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Keep your friends close, your enemies ‘Cluster’

Small businesses may be missing a trick by not choosing to start their empires in business clusters, according to new research from Opus Energy. From Sarah Musgrove - Editor in Chief at Opus Energy.

Article by: Sarah Musgrove | Published: 28 August 2017

What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

MaaS Mobility to a City near you, offering your business the ability to choose the most cost-effective as a Service is coming soon to reduce business travel costs. Mobility as a Service could be coming travel decisions. From Doug Kelley, Director of Bluedrop Motor Fleet Insurance.

Article by: Doug Kelley | Published: 5 August 2017

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Three key HR drivers for business success

Leadership, performance management and engagement are seen as having the most impact on business success. Yet HR metrics mostly capture turnover, engagement and career & mobility. Leadership and performance score lowest on average metrics use. From Alessio Tanganelli, Regional Director UK of the Top Employers Institute.

Article by: Alessio Tanganelli | Published: 2 August 2017

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Are we still stuck at our desks?

In October, 140 delegates head to Portugal for the latest HR Summit. The premise: that distance from their routine enables a proper exploration of current HR issues. This prompted Helen Smith, Group Commercial Director at Benenden, to consider a recent study of the UK’s desk-based culture.

Article by: Helen Smith | Published: 27 July 2017

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How to prepare for selling a business for maximum value

When you’re involved in a business sale as an HR Director many elements come into play. For example, how it is packaged, marketed and presented will affect the final price achieved. But so too will the management of the sales process. This will influence the quality of potential buyers who are attracted, which in turn will directly impact on the valuation received. In order to generate the best offers for your business – from the right buyer at the right price - there are a number of tips and strategies you need to be aware of. Article by Clive Hyman, Hyman Capital Services.

Article by: Clive Hyman | Published: 24 July 2017