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More than just a soft machine

Coronavirus has shown People at work are so much more than just another resource like money, equipment, buildings or information.

Article by: Blair McPherson, Former Director author and blogger | Published: 22 May 2020

How to welcome employees back after furlough

Toni Robinson, Managing Director of NucleusHR, provides advice on the most frequently asked questions regarding the effect Furlough has employees – and what you should ensure they know.

Article by: Toni Robinson, Managing Director - NucleusHR. | Published: 11 May 2020

Supply chains need to draw even closer together

With so many people operating remotely who have never before worked in isolation and team structures in disarray as individuals are furloughed, managing motivation will be tougher than ever for HR teams. But we are all in this together. HR is facing a logistical nightmare, but the burden doesn’t have to be shouldered alone.

Article by: Ann Swain, Chief Executive - APSCo | Published: 1 May 2020

How prepared is your business for unexpected events?

At crucial, high pressure times businesses come under extra strain to cope. One of the key factors that causes problems for organisations is manual document management. If you’re relying on paper documents, physically signing and approving, or even filing and storage, you’re wasting valuable time.

Article by: Karen James | Published: 17 March 2020


Operational concerns will vary from employer to employer depending on their business model, however staffing issues will remain consistent. Toni Robinson, Managing Director of NucleusHR has taken time to provide some helpful hints and tips for employers to assist and support them in handling all things Corona:

Article by: Toni Robinson, Managing Director - NucleusHR | Published: 16 March 2020

How will UK workers salary increases compare globally in 2020

The real salary increase is calculated based on the difference between the forecast nominal salary increase (3 percent in the UK) and the expected level of inflation. Although the forecasted nominal increase for 2020 has remained the same as last year, higher inflation forecasted for 2020 (1.9 percent) will squeeze real salary earnings to just 1.1 percent.

Article by: Steven Kilfedder | Published: 14 November 2019

HR Management in times of Brexit

The Brexit campaign of 2016 proclaimed that quitting the European Union would reinforce both the United Kingdom economy and its global relevance. It portrayed the EU as a sort of a giant parasite that consumed enormous national resources that could otherwise be spent directly on British interests - the most notorious, and now debunked example being the British National Health Service. Proponents of the Brexit denounced that the Brussels’ arcane bureaucracy was a major drain on British resources and an impediment to putting the Great back into Britain. Contributor Azevedo Guiherm, Assistant Professor - Audencia Business School.

Article by: Guilherme Azevedo | Published: 8 November 2019

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Why People Analytics is the Secret Weapon

People analytics works to give you a full organisational view of your workforce so that you always know where you stand. It breaks down your people costs down to the granular level so you understand where resources are being spent and how much you have to play with. 

Article by: Laura Timms | Published: 18 October 2019

Talent Development – Preparing for a world of difference

I’ll start with a cringe moment. As a young, confident business person I was dispatched to Shanghai by a consulting firm to set up an operation out there. I did no homework; didn’t understand the culture and did myself no favours wearing a spectacularly ill fitted suit I’d had sewn by a tailor upon arrival. I returned a week later to be informed by my CEO that my expensive trip had achieved very little. I’m glad to say my intercultural competence advanced rapidly after this early foray but I wish I’d been thrown into unfamiliar territory much closer to home at the start of my HR career in international business. Too much executive development happens in-house or in the classroom and this can fail to prepare future talent to operate as agile and sensitive leaders.

Article by: Steve Bright | Published: 12 September 2019