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Businesses with ‘best-of-breed’ solutions soon became frustrated with the limitations imposed on them and as such, ‘best-in-class’ solutions proliferated. Organisations began to select these alternatives which could perform a range of functions. However, of the plethora of functions offered, only a small percentage would be relevant to individual businesses and they found themselves paying for features which they did not use.

Article by 14 June 2018

John Varney

Make work a medium for learning

People not involved in teaching, facilitation and HR may be forgiven if they lose sight of the difference between learning and “learning about”. Given the buzz of modern media, people learn about many things without ever experiencing them deeply. It is easy to know more and more about less and less until we might expect to know everything about nothing. All buzz and no substance.

Article by 11 June 2018

Michael Gates

Nordic Enlightened Teams?

Creating high-performance business teams is a continual challenge. Especially when they are virtual, diverse and in different time-zones. Google’s Project Aristotle research discovered that the best teams are not necessarily made of the best individuals, but were better able to ... View Article

Article by 8 June 2018

Andy Gooday

How to negotiate an executive job offer

If you have recently run an executive search process, you will know that it’s likely that a fair amount of time will have been spent with your first choice candidate.  They will usually have been put through several interviews, one or two psychometric tests and maybe even have prepared a document or made a presentation. This will represent quite a strong level of commitment for someone who is probably quite time poor if they are currently working full time in another role.

Article by 6 June 2018

Cinthya Quijano

Going Back to Basics

March to April seems to be my conference period, that time I take to re-energise, see what the latest thinking is and hang out with my tribe. This year I attended the Engage for Success Conference and the Organisation Development Network Europe Conference. I am not going to talk about highlights as I’ve done that through my various social media channels already. Instead thinking about all the HR Directors that are reading this, thought I’d share what keeps coming back up in my mind; this is a reflective piece rather than a tip and hints one.

Article by 4 June 2018


Do You Want to Remain Professionally Relevant in the Digital World?

There was a time when graduating from a reputable academic institution meant a warm welcome to a safe professional journey with steady climb up the corporate ladder and ending in a respectable retirement from a grateful organization.  However, as analog initiatives have increasingly yielded to digital pursuits, business lifecycles have become increasingly susceptible to ‘disruptive’ technologies and ‘seemingly secure’ careers are wavering under the ‘relevancy’ scrutiny. 

Article by 1 June 2018

Jane Williams

Limiting damage caused by concentrated power and mega reward

Sir Martin Sorrell’s resignation as WPP chief executive had a seismic effect on the world’s biggest advertising company.  As another company with power concentrated in a strong founder its aftershock may well be felt for some time as governments ponder any intervention.

Article by 25 May 2018

Tom Haak

Opportunities in Learning & Development Tech

Recently I presented my view on the status of HR Tech (HR Tech Trends: update). One of the conclusions: there seem to be good opportunities in the learning area. As a follow up on this presentation, I had a short brainstorm with some network partners. The question on the table: which trends should be considered when designing innovative learning solutions? This is a short summary of our conversation (that will be continued)...............

Article by 21 May 2018

Nick Hobden

Covert cameras and fingers in the till

Surveillance at work is a tricky issue. Employers need to protect their business and property, including against the risk of unscrupulous employees.  The difficulty arises where this practical necessity comes up against data protection law and human rights.

Article by 18 May 2018