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How to accentuate the positive

These days it can be hard to look on the bright side of life. War in Ukraine, global warming, double digit inflation and the fluctuating state of the economy are all weighing heavily on people’s minds. It’s all too easy to see a glass half empty and sink into a completely negative mindset to match. But a positive outlook can be beneficial to individuals and to businesses alike: research has shown that the happiest employees take less sick leave, are six times more energised and twice as productive as their least happy colleagues.1 Jane Hulme, HR director at Unum UK, reveals five ways employers can promote a positive mindset for their employees.

Article by Jane Hulme, HR director - Unum UK 16 November 2022


Death and resurrection – the future of HR?

HR is embedded in the current economic system which is driving towards calamity but is well placed to help that system transform in order to create a better future

Article by John Varney - Centre for Management Creativity 15 November 2022


Exit interviews – a checklist for HR

As part of a well-planned offboarding process, exit interviews are a valuable HR tool which can provide far more than means of discovering why someone left the organisation.

Article by Mike Bergen - Kingsley Gate Partners. 14 November 2022


Guide to optimising DAP software technology

With a boom in hybrid working and the revolution of remote work, HR departments around the world are finding new hurdles to overcome in their approach to employee onboarding. In this article we look at how eLearning SaaS technology is helping to solve these new challenges.

Article by Ricci M. - Intellek 1 November 2022


Mental health support must run deeper than quirky benefits

It’s no surprise that companies will want to try innovative ways to boost positive mental health and that’s great: but just remember that support needs to be weaved into your everyday approach, in the way that your management structure operates, and within your culture.

Article by Alan Price, CEO - BrightHR 1 November 2022


The future of work and life

The future of work is here, and progressive companies are helping pave the way for the next generations by offering flexibility, adaptability, kindness, inclusion and hope for this new way of work and life.

Article by Lauren Adams - Clutch 31 October 2022


A workforce voice that works for your business

Inflation and uncertainty, daunting subjects currently dominating business and daily life. A climate in which employees, undoubtedly and understandably, have views and concerns, especially in relation to their jobs and business survival. An alert, perhaps, for us to consider how we can channel the employee voice in our organisation.

Article by Coreen Nugent - Opt For Learning 28 October 2022