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A guide to L&D that is future fit

Employee training tools are one of the most important elements in any business company. Thanks to them, organizations improve the quality of their services and products, which positively affects their profits and image.

Article by Joshua Merrick 13 June 2022


Is “in the office” the new “out of office”?

Is “in the office” the new “out of office” and what does this concept signal about in-office expectations for hybrid workers? Perhaps it’s a ritualistic concept, a day or two to bond with your colleagues face-to-face, or to come together to cram in regular meetings? Amanda Augustine, careers expert for TopCV shares some of her thoughts about what this means for employees going forward.

Article by Amanda Augustine 13 June 2022


Businesses must embrace Employment Bill changes, even if delayed

Workers’ rights have long since been protected by law… to an extent. However, in 2019 the Conservative government promised to introduce a unified Employment Bill which would hold British businesses accountable across the board.

Article by Katie Ash - Banner Jones Solicitors 10 June 2022


A Sustainable Approach for Enriching Organizational Harmony in the Digital Age

The conventional approach to ‘collating’ culture within various corporate entities as ‘organizational culture’ is inherently flawed since it tends to assume that there is a ‘binding’ foundation that ‘coalesces’ various differential elements under one roof.  The key consideration in the respective context is to draw a distinction between workplace culture (sum total of all kinds of interactions among the workforce) and core values (foundational elements of organizational ethics).  There is an overlap between the two aspects, however, culture is much more than the affective and affirmative embrace of the guiding principles of ‘goodness’.

Article by 1 June 2022


Leading through change and ambiguity

How are businesses leading through change and ambiguity in 2022? With the world of work going through a period of rapid transformation, what new workforce skills and competencies will be critical to acquire by 2025?

Article by Daniel Ross 26 May 2022


The Opportunities for your Workforce with the New Blend of Work at Home and in the Office

Ageism is a problem across most industries, but it is felt more acutely in the technology and technology-enabled sector. This is quite a broad group of workers because so many jobs today are powered by technology - even if the company is not directly considered to be in the IT industry. Look at the modern banking industry today and just how many startups have achieved unicorn status.

Article by Emma Crowe 24 May 2022


Employee wellbeing in the new world

A sense of belonging is critical in helping manage loneliness. It is something we take proactive steps to help with, whether it’s through the support networks and programmes we create, or approaches to ways of working and even our onboarding process.

Article by Ann Chambers HR Director - Ecotone UK, 24 May 2022


Work miracles by playing these five roles well

[The manager’s] position ‘in the middle’ makes them vital to the success of their organisation. I often refer to it as the middle manager miracle, because if they’re supported, developed and connected with in the best possible way, they can be a transformational miracle in the middle of organisations, their influence is that great. 

Article by Jane Sparrow - The Culture Builders 23 May 2022


How tech is re-defining executive recruitment

There is no doubt that future innovation in recruitment technologies will continue to disrupt the industry, eventually reshaping executive search and its business model.

Article by Umesh Ramakrishnan 20 May 2022


We need to make it ‘manly’ to ask for help

Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women. And all the evidence, from research and anecdotally, suggests that’s because men don’t and won’t ask for help.

Article by Eugene Farrell 18 May 2022