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How to support people after a cancer diagnosis

Advice on how employers and managers can best support staff members following a cancer diagnosis - an incredibly tricky time for employers and staff members to navigate.

Article by Nel Woolcott 9 December 2022


How smart language technology improves employee experience

Language is table stakes. We can’t gloss over it. And there’s really only one way to get it right if we’re aiming for that high bar. We’ve got to make it possible for team members to communicate with each other in their own native language. Seems like an easy decision, but I can’t tell you how many multinational companies still struggle with the language dilemma, and whose employees are not as engaged as a consequence. 

Article by Justin Custer CEO of ChatLingual 8 December 2022


Eight steps for long-term employee wellbeing

Employers have a moral responsibility to their workforce to commit to supporting their health and wellbeing for the long-term

Article by David McCormack, CEO, HIVE360 6 December 2022


Mind the hybrid training gap

Our surveys show that there has been a huge shift towards hybrid and home working since the Covid-19 pandemic. However, organisations still do not seem to be training and equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to undertake new ways of working.

Article by Dr Matthew Davis 5 December 2022


Outsource your startup with dedicated team Ukraine

It can be tricky to create dedicated development teams to improve your startup but it does not mean that it is impossible. Learn how you can get the right remote team to improve your business when you check here.

Article by Anastasia Stefanuk 5 December 2022


Time to be You

Often, the first response to the question, “how are you?” is “Busy.” How can we stop being busy and start being focused on the things that matter to us? Drawing on the wisdom from multiple different authors, Natalie Gordon explores what time means to us and how we can spend more of it doing what we’re both passionate about and proficient in.

Article by Natalie Gordon 5 December 2022


How mixed reality is offsetting the labour shortage

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the past couple years, it’s just how resilient we can be. The labor shortage may continue to be an ongoing problem for many years to come, but that doesn’t mean it’s an insurmountable obstacle. By implementing advanced technologies, including MR among others, enterprises are able to position themselves to better deal with anything that comes their way.

Article by Doug Stephen. president, enterprise learning. CGS 2 December 2022


Rise of the ‘Employee’ Rebel

The conventional use of the term ‘Rebel’ in societal settings conjures up images of a disenchanted/disenfranchised/disillusioned person who is driven to seeking ‘corrective measures’ for all the injustices done to him/her. This can range from an innocuous public voicing of a different viewpoint in front of the influential/powerful quarters to violent confrontation against any opposition/wrongdoers as a harsh form of retribution. However, within the professional realm, such dissension is generally driven by the prevalence of frustration/anxiety/premonition among professionals who are unable to ‘tag along’ with the ‘status quo’ promoted/preferred/preserved by the organizational leadership.

Article by 1 December 2022


The benefits of external talent perspective

In short, open communication, planning, and transparency are key when looking to hire an independent consultant. As the freelance revolution continues to redefine the world of work and the consulting industry, it is essential that you have a strong process and understanding of how to integrate freelancers into your company.

Article by Charlotte Gregson, UK Country Head - Malt 1 December 2022