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John Varney

Binary Vision – Bringing a different perspective

I like to read two books concurrently.  I choose two unrelated books and find myself discovering connections – or rather the contrasting contents stimulate new ideas. So in a sense I get the content of each book and a third content which my mind discovers or produces from the relationships and dissonance between the two narratives.

Article by 18 April 2018



I recently read two interesting articles on the struggles of holding onto top industry talent. The first described how, in his first year of Presidency, Donald Trump had recorded the highest level of turnover in senior staff in the history of the White House. The second commented on a new report which found that two thirds of UK SMEs experience recruitment and retention difficulties.

Article by 16 April 2018

Brett Hill

10 top tips for tackling stress

As April is stress awareness month it is a great opportunity for employers to look at how they are nurturing good mental health in the office by reducing stress. There is a human and an economic cost attached to stress. By following these top tips organisations can make their workplaces better places to work.

Article by 13 April 2018

Nick Hobden

Shared parental leave for the self-employed

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) was introduced to the UK in 2015 and allows mothers going on maternity leave to split up the 52 weeks of maternity leave and 39 weeks of statutory pay with their partners. 33 of those weeks are paid at the Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) of £140.98 with the leave being split in blocks of time.

Article by 11 April 2018

Chris Furnell

Leaders of 2022 and the future

Ronseal: it does exactly what it says on the tin. Familiar with the phrase? Well it has remarkably close resemblance to the role of a Leader in 2022.

Article by 28 March 2018

Katharine Moxham

Health, wellbeing and beyond

Investing in the health and wellbeing of a workforce can be a leap of faith but perhaps it helps to view it as an investment in the performance of the business akin to (say) the training budget or an investment in new equipment. Only then will the business view it as essential rather than an airy-fairy nice to have.

Article by 26 March 2018

Paul Avis

Solving the productivity puzzle

At an economic level, productivity is a major issue for the UK Government. Workers are no more productive now than they were on the eve of the financial crisis and there is a productivity gap of 16% when comparing the UK to the other six members of the G7 group of industrial nations. Productivity at an individual employee level is no less important. UK businesses that improve the productivity of their staff are likely to have greater profitability as well as happier and more fulfilled, engaged staff.

Article by 19 March 2018


Spicing up engagement on a limited budget

When it comes to employee wellbeing variety really is the spice of life!  Many organisations miss the mark and don’t maximise engagement by simply limiting their range of services.  Usually due to a lack of budget and imagination.  Some of the most inclusive and engaging programmes cost the least, it just takes a little forethought.  One of my biggest frustrations in Employee Wellbeing is when organisations claim they don’t do anything because they don’t have a budget.  Obviously it’s always useful to have some funds available but even without a budget you can still implement a great culture and boost engagement.

Article by 13 March 2018


Bad news data

There's data HR want to share with the board - recruitment, the impact of talent management, of performance pay - and there's data they prefer to slip under the carpet.

Article by 12 March 2018