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Justice Justice

No initial burden on claimant to prove discrimination occurred

The EAT has ruled that the burden of proof test under S.136 of the Equality Act 2010, unlike previous law, does not impose an initial obligation on a Claimant to prove that discrimination has taken place.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 21 August 2017

hr hr

Details of new Data Protection Bill published

The Government has published a statement of intent to proceed the publication of the Data Protection Bill which will implement the EU General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 17 August 2017

summer summer

Cycle courier was a worker, not an independent contractor

An ET decides that a cycle courier was a worker, and not an independent contractor as argued by the courier service, and was therefore entitled to holiday pay under the Working Time Regulations 1998.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 15 August 2017

religion religion

Disciplinary action for quoting Bible passage was not discriminatory

The EAT hold that a warning given to a Christian for breaching prison policy by quoting a passage from the Bible that certain types of sexually-related behaviour is unrighteous did not constitute indirect discrimination.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 14 August 2017

agility agility

Employee fined £900 for illegally sharing personal data

The ICO has warned employees about the consequences of illegally sharing personal data they have access to as part of their job after a recruitment manager was fined £994 for breaching the Data Protection Act.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 10 August 2017

Justice Justice

Fee-free ET claim system up-and-running

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling that the ET and EAT Fees Order 2013 must be quashed, HM Courts & Tribunals Service have announced that fees are no longer payable with immediate effect.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 9 August 2017

talent talent

£1.7m award by ET for whistleblowing upheld

The EAT hold that two non-executive directors were jointly and severally liable for a £1.7 million award for a detriment amounting to dismissal because of whistleblowing.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 7 August 2017

1 million 1 million

Voluntary overtime normally worked must be included in holiday pay calculation

In Dudley Metropolitan Council v Willetts and Others, an ET upheld two claims that payments received for working overtime on an entirely voluntary basis should be treated as “normal remuneration” and therefore should be included in the calculation of statutory holiday pay.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 4 August 2017