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Suspension was a breach of trust and confidence

The High Court rules that the suspension of a teacher following allegations of using unreasonable force to achieve a child’s behavioural compliance was a breach of contract as it was unreasonable in the circumstances.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 25 September 2017

nhs nhs

One in three ‘sick notes’ for mental health, says NHS

A publication produced by NHS Digital, analysing fit notes issued by GP practices in England from December 2014 to March 2017, reveals that nearly a third of fit notes issued are for psychiatric problems.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 21 September 2017

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£22,000 awarded after change imposed to flexible working hours

An ET upholds an employee’s constructive dismissal claim after the employer imposed a change to his contract which breached an agreed flexible working request that he would only work Monday to Friday.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 18 September 2017

fatigue fatigue

Absence rates on the rise

Employee absence has gone up to a median of 6.6 days per employee, rising to 9.1 days in the public sector, with a total median loss of 2.9% of working time, according to data from XpertHR.

Article by: Makbool Javaid | Published: 7 September 2017