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Make 2017 your best year yet

2017 is fast approaching and many people begin to wonder what the year will have in store for them. Life ... View Article

Article by: Michael Serwa | Published: 28 November 2016

confidence confidence

Autumn statement – first reactions

  Karen Plumbley-Jones, Managing Associate (Practice Development Lawyer) and employment expert at Bond Dickinson The Chancellor announced a 4 percent ... View Article

Article by: Jason Spiller | Published: 23 November 2016

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You expect Me to serve You?

As the customer walks into the luxury service environment, be it a first class lounge to rest for an hour pre-flight, or a bank specialising in wealth management, their assumption is that a representative of the company will be available to assist them as and when they require it.

Article by: | Published: 27 October 2016