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Soft skills now classed ‘critical’ in remote working setting

 A recent survey conducted by recruitment specialist Drake International has revealed soft skills like communication and strong work ethic are in high demand among Australian employers to accommodate long-term plans to continue working remotely. 

Contributor: Christopher Ouizeman, CEO - Drake International | Published: 11 May 2021

Construction sector falling short on COVID testing

A new survey, conducted by Structural Repairs via PollFish found that 42% of respondents have reported they do not get tested regularly for COVID-19 when working jobs which are on-site.

Contributor: Ana Delgado - Structural Repairs | Published: 11 May 2021

Pandemic internships more likely to be unpaid and face-to-face now

Prospects survey of more than 3,000 university and sixth form/college students shows that while work experience has been scarce during the pandemic, students undertaking opportunities are more likely to have been unpaid and worked in person.

Contributor: Clare Tregaskis, Prospects - Jisc | Published: 10 May 2021

Societal change is driving businesses to focus on purpose, diversity and sustainability

Increasing pressure from investors, customers and employees are causing CEOs to focus their businesses on purpose, resilience and long-term sustainability. According to a new report from the Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) and Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB), board priorities are shifting onto people and businesses’ impact on wider society. The report, People risk – why the need for change is urgent reveals a clear shift in business focus away from short term gains in favour of emphasising long term value creation as one way of managing people risk.

Contributor: Nick McClelland (Mercer Marsh Benefits) and Debi O'Donovan (REBA) | Published: 10 May 2021

What will happen when the furlough plaster is ripped off?

With 800,000 less payrolled employees in March 2021 than the same month last year, as well as the September finish dates for the government's furlough scheme, experts warn that this employment fall may trigger further, long-awaited labour market challenges that could impact workers and businesses. 

Contributor: Rhys Moon - Renovo | Published: 10 May 2021

Retail staff suffering lowest levels of mental wellbeing

A new report by the charity retailTRUST has found that UK retail workers are suffering among the lowest mental wellbeing of any employee group, with the pandemic continuing to worsen staff’s mental health.

Contributor: Chris Brook-Carter, Chief Executive - retailTRUST | Published: 10 May 2021

Could the future of productivity be “hyper-personalisation”?

Recent research from Applaud, the workforce experience layer, has revealed that less than 10% of organisations offer hyper-personalised digital employee experiences. And only 27% of HR services can be consumer grade – this is having a significant impact on employee engagement.

Contributor: Ivan Harding, Co-Founder & CEO - Applaud | Published: 8 May 2021

Divisive IR35 tax changes not dampening “skyrocketing” contractor demand

SOARING demand for contract workers is far outweighing any impact of new tax changes, thanks in part to the mass movement towards remote and flexible working. Although the introduction of controversial reforms to off-payroll working rules, known as IR35, were perceived as the “death knell” for contracting, many workers who chose to work in a non-permanent capacity are now finding themselves faced with a goldmine of lucrative opportunities.

Contributor: Mike Stirton - Core-Asset Consulting | Published: 7 May 2021

enei positions itself for growth with new exec appointments

Following on from the appointment of Darra Singh as Chair and Sandi Wassmer as Chief Executive Officer in November 2020, the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) Is delighted to announce the appointment of two Directors, in newly created roles to support the charity’s ambitious growth plans. Darren Jalink joins the organisation as Commercial Director on May 4, 2021 and Michelle Davies joins as Service Design & Delivery Director on May 10, 2021.

Contributor: Hazel Ellis - enei | Published: 7 May 2021