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Permanent staff appointments decline amid uncertain outlook

Data split by English regions showed that permanent placements fell in the Midlands, the North of England and London, with modest growth evident in the South of England. Temp billings increased in the Midlands and the South of England but fell in the North of England and London. 

Contributor: Neil Carberry | Published: 9 February 2019


Corporate apathy about mental health remains 

This corporate apathy felt by employees arrives at a time when awareness of mental health issues in the UK is on the rise. 80 percent of respondents said they had noticed an overall increase in awareness of mental health generally in the UK.

Contributor: Rebekah Tapping | Published: 8 February 2019


GDPR and new systems sees demand for HR staff soar

The annual HR Salary Survey for 2018 from HRC Recruitment found there was a 33 percent increase in vacancies for HR positions in Scotland compared to 2017. The company’s analysis also said there was a 40 percent rise in temporary and contract vacancies.

Contributor: Monica Lochrie | Published: 7 February 2019


Part-time penalty leaves mothers behind

Parents overwhelmingly agree that it is up to employers and the government to ease these workplace pressures: 90 percent of parents said that employers have a role to play and 92 percent said that the government has a responsibility to address these issues.  

Contributor: James Tugendhat | Published: 6 February 2019


Half of workers want flexy seven-day week over conventional five-day

The research shows that employees no longer want to be chained to the Industrial Revolution-inspired 9-5 working week, Monday to Friday. While employers increasingly offer a four-day week as a sweetener, this is not the right fit for all employees.

Contributor: Mathias Linnemann | Published: 5 February 2019


Rising stress causing IT contractors to quit the industry

“In contrast to in-house IT staff, these contractors and small business owners generally manage between two and five clients and so they have the added concern of balancing each of their clients’ individual needs, causing stress to multiply.”

Contributor: Unknown | Published: 4 February 2019


Curse of the pointless meetings that will cost $541bn in 2019

The report is a comprehensive look at the time taken up by cancelled or unnecessary meetings, inefficient ways of working and preferred methods of meeting and features expert comment from organisational academics and psychologists. 

Contributor: Gabriele Ottino | Published: 4 February 2019

Working Time Directive

How safe are your internationally seconded colleagues? 

The report from Healix International, outlines the potential security risks in 2019 underlines the need for organisations sending workers abroad to employ a wide-ranging scope when it comes to risk assessment and mitigation. The range of risks now present for those working abroad is probably at its broadest for decades.

Contributor: James Pothecary | Published: 3 February 2019


How will Corporate Governance Code impact HR?

The UK Corporate Governance Code, published by the FRC in July 2018, applies to all companies with a premium listing of equity shares in the UK. Specifically, the requirement is for these companies to report in their annual report and accounts on how they have applied the Code.  

Contributor: John Deacon | Published: 2 February 2019