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UK’s happiest ‘deskless’ employees revealed

A new study delving into the experiences at work of 3000 UK ‘deskless’ staff has revealed retail employees feel most appreciated by their managers and are more likely to recommend a career in the industry to others – compared to those working in hospitality, warehousing, transport and distribution.

Contributor: Simon Sykes - Quinyx | Published: 27 April 2023

Leaders say they prioritise pay equity, but do employees believe it?

Research from XpertHR and Executive Networks, released today, has found that there are significant gaps in perceptions around pay equity between senior leaders within an organisation and their overall employee base. 75% of business leaders believe that their company prioritises pay equity, but less than half (47%) of their employees agree.

Contributor: Zara Nanu, CEO - Gapsquare (part of XpertHR) | Published: 27 April 2023

Are we heading towards another Great Resignation?

A new report by KultraLab, in partnership with World Retail Congress and inBeta, suggests that organisations must do more to make meaningful progress towards creating inclusive organisations. ‘The Power of Difference’ outlines that whilst positive intent is there, the lived experience of employees suggests that more needs to be done.

Contributor: Steve Baggi - KultraLab | Published: 26 April 2023

Londoners are most demanding for flexible working practices 

Research from fintech lender Sonovate reveals 49% of businesses in London would consider introducing unlimited annual leave compared to just a third (35%) across the UK. London firms are much more likely to offer attractive flexible working perks compared to businesses in other regions – eight in ten (78%) businesses in the capital would consider allowing workers to choose their own hours whilst 67% would consider a four day week.

Contributor: Richard Prime - Sonovate | Published: 26 April 2023

Consulting industry in severe skills shortfall

A new report by ECI Software Solutions has revealed that the consulting industry is one of the sectors most affected by the skills gap. With over 40,000 open positions for roles such as management, operations, and IT consultants, the industry is facing a risk of just 6% of roles being filled. The report also highlights the top 10 industries facing the biggest shortage of employees.

Contributor: Chris Fisher - ECI Software Solutions | Published: 25 April 2023

Professional services employees in fear for their personal safety

The survey found that negative incidents impact productivity and have implications on business practices, where new changes must be found and implemented quickly. For 1 in 4 employees, incidents affected their productivity and wellbeing and where they occurred, 71% of employers had to implement new, costly changes.

Contributor: Naz Dossa, CEO - Peoplesafe | Published: 25 April 2023

Employee relations taking up more time than ever for HR

New research has revealed that Employee Relations (ER) issues are taking up more time than ever for HR professionals – with 47 per cent claiming that they are dealing with more ER issues now than they were prior to the pandemic. Respondents gave a variety of reasons for this, including an increase in grievances.

Contributor: Caterina Glenn, Director - Wade Macdonald | Published: 25 April 2023

Mental health concerns rise as employees are financial squeezed

Employers in financial services should act to retain talent in the industry as new findings from MHFA England highlight the impact of poor mental health. 83% of finance sector employees have considered changing jobs due to the impact of work on their mental health, with nearly half of those taking the plunge. Despite progress on tackling the stigma over recent years, more organisations must act to normalise conversations around mental health, as one in four employees said they are not comfortable discussing it with their manager. One in four also cited a lack of managerial support and one in five pointed to company culture as key factors negatively affecting their mental health.

Contributor: Simon Blake, CEO - Mental Health First Aid England | Published: 24 April 2023