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Employers are still trying to encourage hybrid workers back to the office

The average company has 39% of its employees working on a hybrid basis, and this rises to nearly half (47%) of employees among large companies. Just 14% of companies said they had no employees hybrid working. However, over half (54%) of employers said they are actively trying to encourage employees back to the office.

Contributor: Debra Clark, Head of Specialist Consulting - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 20 April 2023

Employees adapt better to career transitions if they feel connected

Employees are much better at adapting to career transitions in their company if they feel a connection to their company from the beginning of their time, according to new research from Durham University Business School. The researchers also discovered a number of other interesting insights including the impact that training, mentorship and other socialisation tactics can have at the beginning of an employee’s journey with a company. The researchers found that actively participating in these activities boosts their adaptability, which enables them to effectively cope with future career transitions.

Contributor: Professor Yanjun Guan - Durham University Business School | Published: 20 April 2023

Signs are, employers are putting people ahead of profit

Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm, has released its 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey, which – among other key findings – shows that globally improving employee wellbeing factors can enhance company performance by at least 11 percent and up to 55 percent. There is a relationship between wellbeing and a sustainable working life, which can impact company performance. The higher an employer’s ratings are in overall employee wellbeing, culture and climate of wellbeing, performance of wellbeing initiatives and funding allocation toward wellbeing, the better their scores are in workforce resilience, agility and belonging - which make a sustainable working life.

Contributor: Dr Jeanette Cook - Aon | Published: 19 April 2023

Revealed: the biggest red flags in job interviews

The study reveals the number one red flag is the use of ‘Family’ to describe a company. What was once deemed as an attractive tagline by HR staff to entice candidates is now quite the opposite.

Contributor: Finn Bartram, Editor - People Managing People | Published: 19 April 2023

Employee retention depends on inclusion

"Often the perceived ‘answer’ for ED&I is training, which we are often asked to develop. However, we know that awareness training alone doesn’t translate to change. And for many years, people have associated ED&I training with compliance or a HR mandate. Simply doing more of the same isn’t going to have the necessary impact.

Contributor: Simone Marquis - The Unmistakables | Published: 18 April 2023

How to tell if you’re an “ambivert”

If you are someone who possesses both introverted and extroverted traits, and your behaviour can naturally shift depending on the environment you are in, then you might be an ambivert, an ideal candidate and a future leader in the making. But is this a skill set that anyone can master? CEO of Serenity in Leadership, Thom Dennis explains more.

Contributor: Thom Dennis - Serenity in Leadership | Published: 17 April 2023

Stress and burnout can be avoided, here’s how

The Health & Safety Executive’s latest data[i] shows that almost a million (0.9m) workers in the UK were suffering with work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2021/22 . Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director at Activ People HR urges employers to do more to support employees may be experiencing stress or burnout as the cost-of-living crisis continues to add to people’s daily struggles.

Contributor: Adrian Lewis, Director - Activ People HR | Published: 17 April 2023

Revealed – top 150 influencers pioneering the global remote work movement 

With remote work on the rise, remote work influencers have emerged as a valuable resource, providing practical advice on topics such as time management, communication, productivity, and work-life balance. The report also offers insights into the latest tools and technologies that can help remote workers stay connected and productive. The 2023 Remote Influencer Report was created as a resource for companies developing their remote and hybrid working practices, as well as for workers who want to pursue a remote career.

Contributor: Remote | Published: 16 April 2023