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Thursday is now the new Friday

In the new world of work where hybrid working has become the norm, Adrian Lewis, Director at Activ People HR says businesses need HR technology to manage this permanent change and limit any negative impact on productivity and wellbeing. The Office for National Statistics (ONS)[i] that showed more than a third of working adults in the UK spent at least part of their time working from home this spring, with the proportion of people hybrid working growing even as Covid restrictions eased.

Contributor: Adrian Lewis, Director - Activ People HR | Published: 4 June 2022

Employers continue to lack transparency around salary

Nearly three quarters (72%) of tech workers are highly sceptical about companies which do not give an indication around salary in job ads, and more than half (57%) would avoid applying for a role which simply described pay as ‘competitive’.

Contributor: Dominic Harvey, Director - CWJobs | Published: 3 June 2022

Fear of failure is paralysing decision making

“Fear of failure is not unusual, however it can be particularly dominant in organisations that employ ‘old school’ leadership practices”

Contributor: Robert Ordever, European MD - O.C. Tanner | Published: 1 June 2022

Is transphobia still a major barrier in the workplace?

With Pride Month in June coming up, we caught up with Joanne Lockwood, a Diversity & Inclusion & Belonging Specialist who also promotes Transgender Awareness to organisations, to find out if the transgender community is experiencing better support and inclusion in 2022.

Contributor: Joanne Lockwood: Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen | Published: 31 May 2022

What does ONS report on working from home reveal?

Manchester, England. 23rd May 2022 - Data released today by the Office for National Statistics reveals that over 8 in 10 employees are planning on having a mixed home-office work schedule going forward.

Contributor: Ted Stirzaker | Published: 31 May 2022

True gender diversity in tech? Be flexible or fail

The reality is that when many countries went into lockdown and schools and nurseries closed, women were left juggling full-time employment with parenting and childcare. While developments in recent decades have allowed more women the opportunity to establish careers across any industry, the burden of childcare is still disproportionately placed on women.

Contributor: Marta Blazejewska, Director of Sales - STX Next | Published: 30 May 2022

Lack of upskilling opportunities tops the list for leavers

New study also reveals employees are spending an average of nearly 7 hours each month and nearly £2.6K each year of their money to ensure they have the right skills at work. Qlik supports Learning at Work Week 2022 (16th to 22nd May) to encourage more learning in the workplace and put a spotlight on the missed upskilling opportunity.

Contributor: Kevin Hanegan, Chief Learning Officer - Qlik | Published: 30 May 2022