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Culture, Vision and Business Values

I don’t think the world needs another blog on culture, vision and business values yet out of the 3 topics shared with me for this month’s features this one stood out. “Why is that?” I asked myself inquisitively. Here’s why ... View Article

Article by 21 September 2016


Realizing Your Organizational Worthiness

(Unveiling the Obscure Side of Talent Valuation) The competition for hiring the desired talent is getting more and more intense as organizations seek to gain greater leverage from the strength of their human assets to assure the robustness of core ... View Article

Article by 19 September 2016


Stop making leadership the only way

A while ago I chatted to the Director of L&D at Facebook. He told me how they have separate career tracks for managers and technical specialists. They recognise that people too often want to become managers because it’s the only ... View Article

Article by 31 August 2016


An Integrative Model for Achieving Sustainable Business Excellence and Progressive Business Growth (Organizational Effectiveness for the 21st Century)

Professional fields are often strewn with terminologies that confound the uninitiated and rally the peers/colleagues around a common language.  However, this can also lead to multiple interpretations and divergence of viewpoints that can dilute the core purpose of effective application ... View Article

Article by 22 August 2016


Is flexible working just a myth?

It seems like it was just yesterday when the government announced that anyone after 6 months of working could apply for flexible working arrangements. Like many things in life, this announcement caused controversy and debate within the workplace. Organisations had ... View Article

Article by 12 August 2016


Combining Work and Caring

How do you respond to an employee who receives the phone call at work to say that one of their loved ones has fallen at home and been rushed to hospital? First reaction is to be highly supportive and to ... View Article

Article by 25 July 2016