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And the survey said…

The annual survey report from the CIPD on absence management has been released. The headline is that absence is down a bit. From 7.6 days per employee in 2013 to 6.6 days in 2014. Other than that, there isn’t much ... View Article

Article by 30 October 2014


14 characteristics of the ideal HR leader

What would my list of important characteristics of HR leaders look like? The top of my list, not necessarily in order of importance:   A good HR professional, with a broad view on the profession. Is independent. Has a very ... View Article

Article by 27 October 2014


Getting the most from your LMS

Having made a huge investment in your LMS, are you making the most of it? There are over 700 Learning Management Systems in use today. That’s a large number that becomes more comprehensible when you realize the value of each ... View Article

Article by 27 October 2014


5 Ways to Boost Office Morale

Employee morale is that seemingly elusive quality that you can feel in a work environment long before you notice its consequences, although research shows that morale — be it high or low — has a large effect on productivity. When ... View Article

Article by 16 October 2014


Two ways mobile apps can change HR workflows

Mobile apps: A little background There’s a great deal penned and typed about the potential for apps, in tandem with the rise of “mobile devices” to disrupt various industries, sectors and professions. A quick Google search of “[given industry] + ... View Article

Article by 29 September 2014


The Pragmatist’s Guide to Retention

The evolution of language is an interesting thing. From the Ministry of War to the Ministry of Defence From the Ministry of Labour to the Ministry of Employment and then to Department of Work and Pensions From a focus on ‘turnover ... View Article

Article by 8 September 2014