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Seven conditions that help innovation in HR

Last week I was talking to a young HR entrepreneur, looking for some venture capital. One of her questions was: what does it take to be innovative in HR in an organization? During the conversation we compiled a list with ... View Article

Article by 4 December 2014


Find your social why

Whether individual or corporate, your social media strategy has to start with one question. Why are we doing this? There are plenty of people having a go at social, either for themselves or for their organisation. Some of them are ... View Article

Article by 4 December 2014


Diversity: Valuing people for what they are

The lack of diversity in many organisations, especially at a senior level, is well documented. If you look at the ‘Our Executive Team’ pages on many organisations’ websites, you might be drawn to conclude that people like me (I’m a ... View Article

Article by 25 November 2014


Recruitment – Run for your liiiives!!

I recently saw a recruitment agency post a question on Social Media – “If you had the choice between two similar candidates, would you be more likely to hire the candidate who went to the same school as you?” The ... View Article

Article by 21 November 2014


My top 3 favorite HR interventions

HR and management often want to do too much too quickly. I have been guilty as well. My personal archive is full with HR-plans that have never been totally implemented. A big challenge for HR is to choose and advice ... View Article

Article by 14 November 2014


Is the sun setting on the office?

I was recently asked to join at roundtable about the future of office working at the offices of The Guardian newspaper. Being a simple soul I was quite confused to be asked if I thought ‘the office was dead’ whilst ... View Article

Article by 7 November 2014