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Equality – ‘Really? Another law?’

Really?  Reeeaaallllly??? I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw this headline today.  “Accentism needs to be tackled in the same way as racism, ageism and sexism.”  Really?? Don’t get me wrong, I can see that good has come of ... View Article

Article by 21 August 2014


Disciplining Employees Doesn’t Work (Shock)

Apparently, since the ban on term time holidays, there has been a sharp increase in the number of parents being fined for taking their children out of school. According to the government, fewer children are now missing school. I’m not ... View Article

Article by 14 August 2014


Remote Working: is there anybody there?

I’ve been remote working since about 1998.  I’ve had a desk until 2 years ago when I became an independent practitioner (aka a selfie) but I’ve largely worked from alternative offices; coffee shops; home; trains; airports; hotels; and even in ... View Article

Article by 7 August 2014


Not all unreasonable treatment is discrimination

“Discrimination”, if I had a pound for every employee that had declared something as amounting to discrimination when it wasn’t, then I would have, well, a big pile of pounds. Because when someone alleges discriminatory treatment, it is really just ... View Article

Article by 7 August 2014


Future Planning: Fast Strategy

Future strategic planning is essential for all organisations (and I’ll happily admit to being a bit of a strategy geek) and many organisations do strategy well. However, I see it being done really slowly in some organisations which causes major ... View Article

Article by 5 August 2014


Think Human Resources, think sexy…

Neil Morrison wrote an excellent post about making Human Resources sexy ( I agree with it entirely, if you want people to do things differently they need to be interested, if you aren’t going to make things interesting – well, ... View Article

Article by 10 July 2014