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Why I don’t like exit interviews

Exit interviews are on my list of pointless tasks. Why? There are several reasons why I don’t really see the point of exit interviews, but the main one has to be what is done with the data. Or in my ... View Article

Article by 8 May 2014


Exit Management: Dignity Costs Nothing

It’s common practice now to identify what ‘excellence’ looks like and to attempt to clone that. We are all advised to section off your best examples and concentrate on them. The wonderful quote from Marcus Buckingham that ‘if you study ... View Article

Article by 28 April 2014


The Bill & Ted Principle

Please suspend your disbelief for a moment and join me on a thought experiment… Just after a UK General Election at some point in the future, the new Government announces that it is going to come down hard on employment ... View Article

Article by 14 April 2014


The workforce is shrinking at both ends

Yes, it scarily, definitely is. And although this was raised as a blog topic which needs redress through increased productivity, I couldn’t help but notice an HR update email that came through last week. In this one email update there ... View Article

Article by 8 April 2014


On a road to nothing, anywhere

In a recent article in The Financial Times, a consultant who advises strategy consultants on strategy (no, really, that’s what it said) informs us that the two buzzwords on every organization’s lips at the moment are strategy and execution. As ... View Article

Article by 7 April 2014


Copycat Leaders

The latest news from the USA courts is that America’s giants in mobile technology has agreed to attend mediation ahead of their court battle over smart phone patents. They are locking horns in a battle that ultimately is about global ... View Article

Article by 4 April 2014